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November 25, 2019SH:Video games in Wookieepedia tabsTOM-E Macaron.ii
November 25, 2019SH:Explanations for Template UsageXd1358
November 23, 2019SH:13,000,000,000 BBY pageXd1358
November 10, 2019SH:Fandom offer for free copy of LEGO Star Wars: The Force AwakensXd1358
October 29, 2019SH:The Old Republic: DatesXd1358
October 29, 2019SH:The Old Republic: Outlander story and affiliationsXd1358
October 21, 2019SH:Extend the Spoiler policyXd1358
October 10, 2019SH:having trouble editing Canon "Ebon hawk" after the author confirmed it is a reference to KOTOR.Xd1358
October 9, 2019SH:Article "With You Among the Stars" incorrectly named "Wish You Among the Stars"Xd1358
October 3, 2019SH:On adding info from Myths and Fables and The Legends of Luke SkywalkerXd1358
August 26, 2019SH:Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir applies to Legends tooXd1358
August 21, 2019SH:BackgroundXd1358
August 15, 2019SH:Emojis in tweetsXd1358
August 13, 2019SH:Bit of an issueXd1358
July 11, 2019SH:B1s in Dark DiscipleXd1358
July 1, 2019SH:Noncanon templateEcksBot
June 20, 2019SH:Eras-mobile bugEcksBot
June 19, 2019SH:Age of Rebellion Trade PaperbacksEcksBot
June 17, 2019SH:Databank sourcing questionEcksBot
June 2, 2019SH:CleanupEcksBot
May 26, 2019SH:FANDOM User RightsEcksBot
May 16, 2019SH:Iequote templateEcksBot
May 15, 2019SH:EditingEcksBot
May 3, 2019SH:Species-based Soldier Types in CanonEcksBot
April 10, 2019SH:SWTOR recent content datesEcksBot
April 7, 2019SH:A New Star Wars Fanon Wiki?EcksBot
April 6, 2019SH:WookieeProject: ResistanceEcksBot
March 29, 2019SH:no external linksEcksBot
March 28, 2019SH:Request for comments: Upload policy revampDarth Culator
March 14, 2019SH:Star Wars The Old Republic: AppearancesEcksBot
March 11, 2019SH:Galaxy's Edge attraction appearancesEcksBot
March 8, 2019SH:Star Wars Kids source?EcksBot
March 3, 2019SH:Category IntersectionEcksBot
February 25, 2019SH:Wiki Motivation SurveyEcksBot
February 22, 2019SH:A very strange confessionEcksBot
February 15, 2019SH:View of Site QuestionEcksBot
February 6, 2019SH:Improvement Drive: Canon planetsEcksBot
January 30, 2019SH:Wikia to FandomEcksBot
January 27, 2019SH:Sources versus external linksEcksBot
January 23, 2019SH:Moon categoriesEcksBot
January 21, 2019SH:Star Wars Resistance Episode 12 BiboEcksBot
January 20, 2019SH:Image confessionDarth Culator
January 17, 2019SH:New CategoryEcksBot
January 10, 2019SH:Immigrated species field in planet infoboxEcksBot
January 8, 2019SH:Page about the Monkey Island franchiseEcksBot
January 6, 2019SH:encyclopedia vs databankEcksBot
January 5, 2019SH:Should Lott Dodd redirect to the Canon version or Legends version of Lott Dod?EcksBot
December 31, 2018SH:Card trader canonEcksBot
December 27, 2018SH:questions about the Knowledge BankEcksBot
December 21, 2018SH:Added refs to my article can I remove the noticeTommy-Macaroni
December 13, 2018SH:SWTOR Jedi Under Siege Canonical StoryEcksBot
December 12, 2018SH:can someone help a user named secretsynth is pestering me on the discussions.EcksBot
December 2, 2018SH:deleted question :-(EcksBot
December 1, 2018SH:How many pages on Wookieepedia?EcksBot
November 30, 2018SH:Grievous' lightsabersEcksBot
