Date createdTopicLast author
15 May 2022CT:Signature policy revampOOM 224
15 May 2022CT:Revising the CAN limitOOM 224
2 May 2022CT:Manual of Style restructuringXd1358
24 April 2022CT:Review board member selection processImperators II
2 April 2022CT:Repeal nomination boards' authority to change nomination rulesImperators II
28 March 2022CT:LG and MOS Quotes updateXd1358
20 March 2022CT:Consensus policy amendment: removing vote ratios for specific ranges of vote totalsXd1358
19 March 2022CT:Naming policy: real-world dates amendmentXd1358
18 March 2022CT:Layout Guide restructuringXd1358
12 March 2022CT:Alternate names in the infoboxXd1358
12 March 2022CT:Capitalizing "rebel" updateXd1358
8 March 2022CT:Comic series titlesXd1358
8 March 2022CT:Bot edit amendment to WP:USERXd1358
10 February 2022CT:"Locations" field of object-based infoboxesXd1358
2 February 2022CT:Fennec Shand main imageXd1358
2 February 2022CT:Ahsoka Tano main imageDarthRuiz30
30 January 2022CT:Update to the VIP rulesDarthRuiz30
5 January 2022CT:Amendment to WP:DASHXd1358
24 December 2021CT:Skywalker family infobox imageDarthRuiz30
23 December 2021CT:Adding a required "reason" parameter to Template:ExpandDarthRuiz30
19 December 2021CT:Anon edit warningDarthRuiz30
18 December 2021CT:Han Solo Infobox ImageDarthRuiz30
9 December 2021CT:Encounters duologyDarthRuiz30
4 December 2021CT:Hondo Ohnaka main imageEcksBot
20 November 2021CT:LEGO Star Wars articlesEcksBot
20 November 2021CT:Placement of Cyborg and similar links in AppearancesDarthRuiz30
16 November 2021CT:Minor tweak to WP:IRCDarthRuiz30
16 November 2021CT:Minor tweak to WP:DiscordEcksBot
13 November 2021CT:VIP rulesEcksBot
12 November 2021CT:Addition to new canon subjects notability policy regarding astro materialEcksBot
4 November 2021CT:Rewording of the Discord rulesEcksBot
1 November 2021CT:Bibliography renamingDarthRuiz30
25 October 2021CT:Allowing singular "they"EcksBot
18 October 2021CT:Use of the Film TemplateLucaRoR
16 October 2021CT:Galactic Ambitions and WP:FFGEcksBot
13 October 2021CT:Amendment to WP:DiscordEcksBot
10 October 2021CT:Manga volumesDarthRuiz30
5 October 2021CT:Removing deadnames from imagesEcksBot
2 October 2021CT:Clarify the requirement to name all RefsXd1358
30 September 2021CT:Mediacat for single-image categoriesXd1358
30 September 2021CT:Single-image categoriesXd1358
29 September 2021CT:Amendment to the future/canceled products notability policyAyrehead02
29 September 2021CT:Amendment to WP:CANON/TE regarding foodAyrehead02
24 September 2021CT:New Top BannersEcksBot
24 September 2021CT:Handling VisionsPLUMEBOT
21 September 2021CT:Sources date proposalAyrehead02
16 September 2021CT:Amend MoS pronoun guidanceEcksBot
13 September 2021CT:Repeal outdated WP:EQUALEcksBot
11 September 2021CT:WookieeProject hub pageTommy-Macaroni
9 September 2021CT:Non-commercial audiobook versionsZed42
8 September 2021CT:Infobox exclusivity for alternate calendar datesImperators II
7 September 2021CT:Amendment to WP:TALK regarding slursEcksBot
2 September 2021CT:Multiple issues templateTommy-Macaroni
31 August 2021CT:New YouTube channelTommy-Macaroni
19 August 2021CT:Officializing Discussions RulesAyrehead02
18 August 2021CT:Publication Years in Comic TitlesImperators II
16 August 2021CT:Change Finnish interlanguage links to jedipedia.fiTommy-Macaroni
13 August 2021CT:Naming policy update for clone troopersEcksBot
9 August 2021CT:Uploading gallery-exclusive imagesEcksBot
29 July 2021CT:Clarifying the Appearances section in the Layout GuideImperators II
24 July 2021CT:WP:TALK addition for order of templatesTommy-Macaroni
5 July 2021CT:DidYouKnow Spoilers policy amendmentTommy-Macaroni
5 July 2021CT:Filoniverse is not LegendsEcksBot
2 July 2021CT:WookieeNightsEcksBot
30 June 2021CT:MoS and LG amendment: FandomDesktopTommy-Macaroni
22 June 2021CT:CheckUser for DarthRuiz30TOM-E Macaron.ii
17 June 2021CT:Moving the two articles titled "Sexes" to "Gender"EcksBot
7 June 2021CT:Links formattingTOM-E Macaron.ii
6 June 2021CT:Real-world person articles (Part 1)TOM-E Macaron.ii
26 May 2021CT:Move Wookieepedia IRC channels to Libera ChatTOM-E Macaron.ii
22 May 2021CT:2014 Official Fact File PolicyTOM-E Macaron.ii
20 May 2021CT:Build the Millennium Falcon Canon PolicyEcksBot
9 May 2021CT:SWTOR cinematic infobox imagesSupreme Emperor
7 May 2021CT:Breast/Legends main image changeSupreme Emperor
5 May 2021CT:Notability amendment for musical themesTOM-E Macaron.ii
4 May 2021CT:Retiring the MofferenceEcksBot
4 May 2021CT:CT-1409's main infobox imageEcksBot
25 April 2021CT:User page policy: mention of Template:TitleTOM-E Macaron.ii
8 April 2021CT:Retiring the Knowledge BankEcksBot
5 April 2021CT:Naming policy: Legends comic booksTOM-E Macaron.ii
5 April 2021CT:Make Discord the official chatTOM-E Macaron.ii
1 April 2021CT:Usage of the SW and SWArchive templatesTOM-E Macaron.ii
16 March 2021CT:Amendment to naming policy for real-world transgender individualsTOM-E Macaron.ii
11 March 2021CT:Mofference follow-up amendment to Top templateTOM-E Macaron.ii
1 February 2021CT:Add "Played/Voiced By" to infoboxEcksBot
28 January 2021CT:Modifying major spoilersTOM-E Macaron.ii
19 December 2020CT:Din Djarin infobox imageEcksBot
14 December 2020CT:Naming policy amendment: Films vs. in-universe articlesTOM-E Macaron.ii
29 November 2020CT:Ahsoka Tano's Main ImageEcksBot
25 October 2020CT:Torra Doza main imageTOM-E Macaron.ii
6 September 2020CT:Luke Skywalker infobox image voteTOM-E Macaron.ii
3 September 2020CT:Should Galactic Republic and Old Republic be merged?TOM-E Macaron.ii
17 August 2020CT:Fantasy Flight GamesTOM-E Macaron.ii
10 August 2020CT:Dr. Evazan main imageTOM-E Macaron.ii
8 August 2020CT:Sourcing policy amendment: Backup links for social media postsTOM-E Macaron.ii
