We here at WookieeProject Real World Music strive to bring all the elements of Star Wars music to Wookieepedia. In order to do this, we must also allow users to hear what they read in articles, hence the clips of music below. This list can also help if one needs to find a clip of music relevant to an article. The clips are listed in alphabetical order.


This table contains all audio clips of theatrical motifs.

Audio clip Length Bytes Name of motif or track
Across The Stars clip.ogg  0:31 740 KB Across the Stars
AnakinsBetrayal.ogg  0:36 602 KB Anakin's Betrayal
Anakins Dark Deeds.ogg  0:47 776 KB Anakin's Dark Deeds
Anakin's Theme.ogg  0:31 352 KB Anakin's Theme
Arena Theme.ogg  0:32 554 KB The Arena
Arena Theme section 1.ogg  0:48 766 KB The Arena
Arena Theme section 2.ogg  1:00 997 KB The Arena
Arena Theme section 3.ogg  1:00 972 KB MB The Arena
Battle of the Heroes.ogg  0:31 368 KB Battle of the Heroes
BobaFettMotif-TESB.ogg  0:30 342 KB Boba Fett's motif
DarthMaulsMotif-E1.ogg  0:13 154 KB Darth Maul's Motif
Dotf electronic.ogg  0:58 922 KB Duel of the Fates (Episode I Racer version)
Droid Invasion Theme.ogg  0:30 346 KB Droid Invasion Theme
Duel of the Fates.ogg  0:30 355 KB Duel of the Fates
Escape from Naboo.ogg  0:34 402 KB Escape from Naboo
Ewok Celebration.ogg  0:33 387 KB Ewok Celebration
Force Theme.ogg  0:30 352 KB Binary Sunset
Funeral Theme.ogg  0:28 324 KB Funeral Theme
GGT 2.ogg  0:29 451 KB General Grievous's theme
GrievousTheme.ogg  0:52 817 KB General Grievous's theme
Han Solo and the Princess.ogg  0:26 294 KB Han Solo and the Princess
HereTheyCome.ogg  0:33 616 KB Here They Come!
Imperial March.ogg  0:29 333 KB The Imperial March
Imperial Motif.ogg  0:23 271 KB Imperial motif
ImpMarch-RC.ogg  0:15 186 KB The Imperial March (Republic Commando version)
Jabba's Theme.ogg  0:34 382 KB Jabba's Theme
Jar Jars Theme.ogg  0:28 428 KB Jar Jar's Theme
Jawa Theme.ogg  0:30 351 KB Jawa Theme
Luke and Leia.ogg  0:32 363 KB Luke and Leia
MainTitle.ogg  0:30 651 KB Star Wars Main Title (A New Hope version)
MainTitle CW.ogg  0:31 366 KB Star Wars Main Title (Clone Wars version)
MainTitle TPM.ogg  0:30 547 KB Star Wars Main Title (The Phantom Menace version)
Parade of the Ewoks.ogg  0:36 398 KB Parade of the Ewoks
Princess Leia's Theme.ogg  0:17 277 KB Princess Leia's Theme
Rebel Fanfare.ogg  0:29 352 KB Rebel Fanfare
Shmi's Theme.ogg  0:32 360 KB Shmi's theme
SOTE4.ogg  0:18 344 KB Dash's theme
SOTE8.ogg  0:26 482 KB Binary Sunset (Shadows of the Empire version)
SOTE10.ogg  0:30 588 KB The Destruction of Xizor's Palace
Star Wars The Force Unleashed Duel Of The Fates.ogg  0:53 783 KB Duel of the Fates (The Force Unleashed version)
The Asteroid Field.ogg  0:30 567 KB The Asteroid Field
The Emperor's Theme.ogg  0:33 374 KB The Emperor's Theme
The_Flag_Parade.ogg  1:14 1.15 MB The Flag Parade
The Forest Battle.ogg  0:30 331 KB The Forest Battle
The Meadow Picnic.ogg  1:00 973 KB The Meadow Picnic
The Throne Room.ogg  0:34 403 KB The Throne Room (A New Hope version)
The Throne Room ROTS.ogg  0:27 481 KB The Throne Room (Revenge of the Sith version)
Tusken Raider Theme.ogg  0:36 420 KB Tusken Raider Theme
Victory Celebration SE.ogg  0:28 331 KB Victory Celebration
Xizor'sTheme-SOTE.ogg  0:33 378 KB Xizor's Theme (Reptile side)
Xizor'sThemePrimal-SOTE.ogg  0:27 330 KB Xizor's Theme (Primal side)
Yoda's Theme.ogg  0:22 253 KB Yoda's Theme

Compositions that don't have clipsEdit

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