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July 15, 2019NB:91stTrooper possible sockpuppetEcksBot
June 7, 2019NB:Requesting a bot flagEcksBot
April 24, 2019NB:Wikia to FandomEcksBot
March 18, 2019NB:VandalismXd1358
December 2, 2018NB:attn: Toprawa and RalltiirEcksBot
November 17, 2018NB:Changing image file nameAndykatib
October 8, 2018NB:Nashtah SquadronEcksBot
June 25, 2018NB:Disscusion modteraterEcksBot
June 18, 2018NB:Twitter templateEcksBot
May 26, 2018NB:Need personal pages deletedEcksBot
May 9, 2018NB:Consular-class cruiser confusionEcksBot
April 28, 2018NB:User sockpuppetingEcksBot
March 2, 2018NB:User adding unsourced infoEcksBot
February 23, 2018NB:New Comic ClassificationEcksBot
January 27, 2018NB:Requesting undeletionEcksBot
January 9, 2018NB:trying to move T-16 skyhopper to T-16 skyhopper/LegendsEcksBot
December 28, 2017NB:move request 2EcksBot
December 16, 2017NB:PliantmuselEcksBot
November 17, 2017NB:Capt. KhurgeeEcksBot
November 10, 2017NB:error message of abuse filterEcksBot
August 2, 2017NB:Editing thresholdEcksBot
July 30, 2017NB:User ignoring warningsEcksBot
July 24, 2017NB:Styling questionEcksBot
June 14, 2017NB:Wookieepedia-powered Alexa app ideaEcksBot
June 12, 2017NB:Inappropriate UserEcksBot
May 10, 2017NB:"3RR in Revan's lightsaber"EcksBot
May 8, 2017NB:/d Discussions requires 'category' changesEcksBot
May 2, 2017NB:Possible sockpuppetsEcksBot
April 17, 2017NB:VisualEditor derpageEcksBot
April 13, 2017NB:User with NPOV, sourcing issues, and a history of edit warsAJTD6
April 8, 2017NB:Possible sockpuppetAJTD6
March 6, 2017NB:Notice of pending shutdown of AJTD6EcksBot
March 5, 2017NB:Debate on HK-47AJTD6
March 5, 2017NB:Use of unconfirmed canonical sourcesImperators II
January 13, 2017NB:Incorrect informationAJTD6
January 5, 2017NB:Broken linksAJTD6
December 25, 2016NB:Editing Anoat sector population to 1 trillionBrandon Rhea
December 25, 2016NB:Lomrokk artist creditAJTD6
December 19, 2016NB:Links on the main pageXd1358
November 26, 2016NB:Discussion User that needs a permanent banAJTD6
November 25, 2016NB:outdated FAQ/canonAL-BRT
November 11, 2016NB:move requestAL-BRT
November 7, 2016NB:obsolete link on monobook edit pageAJTD6
September 14, 2016NB:'Categories' for the Discussion ForumsAJTD6
September 10, 2016NB:EcksBot bot flagAJTD6
August 19, 2016NB:citing Legends sourcesAJTD6
July 30, 2016NB:in a snitAJTD6
June 4, 2016NB:Eras LegoAJTD6
May 30, 2016NB:results of Canon/Legends vote 2AJTD6
May 25, 2016NB:Star Wars: TIE Fighter and X-wing VS TIE Fighter disputeAJTD6
May 11, 2016NB:Problem users that require Monitoring and/or blocking/banningAJTD6
May 2, 2016NB:Locked discussion threadXd1358
April 24, 2016NB:Image UploadingAJTD6
April 19, 2016NB:hate group advocatorAJTD6
April 10, 2016NB:Why is part of the user creation log appearing in my watchlist?AJTD6
April 8, 2016NB:Search EngineAJTD6
April 6, 2016NB:trollXd1358
April 2, 2016NB:Image for Republic CityAJTD6
January 13, 2016NB:Extension Hook?AJTD6
