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Wookieepedia is looking for someone to help us run our official Instagram page.

The job responsibilities will include:

  • Making regular posts relevant to current Star Wars and/or Wookieepedia events
  • Engaging with/responding to page visitors in the discussions section of individual posts
  • Ideally growing the page's number of followers while enticing them to open up and explore Wookieepedia itself

The ideal candidate will:

  • Be a registered user and a trusted, veteran member of this community. Obviously, if we don't know you or don't know you very well, we're not going to give you the keys to the Instagram page. If you haven't been editing Wookieepedia regularly for at least a year, you probably aren't right for this job.
    • Although a current administrator would be ideal for this job, you need not be one. You will be sharing posting access with user Master Fredcerique (a non-admin).
  • Have an advanced understanding of how to use social media. This goes beyond simple technical proficiency. You will be representing Wookieepedia to, and interacting with, an audience of thousands, so you need to have a certain acumen for public relations as well as the ability to maturely and patiently engage with these people, many of whom will most likely annoy you on a regular basis. This is the Internet, after all.
  • Have enough free time, or at least enough online access time, to properly maintain this page on a near-daily basis. You will ideally be making one post a day, if not more. If need be, we can accept multiple candidates who can share posting responsibilities. Ideally, we are catering to both North American and European time zones.

Why should I do this?

Social media is a critical way for us to engage with our fans outside of the wiki. We have a thriving audience across all three of our social-media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Help us continue to market the Wookieepedia brand to the world in a positive and engaging way.

Users who agree to take on this job and who can demonstrate the ability to perform it well and professionally will go a long way toward showing us that you have what it takes to represent Wookieepedia. This will be huge bonus points for anyone interested in advanced site responsibilities and privileges.

If interested in the job, please email Toprawa and Ralltiir at Thank you. Toprawa and Ralltiir (talk) 22:32, April 27, 2019 (UTC)

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