6 July 2020CT:Amendment to Canon notability policyTOM-E Macaron.ii
22 June 2020CT:Discord serverTOM-E Macaron.ii
19 June 2020CT:Death daggersTOM-E Macaron.ii
11 June 2020CT:Leia Skywalker Organa SoloTOM-E Macaron.ii
27 May 2020CT:Merging and Splitting ArticlesTOM-E Macaron.ii
26 May 2020CT:"Unidentified" Notability policy amendmentTOM-E Macaron.ii
20 February 2020CT:Move Vitiate to TenebraeTOM-E Macaron.ii
21 November 2019CT:Italics in Canon comic issuesTOM-E Macaron.ii
1 November 2019CT:The Old Republic: Commander's storyline affiliationTOM-E Macaron.ii
17 October 2019CT:Naming policy: Canon comic booksCade Calrayn
13 June 2019CT:New Thrawn main imageTOM-E Macaron.ii
27 May 2019CT:Themed entertainment policyTOM-E Macaron.ii
8 May 2019CT:Removing eras from infoboxesTOM-E Macaron.ii
15 April 2019CT:Unblocking QuentumTOM-E Macaron.ii
16 March 2019CT:Star Wars The Old Republic AppearancesTOM-E Macaron.ii
3 March 2019CT:Outlander 5.10 and beyondTOM-E Macaron.ii
26 February 2019CT:Audio files as a requirement for status articlesTOM-E Macaron.ii
12 February 2019CT:A New Look for Era TabsTOM-E Macaron.ii
22 January 2019CT:FFG and canonTOM-E Macaron.ii
16 January 2019CT:Template:ID usageRoboCade
29 December 2018CT:KOTFE and KOTET light side choicesTOM-E Macaron.ii
7 November 2018CT:Naming policy: Comic book collected editionsTOM-E Macaron.ii
23 October 2018CT:Naming policy: IU vs. OOUTOM-E Macaron.ii
10 September 2018CT:Bureaucrat activity requirements, Take 2TOM-E Macaron.ii
28 July 2018CT:Naming policy: The Palpatine AmendmentTOM-E Macaron.ii
25 July 2018CT:Change Darth Sidious back to Sheev PalpatineTOM-E Macaron.ii
21 March 2018CT:Updating MoS: Starship class namesTOM-E Macaron.ii
17 March 2018CT:Legends names in CanonTOM-E Macaron.ii
26 January 2018CT:Emergency Amendment to Modify the Terms of the Consensus to Label Social Media Posts as Non-CanonTOM-E Macaron.ii
16 January 2018CT:Social media posts as canon sourcesTOM-E Macaron.ii
11 January 2018CT:In-universe information from future productsTOM-E Macaron.ii
22 December 2017CT:Moviespoiler modificationTOM-E Macaron.ii
19 December 2017CT:Official Wookieepedia IRC channel for spoiler discussionTOM-E Macaron.ii
1 December 2017CT:Changing Comic Media TablesTOM-E Macaron.ii
12 October 2017CT:Granting User:ChristopherLeeGallant limited blocking authorityTOM-E Macaron.ii
11 October 2017CT:Capitalization of page names pertaining to titles/ranks/assignmentsTOM-E Macaron.ii
17 September 2017CT:Fremakers are not the only part of LEGOTOM-E Macaron.ii
16 September 2017CT:Repealing the Lego Page CreationPLUMEBOT
8 September 2017CT:Comic book, Part IITOM-E Macaron.ii
17 August 2017CT:Naming policy: US vs. UK editionsTOM-E Macaron.ii
20 June 2017CT:Image PolicyTOM-E Macaron.ii
1 June 2017CT:Remove Abel G. Peña as Official FriendTOM-E Macaron.ii
17 May 2017CT:Switching to ASW4/BSW4 and a clear conversion systemTOM-E Macaron.ii
25 April 2017CT:Wookieepedia:Sourcing - Permanent archival linksTOM-E Macaron.ii
18 March 2017CT:Naming policy amendments: BooksTOM-E Macaron.ii
2 March 2017CT:Galactic LGBT communityTOM-E Macaron.ii
31 January 2017CT:Essential Atlas placements still valid until proven otherwiseTOM-E Macaron.ii
13 October 2016CT:Star Wars: Imperial AssaultTOM-E Macaron.ii
4 October 2016CT:Sorting out Canon from LegendsTOM-E Macaron.ii
19 August 2016CT:Infobox image size for mobile skinTOM-E Macaron.ii
14 August 2016CT:Enabling the Discussions footerTOM-E Macaron.ii
12 August 2016CT:French Interwiki Links, RevisitedTOM-E Macaron.ii
22 June 2016CT:Creation of a LEGO Icon and Tab for The Freemaker AdventuresTOM-E Macaron.ii
3 May 2016CT:Content Moderator: Brandon RheaTOM-E Macaron.ii
21 April 2016CT:Main Page Redesign, Phase ITOM-E Macaron.ii
17 February 2016CT:Atlas Star Systems: Deviating from our Present CourseTOM-E Macaron.ii
1 February 2016CT:Amendment to point 7 of the Talk page policyTOM-E Macaron.ii
31 December 2015CT:Legends links on real-world articlesTOM-E Macaron.ii
15 December 2015CT:The Future of the Main Page QueueTOM-E Macaron.ii
14 December 2015CT:Expired social media citationsTOM-E Macaron.ii
28 November 2015CT:Canon/Legends Default SwitchTOM-E Macaron.ii
14 October 2015CT:Call signsTOM-E Macaron.ii
15 September 2015CT:Notability policy: Atlas planetsTOM-E Macaron.ii
23 August 2015CT:Naming policy amendment, definite/indefinite articlesTOM-E Macaron.ii
17 August 2015CT:Amending the notability policy for future and canceled productsTOM-E Macaron.ii
26 June 2015CT:Card game citationsTOM-E Macaron.ii
22 June 2015CT:Changing Finnish Jedipedia interwiki linksTOM-E Macaron.ii
19 June 2015CT:The End of Daily GAsTOM-E Macaron.ii
25 May 2015CT:Canon HumanTOM-E Macaron.ii
15 May 2015CT:The Force Awakens spoiler templateTOM-E Macaron.ii
8 April 2015CT:Wookieepedia's Coverage of Celebration ProgrammingTOM-E Macaron.ii
8 March 2015CT:Star Wars BlogTOM-E Macaron.ii
23 February 2015CT:Empty infoboxesTOM-E Macaron.ii
12 February 2015CT:Return of the ListsTOM-E Macaron.ii
15 January 2015CT:Proposed amendment to the canon notability policyTOM-E Macaron.ii
15 January 2015CT:Proposed amendment to the naming policyTOM-E Macaron.ii
7 January 2015CT:Proposed amendment to the consensus policyTOM-E Macaron.ii
24 December 2014CT:Canon/Legends image categorizationTOM-E Macaron.ii
22 December 2014CT:Alternate capitalization redirectsTOM-E Macaron.ii
17 December 2014CT:GAN redlink countTOM-E Macaron.ii
11 December 2014CT:Modernizing Notability of fan projectsTOM-E Macaron.ii
5 December 2014CT:Contests and giveawaysTOM-E Macaron.ii
28 October 2014CT:Amendments to deletion processTOM-E Macaron.ii
21 October 2014CT:Naming policy amendments, Part 2TOM-E Macaron.ii
