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Hello, everyone, and thanks for all your work on the EGW. Okay, the point of this forum is so that we as a WookieeProject can establish what we are each focusing on individually, and so that we can figure out what areas we need to focus on more or direct new recruits to.

Zeta, I see that you're pretty well set on working on all of the ship classes. Keep up the good work. 501st, you've been doing a lot of great GANoms on individual characters and ships. Is there a specific section you're focusing on?

As for everyone else, I'd love to know if you guys are focusing on certain parts of the Guide or are planning to. My current project is the Pius Dea and the Alsakan Conflicts, but I wouldn't mind any help that you guys feel like giving. Thanks, and keep up the good work. Cade Calrayn StupidRepublicEmblem-Traced-TORkit 13:49, May 1, 2012 (UTC)

  • I was thinking of going through the first person accounts and promoting them, such as Tirs Maladane, CT-1226, the one from "Death in the Woods", and maybe Isila Drutch. Also, I was thinking of finishing up the Fourth Battle of Kuat section by nominating the event. That's all the things in the immediate future, but I'll probally find more. Pentastar patrol 501st dogma(talk) 20:48, May 1, 2012 (UTC)
  • I have been considering working on articles relating to Western Reaches Operation, although I'm probably not going to have time to nominate anything anytime soon. --Jinzler 22:26, May 1, 2012 (UTC)
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