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List of /Canon pages that will displace their counterparts, with the name source that I pulled from WhatLinksHere or articles. VERIFY THAT THE NAME IS USED YOURSELF, OR I WILL BE DISPLEASED. Cade StupidRepublicEmblem-Traced-TORkit.svg Calrayn 00:58, February 13, 2016 (UTC)

Type 1: Create /Canon page[]

  1. Aquaris Freeholders/Canon (Smuggler's Guide)
  2. Artillery remote/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  3. ATA pulse-wave blaster/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  4. Avabush/Canon (Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker: The Visual Dictionary)
  5. Badlands (Tatooine)/Canon (Helmet Collection 11)
  6. Baffle (component)/Canon (The Rebellion Begins)
  7. Bantha hide/Canon (Galactic Explorer's Guide)
  8. Bantha wool/Canon (Galactic Explorer's Guide)
  9. Baroli/Canon (The High Republic: Tempest Runner)
  10. Beast call/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  11. Beastmaster chem lure/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  12. Bhuna Sound/Canon (Solo: A Star Wars Story: Tales from Vandor)
  13. Blast vest/Canon (Allies and Adversaries)
  14. Body bag/Canon (Heir to the Jedi)
  15. Bola carbine/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  16. Bothawui Communications Conglomerate/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  17. Brass knuckles/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  18. Bright Jewel Cluster/Canon (Smuggler's Guide)
  19. Brix-C stun fluid/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  20. BU-11/Canon (Star Wars: Build Your Own R2-D2 5)
  21. Bubble wort projector/Canon (Darth Vader 4)
  22. Cargo pod/Canon (Alphabet Squadron)
  23. Catch vest/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  24. Cement/Canon (Heir to the Jedi)
  25. Chaff/Canon (Star Wars: Squadrons)
  26. Chaingun/Canon (Darth Vader 3: Vader, Part III)
  27. Chava chava/Canon (Aftermath: Life Debt)
  28. Chepatite impact explosive/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  29. Climbsuit/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  30. Cluster bomb/Canon (Starships and Speeders)
  31. Cold-weld arrestor/Canon (Alphabet Squadron)
  32. Communications grid/Canon (ToppsDigitalLogo.pngStar Wars: Card Trader (Card: Imperial Shuttle - Blueprints))
  33. Corellian Personal Defense/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  34. Corellian Technologies/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  35. Corondexx/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  36. Cortosis shield/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  37. Cortosis staff/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  38. Clone Master/Canon (Helmet Collection 17)
  39. Command pod/Canon (ToppsDigitalLogo.pngStar Wars: Card Trader (Card: TIE Fighter - Blueprints))
  40. Credit chit/Canon ("Rebel Bluff")
  41. Creshik wood/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  42. Crew chief/Canon (The Last Jedi: Bomber Command)
  43. CryoBan/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  44. CryoBan grenade/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  45. CS-12 Stun Master/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  46. Custard/Canon (Rebels)
  47. CX-2000 holographic ghillie suit/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  48. Dart/Canon ("Inbrief")
  49. DC-15S sidearm/Canon (Helmet Collection 13)
  50. Dearic/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  51. Death Wind Corridor/Canon (Smuggler's Guide)
  52. Diatium/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  53. Digger crawler/Canon (Starships and Speeders)
  54. Disruptor rifle/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  55. Docking clamp/Canon (Star Wars: The Rebel Files)
  56. Drill sergeant/Canon (Helmet Collection 8)
  57. Droid brain defense system/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  58. Drydock/Canon (Star Wars: The Rebel Files)
  59. Duffel/Canon (Alphabet Squadron)
  60. Dupe/Canon (Alphabet Squadron)
  61. Duracord/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  62. Earbud comlink/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  63. Eel cage/Canon (Episode Guide: "Prisoners")
  64. Electro-goggles/Canon (Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker: The Visual Dictionary)
  65. Electrotelescope/Canon (Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker: The Visual Dictionary)
  66. Emergency repair patch/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  67. Energy lance/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  68. Energy receptor/Canon ("The Face of Evil")
  69. EnhanceScan general-purpose scanner/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  70. Exhaust nacelle/Canon (ToppsDigitalLogo.pngStar Wars: Card Trader (Card: Y-wing Starfighter - Blueprints))