14 October 2014CT:Fan topicsTOM-E Macaron.ii
13 October 2014CT:Language namingTOM-E Macaron.ii
6 October 2014CT:Naming policy amendmentsTOM-E Macaron.ii
31 July 2014CT:BTS-exclusive sources in Canon articlesTOM-E Macaron.ii
30 July 2014CT:Modernizing Layout Guide Sources sectionTOM-E Macaron.ii
12 July 2014CT:/Canon and Legends tabs for Star Wars MoviesTOM-E Macaron.ii
9 July 2014CT:Celebration III audioTOM-E Macaron.ii
5 July 2014CT:Eras and DisplaytitleTOM-E Macaron.ii
3 July 2014CT:New DatabankTOM-E Macaron.ii
20 June 2014CT:Standardizing the use of "Credits" in infoboxes, part 2TOM-E Macaron.ii
11 June 2014CT:Smoking PSA video uploadEcksBot
10 June 2014CT:Standardizing the use of "Credits" in infoboxesTOM-E Macaron.ii
28 May 2014CT:MOS and LG updatesTOM-E Macaron.ii
28 May 2014CT:Naming policy and titlesTOM-E Macaron.ii
22 May 2014CT:Non-canon Legends contentEcksBot
19 May 2014CT:Status articles: Canon and LegendsEcksBot
18 May 2014CT:Template OverhaulTOM-E Macaron.ii
16 May 2014CT:Clarifications to WP:NOTCENSOREDEcksBot
3 May 2014CT:Tab systemTOM-E Macaron.ii
30 April 2014CT:Legends and Canon coverageEcksBot
28 April 2014CT:New canon policyTOM-E Macaron.ii
15 April 2014CT:Naming policy: NovelsPLUMEBOT
8 March 2014CT:Spoilers and new moviesEcksBot
27 February 2014CT:LEGOs, reduxTOM-E Macaron.ii
21 February 2014CT:Modification to WP:USER regarding inactive userTOM-E Macaron.ii
15 February 2014CT:LEGOsTOM-E Macaron.ii
14 February 2014CT:TIE designation consistencyTOM-E Macaron.ii
13 February 2014CT:Episodes and the Media sectionTOM-E Macaron.ii
12 February 2014CT:Further readingTOM-E Macaron.ii
6 February 2014CT:List of fan sites and policyTOM-E Macaron.ii
28 January 2014CT:OOU LG amendmentTOM-E Macaron.ii
6 January 2014CT:Species by planetTOM-E Macaron.ii
30 December 2013CT:TCG and RPG article titlesTOM-E Macaron.ii
17 December 2013CT:Prohibiting categories in signaturesEcksBot
8 November 2013CT:"First pictured" usageTOM-E Macaron.ii
5 November 2013CT:Commas in year articlesEcksBot
10 October 2013CT:Lists in articlesEcksBot
29 September 2013CT:categories are currently innefficientTOM-E Macaron.ii
1 September 2013CT:EduCorps rules and responsibilitiesTOM-E Macaron.ii
26 August 2013CT:Remove "Notability requirements" section from Deletion PolicyTOM-E Macaron.ii
24 August 2013CT:Infobox thresholdEcksBot
23 August 2013CT:Instagram accountEcksBot
17 August 2013CT:Notability Policy: English WordsEcksBot
17 August 2013CT:Notability Policy: In-Universe SubjectsEcksBot
30 July 2013CT:Talk page policy, second attemptTOM-E Macaron.ii
23 July 2013CT:Layout guide for weapons, armor, & similar equipmentTOM-E Macaron.ii
22 July 2013CT:How should we treat characters from "The Star Wars"?TOM-E Macaron.ii
21 July 2013CT:Number sign in comic issue titlesTOM-E Macaron.ii
15 July 2013CT:Should there be an overhaul of templates?TOM-E Macaron.ii
7 July 2013CT:Talk page policyTOM-E Macaron.ii
3 July 2013CT:Template navigation contentTOM-E Macaron.ii
28 June 2013CT:Single-issue voters amendmentEcksBot
23 June 2013CT:Species and categoriesTOM-E Macaron.ii
4 June 2013CT:Manual of Style:Out of Universe tenseTOM-E Macaron.ii
30 May 2013CT:Naming policy: minor change to definite/indefinite article usageTOM-E Macaron.ii
11 April 2013CT:Proposed Policy:Walt Disney and WookieepediaTOM-E Macaron.ii
9 April 2013CT:Move Sith Emperor to Emperor VitiateTOM-E Macaron.ii
4 March 2013CT:Amend MOS for BTS quotationsTOM-E Macaron.ii
27 February 2013CT:Images in scroll boxesTOM-E Macaron.ii
26 February 2013CT:Increase CAN votes requiredTOM-E Macaron.ii
25 February 2013CT:OOU Layout Guide: Published narrative worksRoboCade
19 February 2013CT:Naming policy - Real World PeopleTOM-E Macaron.ii
19 February 2013CT:Minor GAN word count rule updateTOM-E Macaron.ii
10 February 2013CT:Minor point on closing TC threadsTOM-E Macaron.ii
7 February 2013CT:Utilizing Atlas grid coordinatesTOM-E Macaron.ii
3 February 2013CT:Sources and social mediaTOM-E Macaron.ii
30 January 2013CT:Revising nomenclature of battle articlesTOM-E Macaron.ii
27 January 2013CT:Updating the referencing policyTOM-E Macaron.ii
27 January 2013CT:Creating a CA nomination limitTOM-E Macaron.ii
27 January 2013CT:Removing the under 3000 word GA ruleTOM-E Macaron.ii
12 January 2013CT:Wookieepedia and the Licensed Insider Video Proposal: Time to Vote!TOM-E Macaron.ii
11 January 2013CT:Implementing a new template for articles with unknown development statusTOM-E Macaron.ii
11 January 2013CT:Infobox references and the sourcing policyTOM-E Macaron.ii
15 November 2012CT:Musical theme LGTOM-E Macaron.ii
2 October 2012CT:Species and subspeciesEcksBot
13 September 2012CT:Get Tendrando Arms on the Main Page!TOM-E Macaron.ii
8 September 2012CT:Official Site Links (LucasArts games)TOM-E Macaron.ii
18 August 2012CT:Hyperspace Image PolicyTOM-E Macaron.ii
27 July 2012CT:Reduxing Featured articlesTOM-E Macaron.ii
11 July 2012CT:Casus BelliTOM-E Macaron.ii
26 June 2012CT:Subcategorization and MW 1.19TOM-E Macaron.ii
15 June 2012CT:Return of the EwokTOM-E Macaron.ii
4 June 2012CT:Fan film relocationTOM-E Macaron.ii
3 June 2012CT:change colors on Timeline of BooksTOM-E Macaron.ii
22 May 2012CT:Only autoconfirmed can create articlesTOM-E Macaron.ii
26 April 2012CT:BTS in OOU articlesTOM-E Macaron.ii
20 April 2012CT:Search icon duplicatesTOM-E Macaron.ii
27 March 2012CT:Showcasing Good articles: Final round!!TOM-E Macaron.ii
20 March 2012CT:Random Comprehensive articleTOM-E Macaron.ii
14 March 2012CT:Showcasing Good articles: Part IITOM-E Macaron.ii
8 March 2012CT:Did you know...TOM-E Macaron.ii
7 March 2012CT:Showcasing Good articles: Part ITOM-E Macaron.ii
4 March 2012CT:Can we please add triva?TOM-E Macaron.ii
24 February 2012CT:Protection policy update and rewriteTOM-E Macaron.ii
