The Consensus track page is a forum for organizing votes on site-wide changes, such as new policies and amendments to existing policy. The Consensus policy outlines how Wookieepedia determines consensus. Anyone may participate in the debate, but only votes from eligible Wookieepedians are counted. Recruiting people outside Wookieepedia for the purpose of voting on CTs is strictly prohibited.

In contrast, the Senate Hall is a place for discussing potential site-wide changes and other topics related to Wookieepedia. It is strongly recommended that issues be brought up and discussed in the Senate Hall before being put to a Consensus track vote.

Administrators: When closing a Consensus track thread, please follow the instructions here and be sure to update Wookieepedia:Policy and consensus updates accordingly. Also, please consult Wookieepedia:Consensus when the outcome of a forum is unclear.

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