November 30, 2018SH:Exact dating for ancient eventsEcksBot
November 26, 2018SH:OOM-series battle droid canonizationEcksBot
November 22, 2018SH:Did You Know templateEcksBot
November 20, 2018SH:Star Wars Resistance episodesEcksBot
November 18, 2018SH:Submit Interview Questions for the Head of ILMEcksBot
November 7, 2018SH:FANDOM moderinizationEcksBot
November 6, 2018SH:Freemakers and canonEcksBot
November 5, 2018SH:How to move pagesEcksBot
November 3, 2018SH:Adding a sub-group field to the Organization preloadEcksBot
October 29, 2018SH:Interview with Timothy ZahnEcksBot
October 22, 2018SH:Our Star Wars StoriesEcksBot
October 21, 2018SH:Battle of Coruscant (Yuuzhan Vong War)Sulfur
October 19, 2018SH:Wookieepedia Named One of the "100 Websites That Shaped the Internet as We Know It"EcksBot
October 16, 2018SH:The New Republic is really no more?EcksBot
October 9, 2018SH:Help Another WikiEcksBot
October 9, 2018SH:The items of the Jedi Meetra Surik Exile namingEcksBot
September 7, 2018SH:European Union LawEcksBot
September 1, 2018SH:New category request: Jedi starfighter classesEcksBot
August 20, 2018SH:Jedipedia's SWTOR File databaseEcksBot
August 15, 2018SH:Upcoming domain changeEcksBot
August 12, 2018SH:Star articleEcksBot
August 12, 2018SH:Star Wars: Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith ArticleEcksBot
August 6, 2018SH:Bug in Quote template on mobileEcksBot
August 5, 2018SH:What links here pageEcksBot
August 3, 2018SH:Rebels Recon ArticleEcksBot
August 1, 2018SH:WookieeProject: BattlefrontEcksBot
July 31, 2018SH:FFG canonicity questionEcksBot
July 30, 2018SH:Timeline of the Clone Wars (Legends)EcksBot
July 14, 2018SH:Revisiting the idea of a LEGO tabEcksBot
July 11, 2018SH:can we add lightsaber color categories?EcksBot
July 5, 2018SH:Discussions Moderators and blocking rightsEcksBot
July 4, 2018SH:Named characters with no storyline role in Galactic BattlegroundsEcksBot
June 30, 2018SH:Using Wookieepedia as a refference in videosEcksBot
June 22, 2018SH:What Links Here in OasisEcksBot
June 11, 2018SH:What is "normal article editing activity"?EcksBot
June 11, 2018SH:SpamEcksBot
June 11, 2018SH:Possible Merge between "Jedi" and "Jedi Order"TOM-E Macaron.ii
June 10, 2018SH:Information coming from a scriptTommy-Macaroni
June 4, 2018SH:Han Solo Improvement DriveTOM-E Macaron.ii
May 27, 2018SH:Fan films included with official merchandise and mediaEcksBot
May 23, 2018SH:Reminder of Movie Spoiler Policy for Solo: A Star Wars StoryEcksBot
May 21, 2018SH:Wikia's killing MonobookEcksBot
May 2, 2018SH:Malevolent pagesEcksBot
April 28, 2018SH:Change to image policy: JPG vs. PNGEcksBot
April 22, 2018SH:Official process for creating a new Canon page and moving the Legends article?EcksBot
April 9, 2018SH:Commanders List in Battles (Canon and Legends)EcksBot
April 6, 2018SH:Dialog bubbles and locationsTOM-E Macaron.ii
April 6, 2018SH:Solo being screened early; spoiler warningEcksBot
April 1, 2018SH:Using The Art of Star Wars: The Clone Wars as a canon sourceEcksBot
April 1, 2018SH:How do you add a userbox to your profile page?EcksBot
March 29, 2018SH:Can you add pictures off the internet to Wookieepedia?EcksBot
March 21, 2018SH:How do you join the InquisitoriusEcksBot
