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This is based much on orn free taa but it can apply more broadly to the twi’lek species in general and the sexual dimorphism often present.. but my question/s to my knowledge remain unanswered or open to interpretation to this day. They are of certain physical characteristics of one strange, atypical anomaly of a twi’lek specimen and what they may implicate for the entire lore of his species. Characteristics like Why does orn free taa have only 4 fingers and on non-humanoid looking hands? All other twileks have normal human hands.. Also why 4 headtails? The two extra ones on the sides of his head have been stated to have been additional growths to store fat because of the character’s obesity, so beforehand would they have been just those temple knobs that the female twi’leks have (instead of actual ears)? and if so, why does orn free taa still have ears? Why does orn free taa at least in legends have 3 toed feet (seen on his saga 2002 action figure)? Or is it the case that taa might be an offshoot twi’lek or crossbred mutation?

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