21 February 2012CT:Links to German versionTOM-E Macaron.ii
12 January 2012CT:Can we PLEASE pick ONE name for the TOR Sith Empire?TOM-E Macaron.ii
5 January 2012CT:Layout Guide change for categoriesTOM-E Macaron.ii
5 January 2012CT:TOR and video game canonTOM-E Macaron.ii
1 January 2012CT:Banning requests to help with other wikisTOM-E Macaron.ii
23 December 2011CT:Naming policy changeTOM-E Macaron.ii
19 December 2011CT:Out-of-Universe Layout Guide additionTOM-E Macaron.ii
14 December 2011CT:Databank position on Sources listsTOM-E Macaron.ii
12 December 2011CT:Music Theme Layout GuideTOM-E Macaron.ii
27 November 2011CT:Minor change to the naming policyTOM-E Macaron.ii
26 November 2011CT:Main Page pollTOM-E Macaron.ii
13 November 2011CT:Routine tweak to naming policyTOM-E Macaron.ii
12 November 2011CT:Re-featuring restored Featured Articles take 2: No gap!TOM-E Macaron.ii
4 November 2011CT:Re-featuring restored Featured ArticlesTOM-E Macaron.ii
19 October 2011CT:Merging articlesTOM-E Macaron.ii
6 October 2011CT:In-universe fate is unknownRoboCade
27 September 2011CT:Petition to Wikia to leave user talk pages aloneTOM-E Macaron.ii
14 September 2011CT:Citing the new Star Wars siteRoboCade
6 September 2011CT:Skin color for user boxes.TOM-E Macaron.ii
26 August 2011CT:Behind the scenes sectionsTOM-E Macaron.ii
3 August 2011CT:"Owners" field of the Weapon infoboxTOM-E Macaron.ii
2 August 2011CT:Minor LG amendment for interlanguage updateTOM-E Macaron.ii
23 July 2011CT:Making IRC more user-friendlyTOM-E Macaron.ii
22 July 2011CT:Chat featureTOM-E Macaron.ii
12 July 2011CT:Trade route template overhaulEcksBot
29 June 2011CT:Image vote for BreastTOM-E Macaron.ii
29 June 2011CT:Foreign language link issuesTOM-E Macaron.ii
26 June 2011CT:Force-sensitive character infoboxTOM-E Macaron.ii
31 May 2011CT:Spoilers on QOTDTOM-E Macaron.ii
26 April 2011CT:Quotes 2TOM-E Macaron.ii
14 April 2011CT:EC nominationsTOM-E Macaron.ii
21 March 2011CT:Han Solo's AliasesTOM-E Macaron.ii
6 March 2011CT:Reusing FAs on the main pageTOM-E Macaron.ii
10 February 2011CT:Finnish interwiki-linksEcksBot
24 January 2011CT:Individual track articlesTOM-E Macaron.ii
30 December 2010CT:French Interwiki LinksTOM-E Macaron.ii
12 December 2010CT:Clarifying use of quote templatesTOM-E Macaron.ii
7 December 2010CT:GA rule on templatesTOM-E Macaron.ii
3 December 2010CT:Out-of-universe Layout GuideRoboCade
3 December 2010CT:Force power addition to Layout GuideTOM-E Macaron.ii
28 November 2010CT:Change "gender" to "sex" in all character infoboxesTOM-E Macaron.ii
24 November 2010CT:Technical tweak to naming policyTOM-E Macaron.ii
9 November 2010CT:Official Wookieepedia Skin: MonobookXd1358
21 October 2010CT:Search suggestions on MonobookTOM-E Macaron.ii
16 October 2010CT:Minor MOS adjustmentTOM-E Macaron.ii
4 October 2010CT:Minor addition to WP:NOTTOM-E Macaron.ii
2 October 2010CT:Linking in articlesTOM-E Macaron.ii
24 September 2010CT:grant CheckUser for GrunnyTOM-E Macaron.ii
23 September 2010CT:LG quote amendmentTOM-E Macaron.ii
29 August 2010CT:New addition to Wookieepedia:Naming policy (it's about droids!)TOM-E Macaron.ii
17 August 2010CT:Adjusting the Featured article image on the Main PageTOM-E Macaron.ii
3 August 2010CT:MOS amendment: Units of measurementTOM-E Macaron.ii
2 August 2010CT:Overdue update to sourcing policyTOM-E Macaron.ii
20 July 2010CT:Minor edit to main pageTOM-E Macaron.ii
18 July 2010CT:Main Page FA tweakTOM-E Macaron.ii
1 July 2010CT:Comprehensive articlesTOM-E Macaron.ii
19 June 2010CT:Amendment to WP:NFPTOM-E Macaron.ii
16 June 2010CT:Minor amendment to WP:CANONTOM-E Macaron.ii
16 June 2010CT:Linking our Facebook page in main pageTOM-E Macaron.ii
31 May 2010CT:Adding a spacelane field to the planet infoboxTOM-E Macaron.ii
31 May 2010CT:Essential Guide title tweaksTOM-E Macaron.ii
31 May 2010CT:Modifying quote templatesTOM-E Macaron.ii
29 May 2010CT:Admin age exceptionTOM-E Macaron.ii
24 May 2010CT:Minor amendment to the "Planet Article" section of WP:LGTOM-E Macaron.ii
23 May 2010CT:Canon policyTOM-E Macaron.ii
23 May 2010CT:Minor amendment to WP:LGTOM-E Macaron.ii
19 May 2010CT:Procedural proposalTOM-E Macaron.ii
16 May 2010CT:FAN/GAN subpage proposalTOM-E Macaron.ii
16 May 2010CT:Modernizing the Official Friends of Wookieepedia nomination processTOM-E Macaron.ii
14 May 2010CT:Linking to colorsTOM-E Macaron.ii
11 May 2010CT:Preparing for TORTOM-E Macaron.ii
9 May 2010CT:Allowing user votes to count on the FAN pageTOM-E Macaron.ii
8 May 2010CT:Individual LightsabersTOM-E Macaron.ii
1 May 2010CT:Era on Character Profile BoxTOM-E Macaron.ii
22 April 2010CT:Featured article nomination limitTOM-E Macaron.ii
21 April 2010CT:Comic consistencyTOM-E Macaron.ii
17 April 2010CT:Inuse abuseTOM-E Macaron.ii
12 April 2010CT:Colon usage in Dark Horse comic titlesTOM-E Macaron.ii
4 April 2010CT:Tweaking the FAN/GAN pagesTOM-E Macaron.ii
21 March 2010CT:Adopt a converstion template for heights on charactersTOM-E Macaron.ii
6 March 2010CT:Clone Wars Era?TOM-E Macaron.ii
20 February 2010CT:TOR Fansite agreementTOM-E Macaron.ii
14 January 2010CT:Official languagesTOM-E Macaron.ii
24 December 2009CT:Articles about Insider articlesTOM-E Macaron.ii
2 December 2009CT:Multiple character names in infobox for characters with both a normal name and a "Darth" nameTOM-E Macaron.ii
2 December 2009CT:Sourcing amendmentEcksBot
7 November 2009CT:Rename Anakin Skywalker article "Darth Vader"TOM-E Macaron.ii
1 November 2009CT:"Star Wars" in article titlesTOM-E Macaron.ii
1 November 2009CT:Appearances template updateTOM-E Macaron.ii
6 October 2009CT:Naming policyTOM-E Macaron.ii
26 September 2009CT:BBY/ABY vs. GrSEcksBot
24 September 2009CT:Revised notability policyTOM-E Macaron.ii