March 17, 2018SH:TLJ dropdownEcksBot
March 4, 2018SH:NOTOC usageEcksBot
February 28, 2018SH:Old archivesEcksBot
February 25, 2018SH:Star Wars Rebels Finale Event and Q&AEcksBot
February 24, 2018SH:Should the Origami Yoda page be deleted?EcksBot
February 21, 2018SH:Star Wars: Force Collection Closing April 23, 2018 -- Data Collectors NeededEcksBot
February 20, 2018SH:Welcome template 2.0EcksBot
February 7, 2018SH:Can't we use Jedibibliothek as a placeholder?EcksBot
February 5, 2018SH:Someone pls move "Kira" to "Qi'Ra"EcksBot
February 2, 2018SH:Non-canon start/end tags for Canon articles?EcksBot
February 1, 2018SH:How do you know if you contributed to the promotion of an article?EcksBot
January 25, 2018SH:Late to the party; Tweets as canon sourcesEcksBot
January 19, 2018SH:Articles for Dictionary-eque pages?EcksBot
January 16, 2018SH:Coverage of non-Star Wars magazinesEcksBot
January 14, 2018SH:LEGO TFA bonus levels canonEcksBot
January 13, 2018SH:Creating your own sandboxEcksBot
January 13, 2018SH:How to take Information from a source.EcksBot
January 12, 2018SH:Behind the Scenes sections of canon versions of articlesEcksBot
January 8, 2018SH:New reference bookEcksBot
January 4, 2018SH:Unnamed or Unidentified Characters or Ships or PlanetsEcksBot
January 1, 2018SH:Discord ProposalEcksBot
December 31, 2017SH:Canon/Legends vs First identified as...EcksBot
December 17, 2017SH:Fixing Categories for Non-canon articlesEcksBot
December 17, 2017SH:Wookieepedia Download (Dump)EcksBot
December 15, 2017SH:typos and verb errors in Ep VII aricleEcksBot
December 14, 2017SH:Wookieepedia spoiler lockdownEcksBot
December 11, 2017SH:Stance on Story Group TweetsTommy-Macaroni
December 8, 2017SH:Freemakers considered LegendsAyrehead02
December 6, 2017SH:Suggestion 2EcksBot
December 6, 2017SH:SuggestionEcksBot
November 30, 2017SH:Updating the page header with The Last Jedi imageEcksBot
November 22, 2017SH:Real world inspirations for the Resistance?EcksBot
October 29, 2017SH:Why are the Umbaran listed as being blue when they are not?EcksBot
October 23, 2017SH:2 questionsEcksBot
October 20, 2017SH:Merging The Rebellion and Alliance to Restore the Republic into one pageTommy-Macaroni
October 18, 2017SH:Changing comic media tablesTOM-E Macaron.ii
October 18, 2017SH:Should the articles on Garris Shrike and Beckett be "linked" like with Battle of Toprawa and Battle of Scarif?EcksBot
October 8, 2017SH:Please help with the renaming of the "Slave lord" page to the "Slavelord" page.DarthRuiz30
September 28, 2017SH:Moving Sith holocaust to Sith GenocideEcksBot
September 16, 2017SH:Wookieepedia Explained video - what would you like to see?EcksBot
September 15, 2017SH:New page problemEcksBot
September 15, 2017SH:Custom Canon Galaxy MapEcksBot
September 14, 2017SH:Eras Lego headingEcksBot
September 13, 2017SH:Separate TCW and Legends?EcksBot
September 5, 2017SH:Description vs. Design in weapons & equipment articlesEcksBot
September 2, 2017SH:Find the ForceEcksBot
September 2, 2017SH:Official ErasEcksBot
July 31, 2017SH:Freemaker episodesTOM-E Macaron.ii
July 31, 2017SH:So what do we do about Star Wars Day at Sea?EcksBot
July 3, 2017SH:Blocked from uploading imagesEcksBot
June 23, 2017SH:Trouble on TibaltEcksBot