  71. Firecracker/Canon (Alphabet Squadron)
  72. Fire paste/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  73. Flamewind/Canon (Starships and Speeders)
  74. Flashback suppressor/Canon (ToppsDigitalLogo.pngStar Wars: Card Trader (Card: X-wing Starfighter - Blueprints))
  75. Flash quarrel/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  76. Flashback suppressor/Canon (Galactic Explorer's Guide)
  77. Flashstick/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  78. Flatworm/Canon (Helmet Collection 2)
  79. Fleet camp/Canon (ToppsDigitalLogo.pngStar Wars: Card Trader (Card: Hobbie Klivian - Snowspeeder Gunner - Base Series 1))
  80. Flight school/Canon (Star Wars: The Rebel Files)
  81. Food preparation system/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  82. FrictionGrip/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  83. Fuel slug/Canon (ToppsDigitalLogo.pngStar Wars: Card Trader (Card: AT-AT - Blueprints))
  84. Fusion lantern/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  85. Galactic Code/Canon (Aftermath: Life Debt)
  86. Garrote (weapon)/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  87. Geoscanner/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  88. GI/80.b Overthruster ion engine/Canon (Starships and Speeders)
  89. Glunok/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  90. Gram/Canon ("A Recipe for Death")
  91. Grappling turret/Canon (Starships and Speeders)
  92. Grav-bike/Canon (Aftermath: Life Debt)
  93. Gravity compensator/Canon (Helmet Collection 6)
  94. Gunslinger/Canon (Star Wars: Squadrons)
  95. Gutretee (species)/Canon (Star Wars: Uprising)
  96. Gyrostabilization system (ToppsDigitalLogo.pngStar Wars: Card Trader (Card: B-wing Fighter - Blueprints))
  97. Hammerhead/Canon (ToppsDigitalLogo.pngStar Wars: Card Trader (Card: Momaw Nadon - Cantina Patron - Base Series 1))
  98. Hand cannon/Canon (Aftermath: Life Debt)
  99. Hand scanner/Canon (Allies and Adversaries)
  100. Head lamp/Canon ("The Perfect Weapon")
  101. Heating system/Canon (The Rebellion Begins)
  102. Herzfall Corporation/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  103. Highlands (Zygerria)/Canon ("Escape from Kadavo")
  104. Hilt/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  105. Hollinium/Canon (Starships and Speeders)
  106. Holoboard/Canon (A Crash of Fate)
  107. Holocrystal/Canon (Lords of the Sith)
  108. Holofeed/Canon (Aftermath: Life Debt)
  109. Holopad/Canon (The Rebellion Begins)
  110. Holoplatform/Canon (Aftermath: Life Debt)
  111. Holoscreen/Canon (Aftermath: Life Debt)
  112. Holostatue/Canon (Aftermath: Life Debt)
  113. Hover-raft/Canon (A Crash of Fate)
  114. Hullepi/Canon (Smuggler's Guide)
  115. Huntsman vibrospear/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  116. Ignition chamber/Canon (Helmet Collection 16)
  117. Imperial Archives/Canon (Aftermath: Empire's End)
  118. Implanted cyberjack/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  119. Individual field disruptor/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  120. Induction hyperphase generator/Canon (Star Wars: The Rebel Files)
  121. Injectrine/Canon (Galactic Explorer's Guide)
  122. Ion flux stabilizer/Canon (Smuggler's Run: A Han Solo & Chewbacca Adventure)
  123. IRAPS cerebral stabilizer/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  124. Jukebox/Canon ("Last Call at the Zero Angle")
  125. Kamperdine Clothing Specialists/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  126. Kamperdine custom tailored armored jacket/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  127. Karavis/Canon (Star Wars: The Rebel Files)
  128. Kilia IV/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  129. Kilian Rangers/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  130. Land mine/Canon (Aftermath: Life Debt)
  131. Lanvarok/Canon (Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker: The Visual Dictionary)
  132. Laserball/Canon (The Empire Strikes Back: So You Want to Be a Jedi?)
  133. Laser battery/Canon (Aftermath: Life Debt)
  134. Laser gate/Canon (Aftermath: Life Debt)
  135. Laser rifle/Canon (Star Wars Rebels: The Visual Guide)
  136. Laser tip/Canon (ToppsDigitalLogo.pngStar Wars: Card Trader (Card: X-wing Starfighter - Blueprints))
  137. Laser whip/Canon ("All Creatures Great and Small")
  138. LaserHone/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  139. Leech/Canon ("Inbrief")
  140. Lieutenant governor/Canon (Star Wars: The Rebel Files)
  141. Loose Cannon Arms/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  142. Lutrillian (language)/Canon ("Deception")
  143. Maglev/Canon (Catalyst)
  144. Magnesium/Canon (Smuggler's Guide)
  145. Magnolock/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  146. Maldrood Oversector/Canon (Smuggler's Guide)