20 September 2009CT:Nat Skywalker vs. "Bantha" RawkTOM-E Macaron.ii
19 September 2009CT:Atlas and systemsEcksBot
11 September 2009CT:Succession boxes vs. TemplatesRoboCade
6 September 2009CT:Battles and events addition to Layout GuideTOM-E Macaron.ii
28 August 2009CT:Saga Edition sourcebook coversTOM-E Macaron.ii
25 August 2009CT:Proposal for approaching KotOR articlesTOM-E Macaron.ii
24 August 2009CT:French interwiki links and what to do with themTOM-E Macaron.ii
14 August 2009CT:No more flow-walking!TOM-E Macaron.ii
24 July 2009CT:Subcategorization consistencyTOM-E Macaron.ii
21 July 2009CT:Proposal for a slight change to GA requirementsTOM-E Macaron.ii
10 July 2009CT:Rounded corners are so 2005TOM-E Macaron.ii
9 July 2009CT:Addition to userpage policyTOM-E Macaron.ii
7 July 2009CT:Appearances revamp projectTOM-E Macaron.ii
25 June 2009CT:Usage of the youmay templateTOM-E Macaron.ii
21 June 2009CT:Appearances listsTOM-E Macaron.ii
21 June 2009CT:GA word limitTOM-E Macaron.ii
6 June 2009CT:Force powers capitalizationTOM-E Macaron.ii
2 June 2009CT:WOTMTOM-E Macaron.ii
27 May 2009CT:Using author blogs and comments as sourcesTOM-E Macaron.ii
22 May 2009CT:CC-BY-SA re-licensing or dual-licensing?TOM-E Macaron.ii
18 May 2009CT:How to name publication edition, reduxTOM-E Macaron.ii
18 May 2009CT:How to name publication editionsTOM-E Macaron.ii
17 May 2009CT:Duels (second discussion)TOM-E Macaron.ii
16 May 2009CT:How to name conjectural ship articlesTOM-E Macaron.ii
8 May 2009CT:Let's get rid of the FA quote requirementTOM-E Macaron.ii
28 April 2009CT:Using Template:1st with two simultaneous first appearancesTOM-E Macaron.ii
26 April 2009CT:Articles on soldier typesTOM-E Macaron.ii
9 April 2009CT:Appearances in The Clone Wars seriesRoboCade
8 April 2009CT:Game Mechanics SectionTOM-E Macaron.ii
23 March 2009CT:Blog feed on Main PageTOM-E Macaron.ii
13 March 2009CT:Galactic Republic Character InfoboxTOM-E Macaron.ii
1 March 2009CT:Characters to Individuals (Again?)TOM-E Macaron.ii
25 February 2009CT:Articles about VHS and DVD releasesTOM-E Macaron.ii
20 February 2009CT:Articles for individual songs on soundtracksTOM-E Macaron.ii
18 February 2009CT:Ship article layoutTOM-E Macaron.ii
15 February 2009CT:List of articles without appearances listsEcksBot
12 February 2009CT:We have a blog here, don't we?TOM-E Macaron.ii
10 February 2009CT:Italicizing article and short story titlesTOM-E Macaron.ii
9 February 2009CT:Image quality requirements for Featured and Good ArticlesTOM-E Macaron.ii
29 January 2009CT:Adding FAQ to main navigationTOM-E Macaron.ii
26 January 2009CT:Cleaning up the Official FriendsTOM-E Macaron.ii
22 January 2009CT:Battle and War MoS-ing, reduxTOM-E Macaron.ii
20 January 2009CT:Good Article restorationTOM-E Macaron.ii
16 January 2009CT:Amending the Manual of Style to counter a problem with reference tag sourcingTOM-E Macaron.ii
12 January 2009CT:Length of ArticlesRoboCade
10 January 2009CT:When to use the Twoconflicting sources templateTOM-E Macaron.ii
2 January 2009CT:Links to other wikisTOM-E Macaron.ii
24 December 2008CT:Punctuation in image captionsTOM-E Macaron.ii
10 December 2008CT:GAN rule amendmentsTOM-E Macaron.ii
9 December 2008CT:Author's real namesTOM-E Macaron.ii
3 December 2008CT:Era tags 2TOM-E Macaron.ii
2 December 2008CT:Mentioned onlyTOM-E Macaron.ii
29 November 2008CT:So here's something new: Aurebesh quiz pageTOM-E Macaron.ii
10 November 2008CT:Manual of Style for OOU articlesRoboCade
6 November 2008CT:Kreia...or Darth Traya?TOM-E Macaron.ii
31 October 2008CT:Organizing Fact FilesTOM-E Macaron.ii
27 October 2008CT:Creatures vs. animals?TOM-E Macaron.ii
25 October 2008CT:Clone names vs. numbersTOM-E Macaron.ii
20 October 2008CT:Naming Conventions for Nobility and RoyaltyTOM-E Macaron.ii
8 October 2008CT:SWG external linksTOM-E Macaron.ii
5 October 2008CT:Appearances - The Clone Wars TV seriesEcksBot
21 September 2008CT:WookieeQuote PagesTOM-E Macaron.ii
17 September 2008CT:Era tagsTOM-E Macaron.ii
12 September 2008CT:GA proposalTOM-E Macaron.ii
7 September 2008CT:Revamp of the good article nomination rules revisitedTOM-E Macaron.ii
7 September 2008CT:New continuity sectionRoboCade
29 August 2008CT:FAN rule amendmentTOM-E Macaron.ii
25 August 2008CT:Skin color in infoboxTOM-E Macaron.ii
12 August 2008CT:Aliases problemTOM-E Macaron.ii
5 August 2008CT:Separate categories for Anakin/Vader images?TOM-E Macaron.ii
1 July 2008CT:Expansion Packs: Gotta keep 'em separated.TOM-E Macaron.ii
29 June 2008CT:Axing silly sourcing ruleTOM-E Macaron.ii
27 June 2008CT:Stopping FA leechesTOM-E Macaron.ii
26 June 2008CT:New FAN voting proposalTOM-E Macaron.ii
24 June 2008CT:Re-evaluating the S apostrophe issueTOM-E Macaron.ii
22 June 2008CT:Droid article layoutTOM-E Macaron.ii
20 June 2008CT:InterviewsTOM-E Macaron.ii
6 June 2008CT:Quote lengthTOM-E Macaron.ii
5 June 2008CT:Character infobox changes (multiple votes)TOM-E Macaron.ii
2 June 2008CT:Main page pagetitleRoboCade
23 May 2008CT:If something appears in a source, does it really appear?RoboCade
23 May 2008CT:Are appearances in Instant Action modes canonTOM-E Macaron.ii
22 May 2008CT:FAN red link addendum, pt. 2 - SourcesTOM-E Macaron.ii
21 May 2008CT:Adopt vandalism policyTOM-E Macaron.ii
21 May 2008CT:FAN red link addendumTOM-E Macaron.ii
29 April 2008SH Archive/Manual of style: Citing forum postsTOM-E Macaron.ii
21 April 2008SH Archive/"Gallery must die" revisitedTOM-E Macaron.ii
21 April 2008CT:"X (language)" or "X language"?TOM-E Macaron.ii
18 April 2008CT:GAN: A Chance for EveryoneTOM-E Macaron.ii
13 April 2008CT:Clearing up Appearances and Sources (multiple votes)TOM-E Macaron.ii
13 April 2008CT:Intermediate article milestoneTOM-E Macaron.ii