January 2, 2016NB:Fixing Z6 Riot BatonAJTD6
December 27, 2015NB:'Fresh' languageAJTD6
December 17, 2015NB:Missing ContentAJTD6
November 28, 2015NB:Fix QotDAJTD6
September 28, 2015NB:Resignation of MJAJTD6
August 29, 2015NB:page move requestAJTD6
August 23, 2015NB:Age RestrictionAJTD6
August 8, 2015NB:Wierd popup in japaneseAJTD6
June 17, 2015NB:Pages with incorrect protection iconAL-BRT
June 9, 2015NB:I have found a discrepancy in the sorzus syn page.Darth Culator
June 1, 2015NB:ResolutionAJTD6
January 8, 2015NB:Request for Notability to be added to RebelForce Radio Wookieepedia pageAJTD6
December 13, 2014NB:Complaint against administrator Cavalier OneMaster Jonathan
November 14, 2014NB:bug reportToprawa and Ralltiir
September 30, 2014NB:Stolen ImagesAJTD6
September 11, 2014NB:ResignationAJTD6
August 6, 2014NB:Stop instant-deleting new articlesAJTD6
June 30, 2014NB:Image upload licensingAJTD6
May 4, 2014NB:RoleplayToprawa and Ralltiir
April 30, 2014NB:Greedo Speeling MistakeAJTD6
April 18, 2014NB:Pinkie PieXd1358
April 5, 2014NB:Jang and SIVJangFett
April 5, 2014NB:Culator's Representation of WookieepediaAL-BRT
March 16, 2014NB:CA archiveJangFett
February 9, 2014NB:RetirementXd1358
January 22, 2014NB:AutoWikiBrowserXd1358
January 15, 2014NB:CT Archive not updatedXd1358
January 14, 2014NB:Copying contentXd1358
January 9, 2014NB:Cannot upload imagesXd1358
January 1, 2014NB:I might be wrong, but...Xd1358
December 23, 2013NB:Are Administrators abusing there privilegesToprawa and Ralltiir
December 13, 2013NB:Admin Privileges abusedToprawa and Ralltiir
July 14, 2013NB:Proposed addition to "Help:Editing"KillerRoboLeia3000
June 27, 2013NB:Need admin assistanceKillerRoboLeia3000
June 14, 2013NB:CT-327JangFett
June 12, 2013NB:Archived forum needs fixingJangFett
May 7, 2013NB:Inactive UserToprawa and Ralltiir
April 10, 2013NB:Admin abuseToprawa and Ralltiir
March 23, 2013NB:Sith CouncilMaster Jonathan
January 26, 2013NB:Constant edit warringToprawa and Ralltiir
December 11, 2012NB:Archiving talk page with posts containing misspelled variations of "Wookieepedia"Master Jonathan
November 18, 2012NB:M'KaeMaster Jonathan
September 28, 2012NB:Hk's warningAL-BRT
August 26, 2012NB:This page has become an absolute messXd1358
June 6, 2012NB:Definition of "signature"Xd1358
June 2, 2012NB:Should This Be Merged?Xd1358
May 27, 2012NB:Unjustified insults from adminsXd1358
May 19, 2012NB:Ban Green tentacleXd1358
May 10, 2012NB:MisquoteXd1358
May 6, 2012NB:Admin QuestionXd1358
May 4, 2012NB:can't create password or usrenameXd1358
May 1, 2012NB:Unjust BlockXd1358
April 9, 2012NB:Kyle KatarnAL-BRT
March 15, 2012NB:"Harmful external link?"Xd1358
February 29, 2012NB: Unjustified banXd1358
February 28, 2012NB: Choices of OneXd1358
February 21, 2012NB: Join coalition?Xd1358
February 9, 2012NB: Purging the KBXd1358
February 7, 2012NB: Aurebesh updateXd1358
January 25, 2012NB: Inacceptable spoilerXd1358
January 13, 2012NB: Moving over redirectXd1358
December 10, 2011NB: adding articleXd1358