  147. Mandallian Narcolethe/Canon (Smuggler's Guide)
  148. Mauvine nullifier/Canon (Star Wars: Squadrons)
  149. Medium repeating blaster/Canon (Star Wars: The Rebel Files)
  150. Mephilis Corporation/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  151. Merchant Galactic/Canon (Solo: A Star Wars Story: Tales from Vandor)
  152. Merisee/Canon (Star Wars: Squadrons)
  153. Model 31 palm stunner/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  154. Model 7 Therm-Ax/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  155. Moebius chess/Canon (Aftermath: Empire's End)
  156. Monorail/Canon
  157. Multi-optic sight/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  158. Multitool/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  159. Naorstrachem/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  160. Neural recorder/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  161. Neuronic whip/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  162. Nullicaine/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  163. Obroan/Canon (Star Wars: The Rebel Files)
  164. Omniprobe sensor array/Canon (Star Wars: The Rebel Files)
  165. Omniscan 3 integrated scanner/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  166. Operative/Canon (Catalyst)
  167. Opranko/Canon (Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker: The Visual Dictionary)
  168. Orveth/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  169. Padded armor/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  170. Percussion/Canon (ToppsDigitalLogo.pngStar Wars: Card Trader (Card: Teebo - Ewok Scout - Base Series 1))
  171. Perimeter sensor/Canon (Battlefront: Twilight Company)
  172. Phaseball/Canon (The High Republic: Tempest Runner)
  173. The Pit/Canon (Solo: A Star Wars Story: Tales from Vandor)
  174. Plasburst laser cannon/Canon (Star Wars: Squadrons)
  175. Plasma transvertor/Canon (Alphabet Squadron)
  176. Plaster/Canon (Star Wars: Complete Locations)
  177. Plastine/Canon (Star Wars: The Rebel Files)
  178. Polymer/Canon ("Bottleneck")
  179. Portmaster/Canon (Dooku: Jedi Lost)
  180. Power amplifier/Canon (Star Wars: The Rebel Files)
  181. Power damper/Canon (Alphabet Squadron)
  182. Power plant/Canon (ToppsDigitalLogo.pngStar Wars: Card Trader (Card: Sandcrawler - Blueprints))
  183. Pressor/Canon (Alphabet Squadron)
  184. Prismatic crystal/Canon (Smuggler's Guide)
  185. Pulverizer/Canon (Smuggler's Guide)
  186. Pupa/Canon (The Rebellion Begins)
  187. P-w401 ion maneuvering jet/Canon (ToppsDigitalLogo.pngStar Wars: Card Trader (Card: TIE Fighter - Blueprints))
  188. Pyros/Canon (Star Wars: The Rebel Files)
  189. Pyros system/Canon (Star Wars: The Rebel Files)
  190. Q-22 retinal tracker/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  191. R-88 Suppressor riot rifle/Canon (Smuggler's Guide)
  192. Radon-Ulzer/Canon (Star Wars: The Visual Encyclopedia)
  193. R'alla/Canon (Smuggler's Guide)
  194. R'alla mineral water/Canon (Smuggler's Guide)
  195. Rampa Rapids/Canon (Smuggler's Guide)
  196. Raquor'daan/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  197. Reed (plant)/Canon (A Crash of Fate)
  198. Regallis Engineering/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  199. Relay station/Canon (Complete Locations)
  200. Relay tower/Canon (Concept Art Gallery: "The Box")
  201. Remote DVI Activator/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  202. Repair kit/Canon (Star Wars: Squadrons)
  203. Repeating blaster cannon/Canon (Star Wars: The Rebel Files)
  204. Republic Scout Service/Canon (The Last Jedi: Rose Tico: Resistance Fighter)
  205. Repulsor coil/Canon (Star Wars: The Rebel Files)
  206. Repulsor pack/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  207. Repulsor pod/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  208. Repulsorjet/Canon (Aftermath: Empire's End)
  209. Rhen-Orm/Canon (Smuggler's Guide)
  210. Rhodium/Canon (Star Wars: The Rebel Files)
  211. Riot gun/Canon (Smuggler's Guide)
  212. Rootleaf/Canon (Smuggler's Guide)
  213. Roz/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  214. Rubber/Canon (Bloodline)
  215. Ryyk kerarthorr/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  216. Sabotage droid/Canon (Smuggler's Guide)
  217. Salky hound/Canon (Smuggler's Guide)
  218. Saturday/Canon ("Friends and Enemies")
  219. Satyn/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  220. Saw/Canon (Helmet Collection 8)
  221. Sayormi Heartstriker/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  222. Screwdriver/Canon (A Crash of Fate)
  223. Scythe blade/Canon (Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker: The Visual Dictionary)
  224. Seaspeeder/Canon (Aftermath: Life Debt)
  225. Senate Representative/Canon (Helmet Collection 14)
  226. Servo-pulsor/Canon (Alphabet Squadron)