5 April 2008CT:Quote policy addendumTOM-E Macaron.ii
30 March 2008CT:Fan-made maps, reduxTOM-E Macaron.ii
29 March 2008CT:"Yoda's species" vs. "Unknown tridactyl species"TOM-E Macaron.ii
27 March 2008CT:Ambiguous canon in the main article bodyImperators II
27 March 2008CT:Cut content in the bio section, reduxTOM-E Macaron.ii
23 March 2008CT:Re-FAs on the main pageTOM-E Macaron.ii
19 March 2008CT:Capitalizing "sector"TOM-E Macaron.ii
7 March 2008CT:SynchronizeRoboCade
6 March 2008CT:Should we really have external links to fansites?TOM-E Macaron.ii
21 February 2008CT:FA rule 8 amendmentTOM-E Macaron.ii
6 February 2008CT:RFR requirementsTOM-E Macaron.ii
6 February 2008CT:Formatting of "Behind the scenes" - bullets or not?TOM-E Macaron.ii
4 February 2008CT:Articles on RPG character templatesTOM-E Macaron.ii
31 January 2008CT:Fansite webmastersTOM-E Macaron.ii
28 January 2008CT:Consensus sectionTOM-E Macaron.ii
25 January 2008CT:Why the New Boring Templates?TOM-E Macaron.ii
17 January 2008CT:Unnamed, unknown, namelessTOM-E Macaron.ii
15 January 2008CT:"In Use" tag timeframeTOM-E Macaron.ii
6 January 2008CT:Bureaucrat vetoTOM-E Macaron.ii
6 January 2008CT:RFA Rule ChangeTOM-E Macaron.ii
6 January 2008CT:Proposed addition to Wookieepedia:AdministratorsTOM-E Macaron.ii
6 January 2008CT:List of Important LinksTOM-E Macaron.ii
3 January 2008CT:Categorizing images: story arc vs issueTOM-E Macaron.ii
1 January 2008CT:Making an official policy for "What a Quote is"TOM-E Macaron.ii
16 December 2007CT:Some Battle article MOSingTOM-E Macaron.ii
10 December 2007CT:Citation for Real World FAs (New proposal)TOM-E Macaron.ii
7 December 2007CT:Non- and semi-sentient species sectionsTOM-E Macaron.ii
2 December 2007CT:Master Who?: Unnamed ArticlesTOM-E Macaron.ii
1 December 2007CT:Categorization by company?TOM-E Macaron.ii
30 November 2007CT:Citation for Real World FAsRoboCade
16 November 2007CT:Speech bubble blanking, reduxTOM-E Macaron.ii
11 November 2007CT:Purging "It has different text!" foreign coversRoboCade
4 November 2007CT:More layout guide stuffRoboCade
4 November 2007CT:Planet article guidelinesTOM-E Macaron.ii
1 November 2007CT:Valid reasons to put something back in the trashTOM-E Macaron.ii
1 November 2007CT:Two weeks for TC discussions?TOM-E Macaron.ii
28 October 2007CT:IU NotabilityTOM-E Macaron.ii
27 October 2007CT:Canon/noncanonTOM-E Macaron.ii
26 October 2007CT:Anonymous stormiesTOM-E Macaron.ii
24 October 2007CT:Improvement driveTOM-E Macaron.ii
21 October 2007CT:A Modest ProposalRoboCade
19 October 2007CT:FA-a-Day for 2009TOM-E Macaron.ii
18 October 2007CT:Word count limit on fanonTOM-E Macaron.ii
2 October 2007CT:Vote: Revamp of the Good article nomination rulesTOM-E Macaron.ii
17 September 2007CT:Editcount Percentage Policy ProposalTOM-E Macaron.ii
15 September 2007CT:Disallowing Fanon - Yes or no. Period.TOM-E Macaron.ii
15 September 2007CT:Queue know the problem.TOM-E Macaron.ii
9 September 2007CT:Original Research restrictionTOM-E Macaron.ii
7 September 2007CT:Proposal: WookieesourceTOM-E Macaron.ii
3 September 2007CT:Fanon - Zero ToleranceTOM-E Macaron.ii
28 August 2007CT:Spoiler policyRoboCade
26 August 2007CT:Creating a User Fanon Art GalleryTOM-E Macaron.ii
17 August 2007CT:Links within referencesTOM-E Macaron.ii
15 August 2007CT:Sentient vs SapientTOM-E Macaron.ii
11 August 2007CT:The IRC Chatbot -- Go or Stay?TOM-E Macaron.ii
9 August 2007CT:DuelsTOM-E Macaron.ii
30 July 2007CT:Non-licensed art by officially licensed artistsTOM-E Macaron.ii
28 July 2007CT:Clone trooper names vs. numbersTOM-E Macaron.ii
25 July 2007CT:Originality RuleTOM-E Macaron.ii
23 July 2007CT:Cut content categories?TOM-E Macaron.ii
19 July 2007CT:Shortening the featured article timeTOM-E Macaron.ii
18 July 2007CT:Revan... virtual Master of Darth Bane?TOM-E Macaron.ii
16 July 2007CT:Where do we draw the line between recording canon and being an IU repository?TOM-E Macaron.ii
15 July 2007CT:Good Articles on the Main PageTOM-E Macaron.ii
2 July 2007CT:Nebulax voteTOM-E Macaron.ii
23 June 2007CT:Capitalizing "galaxy" - arguments against, and request for revoteTOM-E Macaron.ii
21 June 2007CT:Multiple 3RR'sTOM-E Macaron.ii
20 June 2007CT:Labyrinth of Evil vs. Clone WarsTOM-E Macaron.ii
20 June 2007CT:Jack NebulaxRoboCade
16 June 2007CT:Repealing the Story arc vs. Issue decisionTOM-E Macaron.ii
16 June 2007CT:Code to highlight admins on Recent ChangesTOM-E Macaron.ii
9 June 2007CT:Google map support for Filming locationsTOM-E Macaron.ii
9 June 2007CT:Merging of R5-D2 and R5-G8TOM-E Macaron.ii
9 June 2007CT:Actual forums now availableTOM-E Macaron.ii
8 June 2007CT:Trash compactor. Let's vote.TOM-E Macaron.ii
4 June 2007CT:Why have articles on video game consoles?TOM-E Macaron.ii
3 June 2007CT:Media titles: ReloadedTOM-E Macaron.ii
1 June 2007CT:Forum Index in the "Interaction" box?TOM-E Macaron.ii
29 May 2007CT:Region, Sector pagesTOM-E Macaron.ii
28 May 2007CT:User templateTOM-E Macaron.ii
27 May 2007CT:Italics or bold for emphasis?TOM-E Macaron.ii
18 May 2007CT:Amendment to FA requirementsTOM-E Macaron.ii
15 May 2007CT:Link colorsTOM-E Macaron.ii
8 May 2007CT:Segregating non-canon stuff into its own CategoryTOM-E Macaron.ii
7 May 2007CT:Changing Conan Antonio Motti back to MottiTOM-E Macaron.ii
5 May 2007CT:Adding fields to the Jedi character infoboxesTOM-E Macaron.ii
2 May 2007CT:Fanon limits - revised proposalTOM-E Macaron.ii
29 April 2007CT:Merge Force Power variants?TOM-E Macaron.ii
27 April 2007CT:Full implementation of scrollboxesTOM-E Macaron.ii
22 April 2007CT:Fanon go BoomTOM-E Macaron.ii
22 April 2007CT:Renaming Category:Admirals and generalsTOM-E Macaron.ii
20 April 2007CT:Renaming VFDTOM-E Macaron.ii
18 April 2007CT:Userbox ProposalsTOM-E Macaron.ii