December 10, 2011NB: just joined totally confusedXd1358
December 8, 2011NB: help uploading an imageXd1358
November 16, 2011NB: TommyExiledjedi
November 15, 2011NB: some helpXd1358
October 28, 2011NB:Letter to Wookieepedia AdministrationKillerRoboLeia3000
October 26, 2011NB: Blaster Page has no sourcesXd1358
October 18, 2011NB: TransportationKillerRoboLeia3000
October 18, 2011NB: Uploading IssuesXd1358
October 16, 2011NB: Image uploadXd1358
October 9, 2011NB: Need help with a move/mergeKillerRoboLeia3000
September 28, 2011NB: HeyXd1358
September 5, 2011NB: problem editing a pageTommy9281
August 12, 2011NB: Removal of image redlinks?Grunny
August 1, 2011NB: Imperial briefing officerGrunny
July 22, 2011NB: Resigning adminshipGrunny
July 15, 2011NB: User:FreightlinerTruckGrunny
July 6, 2011NB: Obselete AccountGrunny
July 3, 2011NB: Several problems from a first time user who for some reason is spending a lot of time attempting to make a small edit to a pageGrunny
June 25, 2011NB: the wiki isn't letting me edit articlesGrunny
June 16, 2011NB: Lowering full create-protectionRoboCade
June 10, 2011NB: Page move helpGrunny
June 8, 2011NB: URL correctionGrunny
April 20, 2011NB: Unable to update Ascension synopsis sourceGrunny
April 3, 2011NB: Welcome botGrunny
March 30, 2011NB: Am I wrong?Grunny
January 13, 2011NB: External link error?Grunny
January 11, 2011NB: Administrators NoticeboardGraestan
January 4, 2011NB: CBenoitGrunny
October 30, 2010NB: New Planet to be addedToprawa and Ralltiir
October 29, 2010NB: Can't make edits; says I'm adding external links when I'm notToprawa and Ralltiir
October 28, 2010NB: Possible admin abuseToprawa and Ralltiir
September 26, 2010NB: Unable to add links to articleKillerRoboLeia3000
August 15, 2010NB: ApocalypseRoboCade
August 6, 2010NB: New member humbly asks for helpXwing328
May 10, 2010NB: Image SNAFUGrunny
April 17, 2010NB: New upload feature suggestionGrunny
March 25, 2010NB: Invalid titleGrunny
February 23, 2010NB: Unidentified Twi'lek Sith PermissionsGrunny
February 22, 2010NB: Special PagesGrunny
February 10, 2010NB: Block DirtymindGrunny
January 25, 2010NB: Problem with the "Eras" templateGrunny
January 25, 2010NB: Search re-directGrunny
January 10, 2010NB: Copyright violationGrunny
December 24, 2009NB: Mace Windu vandalismKillerRoboLeia3000
November 30, 2009NB: New user adding external linkGrunny
November 2, 2009NB: Hyperspace webcomic imagesKillerRoboLeia3000
October 7, 2009NB: Category move requestGrunny
August 30, 2009NB: RudenessGrunny
August 4, 2009NB: Please Unblock IpToprawa and Ralltiir
August 3, 2009NB: Revert warEcksBot
July 29, 2009NB: Image of Nick RostuToprawa and Ralltiir
July 20, 2009NB: PoliciesAL-BRT
July 16, 2009NB: Another wikia feature and how to turn it offGrunny
July 9, 2009NB: User block voteDarth Culator
June 7, 2009NB: Wookieepedia:ImagesSilly Dan
April 25, 2009NB:Reported harassment: Clarification to get the facts out on the tableGraestan
March 25, 2009NB:Duplicate wikisDr. Ball, M.D.
