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Does anyone here speak Polish? It's come to my attention that there's another off-Wikia Star Wars wiki called Biblioteka Ossus. I'm not sure, but I think some of their articles are translated from ours. They've got over 1000 article already! It'd be nice to co-ordinate with them, just as we're doing with Jedipedia....—Silly Dan (talk) 14:46, 23 September 2006 (UTC)

Biblioteka Ossus indeed is trying to be a Polish Wookieepedia. However after some discussion on w:c:pl.starwars they are not going to move into Wikia and there's a conflict beetwen Ossus and Empirepedia. I've get a random article [1] and it's looks like translated directly from Raana Tey article here. I believe their ambition is to cooperate with Wookieepedia. How else I can help? Szoferka 18:15, 24 September 2006 (UTC)
I had forgotten there was a Polish Wookieepedia on Wikia. Oops. I suppose things will stay as they are for now: though ideally, the Polish-speaking Star Wars fans would (a) merge the two projects, and (b) acknowledge us when their articles are translations of ours (I can't tell if they have such a note, but I hope they do.) —Silly Dan (talk) 20:04, 24 September 2006 (UTC)
I don't think they can merge. Articles on Ossus are unsourced, but they have there a detailed pages about copyrights and violations. I believe you can just go there and ask about tagging translations. If they translated so many pages, they are able to speak English. :) Szoferka 22:16, 24 September 2006 (UTC)
They have odd policy about rights... moust of articles on Ossus are from here, here and wookieepedia. All of they work is copy-paste and translate, without link on article page to source (however there are links to polish wikipedia original articles on discussion page in several articles). Also I've mention in few words with friend of Ossus about possible union of Empirepedia (official polish Wookiee) and Ossus - all I've get was that there is no chance of merging it with equal rights, cause they are bigger, with support and some staff like that. I think that they don't want any merge (or that they think that it would be best to force us to write on Ossus), but I would like to add that there were not any official talk about merging both encyclopedias, but if there would be I would want to start it here, on Wookieepedia Senate Hall, cause Empirepedia is a part of Wookieepedia and it is part of it's community. SkywalkerPL 08:11, 25 September 2006 (UTC) Empirepedia sysop
Let's clarify a few things...
  • Biblioteka Ossus (the Ossus Library) is a joint project of the biggest Polish Star Wars web portals. This explains why a number of articles comes from their own "encyclopedias" - pooling these resources was a part of the "founding agreement". A number of authors (myself including) were also an avid contributors to various other wikis - eg. a number Star Wars articles on Polish Wikipedia is written completely by me, myself and I.
  • Core policy on Ossus is citing the sources - which can be seen on most pages. If the text is imported from somewhere (usually from Polish Wikipedia), there is a special template on the discussion page, giving clear information on the source, along with a link to the list of authors of the article. (of course, any person who placed an article on Wikipedia or any other page, can place the same one on Ossus without using this template - copyrights are her, after all). There are some exceptons to this rule, of course - as there are on every wiki that anyone can edit, originating from this very policy.
  • Regarding the page Szoferka pointed to as lifted from Wookiee, I read the mentioned text on Ossus and there is indeed a slight resemblance to the one on Wikia - but it's definitely not a translation. Even the chronological structure of the text is different. The picture may be the same, which might have led to the mistake. However, if you indeed find something that is a and uncredited translation, just drop an info to one of the Ossus members and it will be tagged appropriately. However, a basic policy of Ossuss is to cross-check all the articles with licensed sources and avoid straight translations.
  • There are few persons who created an atmosphere of conflict between Empire... and Ossus: one user is consistently commenting on Empire... about the low quality of its content as compared to Ossus', while Ossus had been a target of a massive vandal attack including replacing a number of graphics with xxx-content ones and adding them to random articles.
  • I'm sorry to say it, but User:SkywalkerPL's text: All of they work is copy-paste and translate, without link on article page to source is either a blatant lie coming from his POV as an admin of the Empirepedia, or an error originating in his lack of familiarity with Ossus (I'd rather hope it's the second case). This is simply not true.
NLoriel 10:42, 25 September 2006 (UTC)
Mayby that's right that it's not true about copy-pase but it's just impression from viewnig several articles on Ossus - and moust of them were copys from one of sources I've written about. It's similar to that what Silly Dan get from viewing it. And personally I think that givink links hidden on discussion page isn't polite. Also mayby Szoferka give wrong example but there are many articles with same (or very similar) content and plain as in Wookieepedia without proper links. Example: Ygziir, Bruck Chun, Ossus (shortcut of oryginal), Jobal Thule Naberrie (found in less than 2 minutes by random page). Also there is no connection between vandal attack on ossus and talk on Empirepedia. That confilct was stave off quite long time ago. And Empirepedia suffered several attack where somebody always give links to ossus and texts like "Witamy Empirepedii marnej kopii Wookieepedi i Biblioteki Ossus" - "Welcome on Empirepedia, miserable copy of Wookieepedia and Ossus Library", so don't accuse us for attacks of yours encyclopedia, with we are not related anyway. <Also: yes, I'm not familiar with Ossus, sorry about that but I have no will of getting that knowledge without any good reason> SkywalkerPL 11:14, 25 September 2006 (UTC)
You might want to read the articles you're referring to before deciding whether they are translations or not. In the cases you mentioned, the only thing Ossus and Wookiee articles have in common is information - which obviously cannot and shouldn't be changed as it comes from licensed sources. Poles can read, too, as you probably know :) And for instance, in the article on Bruck Chun on Ossus, there is some information that is absent from Wookiee. So, maybe it was the other way round, maybe Wookieepedia contains a translation of Polish article? ;) This is getting ridiculous. NLoriel 12:14, 25 September 2006 (UTC)
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