18 April 2007CT:Drawing the line: IU vs OOUTOM-E Macaron.ii
17 April 2007CT:Privacy policyTOM-E Macaron.ii
16 April 2007CT:Ordering the queueTOM-E Macaron.ii
15 April 2007CT:Behind the scenesTOM-E Macaron.ii
14 April 2007CT:RFA Rule 5TOM-E Macaron.ii
11 April 2007CT:Prohibiting Inqs from voting on their nominationsTOM-E Macaron.ii
11 April 2007CT:Establishing Guidelines for Userbox VotesTOM-E Macaron.ii
10 April 2007CT:Merge Peer Review & Good ArticlesTOM-E Macaron.ii
9 April 2007CT:Non-Canon FAsImperators II
9 April 2007CT:"If it an item does not exist, then there is no article!"TOM-E Macaron.ii
5 April 2007CT:Complete articlesTOM-E Macaron.ii
5 April 2007CT:FA reform proposalTOM-E Macaron.ii
5 April 2007CT:Search icon tweaksTOM-E Macaron.ii
4 April 2007CT:RPG game sourcingTOM-E Macaron.ii
4 April 2007CT:Additional FA rule suggestionImperators II
2 April 2007CT:Real-world biographiesImperators II
2 April 2007CT:CC-1119 to AppoImperators II
29 March 2007CT:Barring use of "USERNAME" tag in signaturesTOM-E Macaron.ii
26 March 2007CT:Banning Skype for any official Wookieepedia eventsTOM-E Macaron.ii
25 March 2007CT:Renomination of featured articles (again)Imperators II
22 March 2007CT:Superweapon infoboxTOM-E Macaron.ii
21 March 2007CT:Splitting long articlesTOM-E Macaron.ii
17 March 2007CT:Reference desk rulesTOM-E Macaron.ii
17 March 2007CT:Reference desk nameTOM-E Macaron.ii
15 March 2007CT:Image naming policyTOM-E Macaron.ii
13 March 2007CT:Annihilation of Religion UserboxesTOM-E Macaron.ii
4 March 2007CT:Ignore all rulesTOM-E Macaron.ii
3 March 2007CT:Excessive useless editsImperators II
2 March 2007CT:If there's ever a SW/anything crossover...TOM-E Macaron.ii
2 March 2007CT:MPv3 tweakingRoboCade
1 March 2007CT:Rollback rightsTOM-E Macaron.ii
28 February 2007CT:The "Sources" sectionTOM-E Macaron.ii
26 February 2007CT:Single issue votersTOM-E Macaron.ii
21 February 2007CT:Linking to the SW Merchandise Wiki.TOM-E Macaron.ii
19 February 2007CT:Links in in-article titlesTOM-E Macaron.ii
17 February 2007CT:BtS sections with one paragraph - preceded by an asterix?TOM-E Macaron.ii
17 February 2007CT:Main Page version 3TOM-E Macaron.ii
15 February 2007CT:Star Wars Merchandise Wiki requestedTOM-E Macaron.ii
15 February 2007CT:Video gamesTOM-E Macaron.ii
14 February 2007CT:Merging and Redirecting new KotOR articlesTOM-E Macaron.ii
6 February 2007CT:Droid use policies (or the lack thereof)TOM-E Macaron.ii
5 February 2007CT:Wookieepedia - Reference DeskTOM-E Macaron.ii
2 February 2007CT:Images: Fan ModificationsTOM-E Macaron.ii
2 February 2007CT:Twi'lek namesRoboCade
2 February 2007CT:Source tempaltes revisions?TOM-E Macaron.ii
2 February 2007CT:Adding subsection on Wookieepedia:Templates for proposing templatesTOM-E Macaron.ii
2 February 2007CT:Sourcing revamp revampTOM-E Macaron.ii
31 January 2007CT:Appearances/sources: scroll boxes vs hidable boxesTOM-E Macaron.ii
29 January 2007CT:Appearances/Sources subheadingsTOM-E Macaron.ii
28 January 2007CT:Featured Article Reform ProposalRoboCade
28 January 2007CT:Disambiguation pagesTOM-E Macaron.ii
26 January 2007CT:Codifying common senseTOM-E Macaron.ii
26 January 2007CT:Prohibiting anonymous editsTOM-E Macaron.ii
25 January 2007CT:"The" in front of ship names - another voteTOM-E Macaron.ii
25 January 2007CT:Anakin/Vader dual infoboxTOM-E Macaron.ii
24 January 2007CT:Born/Died LocationTOM-E Macaron.ii
22 January 2007CT:Possible amendments to user page policy and WP:NOTTOM-E Macaron.ii
19 January 2007CT:Action figures - RevisedTOM-E Macaron.ii
19 January 2007CT:Rearranging Category:SubstancesRoboCade
19 January 2007CT:Italics within italic textTOM-E Macaron.ii
14 January 2007CT:Species Main ImagesTOM-E Macaron.ii
14 January 2007CT:Sig policy revisitedTOM-E Macaron.ii
12 January 2007CT:Merger proposalsTOM-E Macaron.ii
11 January 2007CT:Sourcing revampTOM-E Macaron.ii
11 January 2007CT:Action figuresTOM-E Macaron.ii
11 January 2007CT:Imperial insignia pageTOM-E Macaron.ii
5 January 2007CT:Policies for voting competitionsTOM-E Macaron.ii
1 January 2007CT:About those naming conventions...TOM-E Macaron.ii
1 January 2007CT:Removal Of Apperence lists (i.e the sepret lists used for charecters like Luke and BobaTOM-E Macaron.ii
31 December 2006CT:Changing capitalization in quotesTOM-E Macaron.ii
30 December 2006CT:Admin AgeTOM-E Macaron.ii
30 December 2006CT:Capitalizing "human" -- some more detailsTOM-E Macaron.ii
24 December 2006CT:Boba Fett main image: Policy or OpinionTOM-E Macaron.ii
23 December 2006CT:Santa Claus for featured article?EcksBot
20 December 2006CT:England vs. England/TempTOM-E Macaron.ii
15 December 2006CT:Disabling creation of pages by anons and new usersTOM-E Macaron.ii
14 December 2006CT:New "merge" templatesTOM-E Macaron.ii
14 December 2006CT:Chronological, or Alphabetical?TOM-E Macaron.ii
9 December 2006CT:Image policy proposalTOM-E Macaron.ii
9 December 2006CT:Admin nominationsTOM-E Macaron.ii
8 December 2006CT:Appearances: issue vs arcTOM-E Macaron.ii
6 December 2006CT:Votes for deletion revampTOM-E Macaron.ii
4 December 2006CT:QuotationsTOM-E Macaron.ii
3 December 2006CT:De-adminship processTOM-E Macaron.ii
2 December 2006CT:New Polish sister siteTOM-E Macaron.ii
2 December 2006CT:Raynar/UnuThul mergeTOM-E Macaron.ii
30 November 2006CT:Catalogue of unnamed vehiclesTOM-E Macaron.ii
26 November 2006CT:New Source Based AwardsTOM-E Macaron.ii
19 November 2006CT:Head shots in infoboxTOM-E Macaron.ii
18 November 2006CT:We should hold a consensus for Anakin and Vader's articles to be split up again!TOM-E Macaron.ii
18 November 2006CT:Real-world datingTOM-E Macaron.ii
11 November 2006CT:Notes and referencesTOM-E Macaron.ii
7 November 2006CT:Speech bubbles - remove text or not?RoboCade