March 4, 2009NB:International TV networksGraestan
February 17, 2009NB: Protection request for RidgeKillerRoboLeia3000
February 16, 2009NB: User removing comment from talk pageAL-BRT
February 10, 2009NB: someone help me!!Atarumaster88
January 30, 2009NB:How do I get to an administrator?AL-BRT
January 29, 2009NB: Darth CulatorDarth Culator
November 16, 2008NB: Vandalism tagKillerRoboLeia3000
November 12, 2008NB: An appeal to the administrationJSarek
October 28, 2008NB:Question regarding linking to wikiAL-BRT
October 23, 2008NB: MD-10KillerRoboLeia3000
September 27, 2008NB: What is a "valid username"Q9-X2
September 26, 2008NB: main page videosQ9-X2
September 20, 2008NB: Been blockedExiledjedi
September 18, 2008NB: BlockedQ9-X2
September 11, 2008NB: Ask about translatingGraestan
September 10, 2008NB: Blocking of DarthstichDarth Culator
August 10, 2008NB:Alleged Japanese Rogue Squadron images must dieQ9-X2
August 1, 2008NB:ReportingQ9-X2
July 9, 2008Dialog-error.svgQ9-X2
July 2, 2008AN Archive/AOL range blockGreyman
June 20, 2008Combining same articlesGraestan
June 19, 2008Mirror?Q9-X2
June 18, 2008AdvertisingGraestan
June 18, 2008Login problemsQ9-X2
June 14, 2008My page was vandalizedGraestan
June 12, 2008Darth CulatorExiledjedi
June 7, 2008Finding alternative hostingKillerRoboLeia3000
June 5, 2008Does it really exist?Graestan
May 30, 2008Accidentally uploaded an image twice!AL-BRT
May 29, 2008User name changeGreyman
May 29, 2008Why am I blocked?Q9-X2
May 22, 2008Account problemsGreyman
May 18, 200896.240.193.169Greyman
May 18, 2008Super-class Star DestroyerTommy-Macaroni
May 15, 2008Article Name DisputeTOM-E Macaron.ii
May 15, 2008Can't uploadQ9-X2
May 9, 2008Unfair blocking :(AL-BRT
May 5, 2008Site NoticeGreyman
March 27, 2008A User Copied the About Page to Their Userpage- Kosher? o.O;Greyman
March 20, 2008I Smell a Sock... Mebbe...Greyman
March 6, 2008Wookieepedia not ftting right in FirefoxGreyman
December 27, 2007Revenge of the MRNDarth Culator
December 22, 2007Spam filter on Imperial RemnantGreyman
December 5, 2007MIT Ethnographic Study on WookieepediaGreyman
November 26, 2007Template:RecentnewsKillerRoboLeia3000
November 2, 2007Suspected sock/puppetmasterQ9-X2
November 1, 2007Un-delete an imageQ9-X2
October 21, 2007Creating an account problemJSarek
October 21, 2007Disputed Trash compactor closingToprawa and Ralltiir
September 24, 2007Inactive WookieeProjectsQ9-X2
September 18, 2007By the bookQ9-X2
September 17, 2007Administrative autonomyDarth Culator
September 14, 2007Range blockJSarek
September 8, 2007501st Special Operations Detachment articleJSarek
August 28, 2007QuartzSlate Background Banner (default skin)JSarek
August 28, 2007Recently deleted articleRoboCade
August 22, 2007List of lightsaber wielders by lightsaber colorsRoboCade
August 13, 2007Bot requestJSarek
August 9, 2007Ban meJSarek
August 8, 2007Zakum911JSarek
August 7, 2007IRC TyrantAL-BRT
August 6, 2007Report on an Inactive InquisitorRoboCade
July 30, 2007Imperial Starfighter Corps article deletedMichaeldsuarez
July 29, 2007Plz remove my user account...JSarek
July 10, 2007RedemptionAL-BRT
July 2, 2007AdmirableackbarDarth Culator
July 1, 2007Sockpuppetry & lying userboxesAL-BRT