  227. Shadowskin/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  228. Shock field/Canon (Servants of the Empire: The Secret Academy)
  229. Shock glove/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  230. Shockrider crash suit/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  231. Shockstaff/Canon (Smuggler's Run: A Han Solo & Chewbacca Adventure)
  232. Siang lance/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  233. Silver Fyre/Canon (Smuggler's Guide)
  234. Skevon/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  235. Sleight box/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  236. Smoke quarrel/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  237. Snare rifle/Canon (Smuggler's Guide)
  238. Sonic hammer/Canon (Helmet Collection 12)
  239. Sonic stunner/Canon (Helmet Collection 2)
  240. Soul trees/Canon (ToppsDigitalLogo.pngStar Wars: Card Trader (Card: Teebo - Ewok Scout - Base Series 1))
  241. South Sector/Canon (Smuggler's Guide)
  242. Spacetrooper armor/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  243. Sporting blaster/Canon (Smuggler's Run: A Han Solo & Chewbacca Adventure)
  244. Spread barrel/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  245. Spymaster/Canon (ToppsDigitalLogo.pngStar Wars: Card Trader (Card: R2-D2 & C-3PO - 2020 Base Series 2))
  246. Stabilizing coil/Canon (Alphabet Squadron)
  247. Stealth-2VX palm shooter/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  248. Steering vane/Canon (ToppsDigitalLogo.pngStar Wars: Card Trader (Card: Speeder Bike - Blueprints))
  249. Strength enhancing system/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  250. Stun prod/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  251. Subspace/Canon (Lords of the Sith)
  252. Supply carrier/Canon (Alphabet Squadron)
  253. Surveillance detector/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  254. Surveillance tagger/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  255. Systech Corporation/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  256. System patrol craft/Canon (Star Wars: The Rebel Files)
  257. Taffeta/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  258. Tanker/Canon (Alphabet Squadron)
  259. Tarascii Explosives/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  260. Targeting beacon/Canon (Star Wars: Squadrons)
  261. Targeting sensor/Canon (Star Wars Rebels: Head to Head)
  262. Thermal flak jacket/Canon (Battlefront: Twilight Company)
  263. Thinsuit/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  264. Thrust vector magnet/Canon (Star Wars: Ships of the Galaxy)
  265. Toothbrush/Canon (Star Wars: Squadrons)
  266. Trachea/Canon (Aftermath: Empire's End)
  267. Tracker utility vest/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  268. Tractor/Canon (Servants of the Empire: Imperial Justice)
  269. Transponder/Canon (Aftermath: Life Debt)
  270. Triple blaster/Canon (Dark Disciple)
  271. Ubese clan belt-clasp/Canon (Star Wars: The Complete Visual Dictionary, New Edition)
  272. Umbraspider/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  273. Ulban Arms/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  274. Undercity/Canon (The Rebellion Begins)
  275. Unidentified Muun judge/Canon ("Crisis at the Heart")
  276. University of Byblos/Canon (Solo: A Star Wars Story: Tales from Vandor)
  277. Urtah/Canon (Helmet Collection 11)
  278. Verpine headband/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  279. VES-700 Pulse Rifle/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  280. Vibroknuckler/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  281. Vibro-machete/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  282. Vibrorapier/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  283. Vintrium/Canon (The High Republic: Tempest Runner)
  284. Visgura thread/Canon (Helmet Collection 12)
  285. Vrelt/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  286. Wallet/Canon (The Rebellion Begins)
  287. Wind turbine/Canon (Catalyst)
  288. WJ-880 blinding helmet/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  289. Wookiee Chieftain/Canon (Helmet Collection 10)
  290. WW-41 CryoBan grenade/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  291. X-10D droid brain/Canon (Starships and Speeders)
  292. Xana Exotic Arms/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  293. Xerrol Corporation/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)
  294. Z2 stun baton/Canon (Gadgets and Gear)

Type 2: Already-cleared redirects/redlinks[]

  1. Code disk
  2. Droid control computer
  3. Pintle gun
  4. South Range
  5. Seedpod
  6. Fusion welder

Type 3: Redirects that need to be botted - create /Canon[]

  1. Starspeeder
  2. Gun platform

Type 4: Incorrect links, should be at empty/redirect page[]

Type 5: Incorrect links, should be at occupied page[]