6 November 2006CT:General Grievous Main ImageTOM-E Macaron.ii
3 November 2006CT:Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader mergerTOM-E Macaron.ii
2 November 2006CT:I'm going to get killed for this . . .TOM-E Macaron.ii
29 October 2006CT:Question BoardTOM-E Macaron.ii
26 October 2006CT:Separate discussion area for Star Wars universeTOM-E Macaron.ii
25 October 2006CT:Retro-active WOTMTOM-E Macaron.ii
23 October 2006CT:Bolded Title in Intro - we should go the whole 9 yardsTOM-E Macaron.ii
12 October 2006CT:Non-canon materialTOM-E Macaron.ii
7 October 2006CT:Races and species categorization revampTOM-E Macaron.ii
5 October 2006CT:Blatant C-Canon contradiction of older C-CanonTOM-E Macaron.ii
2 October 2006CT:QOTD placementTOM-E Macaron.ii
26 September 2006CT:Naming conventions: Stage names?RoboCade
25 September 2006CT:Removal of featured article statusRoboCade
25 September 2006CT:Admin voting Mk. IITOM-E Macaron.ii
23 September 2006CT:Weapon categorization revampTOM-E Macaron.ii
23 September 2006CT:Italicizing ship article titlesTOM-E Macaron.ii
18 September 2006CT:Infobox images: full-body vs closeupsTOM-E Macaron.ii
17 September 2006CT:Scroll boxesImperators II
17 September 2006CT:PunctuationTOM-E Macaron.ii
16 September 2006CT:Templates for ship classes?TOM-E Macaron.ii
10 September 2006CT:Deleting old copyvio articlesTOM-E Macaron.ii
8 September 2006CT:Bot status for R2-D2?TOM-E Macaron.ii
8 September 2006CT:"Wookiee Awards"TOM-E Macaron.ii
30 August 2006CT:QOTD vote counting and timeoutsTOM-E Macaron.ii
30 August 2006CT:Restrict moving abilityTOM-E Macaron.ii
29 August 2006CT:Administrator VotingRoboCade
26 August 2006CT:"Notable" fansitesTOM-E Macaron.ii
20 August 2006CT:QOTDs from WookieepediansTOM-E Macaron.ii
20 August 2006CT:Real-world quote pagesTOM-E Macaron.ii
14 August 2006CT:Mon Calamari (planet) or Dac?TOM-E Macaron.ii
13 August 2006CT:Fair use and Hyperspace images?TOM-E Macaron.ii
5 August 2006CT:New User LevelTOM-E Macaron.ii
5 August 2006CT:Spoiler tag for RevanTOM-E Macaron.ii
23 July 2006CT:QuotesRoboCade
21 July 2006CT:EmergencyTOM-E Macaron.ii
16 July 2006CT:NPOV versus JPOVTOM-E Macaron.ii
16 July 2006CT:Sockpuppet policies?TOM-E Macaron.ii
5 July 2006CT:Non-canonTOM-E Macaron.ii
26 June 2006CT:Gallery-exclusive imagesTOM-E Macaron.ii
24 June 2006CT:Ship namesTOM-E Macaron.ii
23 June 2006CT:Restricting use of user pagesTOM-E Macaron.ii
21 June 2006CT:Some changes re: blocking methods, etcTOM-E Macaron.ii
10 June 2006CT:Additional info in character infoboxesTOM-E Macaron.ii
8 June 2006CT:Fan Colored ImagesTOM-E Macaron.ii
7 June 2006CT:Image Code VerificationTOM-E Macaron.ii
6 June 2006CT:POVs in articlesTOM-E Macaron.ii
5 June 2006CT:Featured article removal candidatesTOM-E Macaron.ii
4 June 2006CT:Three-revert rule enforcementTOM-E Macaron.ii
2 June 2006CT:"Characters" or "Dramatis personae"?TOM-E Macaron.ii
2 June 2006CT:Main character pics: 250px or 300px?TOM-E Macaron.ii
26 May 2006CT:General Lesser Organization InfoboxTOM-E Macaron.ii
26 May 2006CT:Era articlesTOM-E Macaron.ii
25 May 2006CT:Succession boxes in Battle/War infoboxesTOM-E Macaron.ii
22 May 2006CT:Spoiler policy -- new one needed ?TOM-E Macaron.ii
22 May 2006CT:War introsTOM-E Macaron.ii
17 May 2006CT:Restrictions on user page picturesTOM-E Macaron.ii
14 May 2006CT:Dark troopers in battleboxes before TalayTOM-E Macaron.ii
14 May 2006CT:Restrictions on custom user signaturesTOM-E Macaron.ii
14 May 2006CT:Establishing a unified blocking policyTOM-E Macaron.ii
9 May 2006CT:"the" ship namesTOM-E Macaron.ii
3 May 2006CT:Title Template UseTOM-E Macaron.ii
30 April 2006CT:Dash use policyTOM-E Macaron.ii
25 April 2006CT:New Section for the Wiki (Wookiee)TOM-E Macaron.ii
24 April 2006CT:Longer Sentences, Poetic Adjectives, and so forthTOM-E Macaron.ii
21 April 2006CT:Era symbolsTOM-E Macaron.ii
20 April 2006CT:Remove "Star Wars" from media titles?TOM-E Macaron.ii
15 April 2006CT:Move Wookieepedia:Meetings to Mofferences?TOM-E Macaron.ii
10 April 2006CT:Layout of main articlesTOM-E Macaron.ii
8 April 2006CT:Real people infoboxTOM-E Macaron.ii
2 April 2006CT:Quotes: Format, Standards, and PolicyTOM-E Macaron.ii
28 March 2006CT:Creation log for user accountsTOM-E Macaron.ii
26 March 2006CT:Fanon in User pagesTOM-E Macaron.ii
22 March 2006CT:Article naming conventionsTOM-E Macaron.ii
20 March 2006CT:Main page redesignTOM-E Macaron.ii
18 March 2006CT:Vandalism PolicyTOM-E Macaron.ii
16 March 2006CT:What Wookieepedia is notTOM-E Macaron.ii
15 March 2006CT:Userbox template discussionImperators II
8 March 2006CT:Capitalization of HumanTOM-E Macaron.ii
5 March 2006CT:Major and Minor FansitesTOM-E Macaron.ii
1 March 2006CT:Fan-made MapsTOM-E Macaron.ii
28 February 2006CT:Registration requirementTOM-E Macaron.ii
26 February 2006CT:Article Names: Real vs. AdoptedTOM-E Macaron.ii
19 February 2006CT:Renomination of featured articlesTOM-E Macaron.ii
9 February 2006CT:Copyright DiscussionTOM-E Macaron.ii
8 February 2006CT:New ship and vehicle infobox templatesSulfur
8 January 2006CT:Code of ConductTOM-E Macaron.ii
27 December 2005CT:Featured article criteriaEcksBot
27 December 2005CT:New planet infobox templateTOM-E Macaron.ii
19 December 2005CT:SpoilersTOM-E Macaron.ii
18 December 2005CT:Featured article ground rulesEcksBot
13 December 2005CT:Featured article elimination processEcksBot
13 December 2005CT:Logo changeEcksBot
8 November 2005CT:Super-class Star Destroyer?EcksBot
16 October 2005CT:Succession boxesTOM-E Macaron.ii
16 October 2005CT:Community Portal nameEcksBot
16 October 2005CT:Characters to IndividualsTOM-E Macaron.ii
27 September 2005CT:Domain and forumsTOM-E Macaron.ii
9 August 2005CT:Sides of the ForceTOM-E Macaron.ii
24 July 2005CT:Namespace disputeTOM-E Macaron.ii