June 17, 2007Something Wrong With QOTDJSarek
June 15, 2007Constantly recreated pagesCade Calrayn
June 8, 2007Users that are squeezing byAL-BRT
June 6, 2007Pointless IP user pageJSarek
June 4, 2007Why is Sikon banned?JSarek
June 4, 2007Could somebody delete?JSarek
May 30, 2007Star Wars Data and GamesJSarek
May 28, 2007Complaint against an administratorAL-BRT
May 27, 2007Suspected sockpuppets and COPPA violation...AL-BRT
May 8, 2007Black frames, pictures, and sourcesJSarek
May 8, 2007Make the hurt go away.JSarek
May 6, 2007Erasing commentsAL-BRT
April 28, 2007Talk pageRudenessJSarek
April 27, 2007Message to AllJSarek
April 22, 2007User ProfileJSarek
April 19, 2007Images with width in name (incomplete list)KillerRoboLeia3000
April 11, 2007Request for HelpJSarek
April 10, 2007Admin questionsAL-BRT
April 2, 2007Move Kimogilla to KimogilaJSarek
March 30, 2007My SignatureJSarek
March 26, 2007R2-D2?Q9-X2
March 13, 2007Editing problemJSarek
March 8, 2007Plagiarism and the Force-CastKillerRoboLeia3000
March 1, 2007Regulating user contributions?AL-BRT
February 23, 2007Looking for Contact informationJSarek
February 20, 2007IP address searchJSarek
February 18, 2007Anons and mysteriously appearing voters: help or advice?JSarek
February 17, 2007Unlock request for Quote:Karen TravissCade Calrayn
February 9, 2007Picture Help **please reply**JSarek
February 6, 2007Just seeking some piece of adviceQ9-X2
February 6, 2007How can I affiliate with Wookiepedia?AL-BRT
January 31, 2007Attention any admin:JSarek
January 25, 2007Anakin/Darth Vader is being vandalisedKillerRoboLeia3000
January 22, 2007Link to debate about userpage.Q9-X2
January 16, 2007Requesting semi-protection for Star Wars Battlefront IIJSarek
January 8, 2007Help! Delete my page!RoboCade
December 29, 2006Dark Side Equipment pageQ9-X2
December 27, 2006Gemdiver Station artist credit requestQ9-X2
December 17, 2006Legacy era Sith move to new Sith OrderJSarek
December 7, 2006Notice at the topQ9-X2
November 30, 2006Delete Ssi-ruuQ9-X2
November 26, 2006How do you add the running head?JSarek
November 19, 2006Luke and his talk pageKillerRoboLeia3000
November 14, 2006Space neededJSarek
November 4, 2006SplarkaQ9-X2
October 27, 2006Userbox Proposal NoticeJSarek
October 24, 2006Deny recognitionToprawa and Ralltiir
October 10, 2006Blocking Users PolicyQ9-X2
September 29, 2006UglukRoboCade
September 28, 2006German wiki linkJSarek
September 24, 2006User:Kowakian 1AL-BRT
September 23, 2006Move of Tenel Ka articleJSarek
September 21, 2006"Include a source or the image is subject to deletion."JSarek
September 18, 2006AWOL administratorsQ9-X2
September 15, 2006Didn't know where else to put thisJSarek
September 13, 2006Jedipedia moved to new serverJSarek
September 13, 2006Get staff help with serial vandalsQ9-X2
September 2, 2006Template: RangeJSarek
August 26, 2006My stalkerJSarek
August 6, 2006Copyvio images needing deletionQ9-X2
July 26, 2006Please delete "Salcud"JSarek
July 9, 2006Assistance with user SFH's harrasment.KillerRoboLeia3000
July 8, 2006Is it possible for a non adminstrator...JSarek
July 7, 2006Deletion needed for moveJSarek
June 29, 2006Reminder about overlapping blocksJSarek
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