June 20, 2017SH:Film Background Character namesEcksBot
June 19, 2017SH:Video Partnership with Star Wars ExplainedTOM-E Macaron.ii
June 16, 2017SH:Fantasy Flight Games templateEcksBot
May 29, 2017SH:Image policyEcksBot
May 28, 2017SH:Revenge of the Ewoks cel model sheetsEcksBot
May 22, 2017SH:Take a look at Wookieepedia's first custom video - the Battle of ScarifEcksBot
May 7, 2017SH:Featured Video Writing - What Are the Whills?EcksBot
May 3, 2017SH:ATTN Monobook Users - Upload an AvatarEcksBot
May 1, 2017SH:Change to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (novel) referenceEcksBot
April 24, 2017SH:Status article nominationsEcksBot
April 19, 2017SH:Star Wars Made Easy title correctionToprawa and Ralltiir
April 13, 2017SH:Canon erasEcksBot
April 11, 2017SH:Military ranks vs positions: how to solve a messEcksBot
April 6, 2017SH:The Death of Eras Icons in the Wikia Skin?EcksBot
March 25, 2017SH:Canon planets in Legends materialEcksBot
March 14, 2017SH:Testing a new page and article headerAJTD6
March 10, 2017SH:Featured video testingAL-BRT
March 9, 2017SH:UnknownsAJTD6
March 5, 2017SH:Watching Star Wars RebelsAJTD6
February 26, 2017SH:Galactic LGBT communityEcksBot
February 24, 2017SH:Droid characters biographiesAJTD6
February 19, 2017SH:Problem with editing a pageEcksBot
February 16, 2017SH:Fandom email newsletter testAJTD6
January 23, 2017SH:LEGO Star Wars promotional videosAJTD6
January 20, 2017SH:Star Wars Rebels episode numberingAJTD6
January 18, 2017SH:Need help updating a pageAJTD6
January 17, 2017SH:Better Discussions integrationAJTD6
January 14, 2017SH:Where does Force Arena fall in the canonAJTD6
January 13, 2017SH:Updating Fate of the Jedi articlesAJTD6
January 11, 2017SH:Logos on imagesAJTD6
January 9, 2017SH:Renaming Lothal rebelsAJTD6
January 9, 2017SH:Eras icon on cut articlesAJTD6
January 4, 2017SH:"Following" a page settingsAJTD6
January 1, 2017SH:Valid sources for upcoming productsAJTD6
January 1, 2017SH:Quotation marks in titlesAJTD6
December 29, 2016SH:User talk pagesAJTD6
December 23, 2016SH:Essential Atlas placements still valid until proven otherwiseAJTD6
December 16, 2016SH:Source for Saw Gererra being based on Che Guevara?AJTD6
December 14, 2016SH:Are LEGO sets considered sources for battle names?AJTD6
December 10, 2016SH:Error The modification you tried to make was aborted by an extension hookAJTD6
December 6, 2016SH:Official site blog article templateAJTD6
November 25, 2016SH:Governor and MoffTommy-Macaroni
November 24, 2016SH:canon vs Legends: links from articles documenting unofficial itemsToprawa and Ralltiir
November 18, 2016SH:Protection status for Mace Windu articleAJTD6
November 12, 2016SH:Star Wars ClueAJTD6
November 7, 2016SH:Phoenix Squadron and Phoenix rebel cellAJTD6
November 7, 2016SH:Problem with Years template.AJTD6
November 5, 2016SH:Dates from the Galactic AtlasTOM-E Macaron.ii
October 30, 2016SH:Adding a new articleAJTD6
October 25, 2016SH:New Files on this Wiki link in the nav barAJTD6
October 24, 2016SH:Can we used the old "Ask the Lucasfilm Jedi Council" feature?AL-BRT
October 22, 2016SH:Voss CoordinatesAJTD6
October 21, 2016SH:Everything we know about The Old Republic era in CanonTOM-E Macaron.ii
October 21, 2016SH:New policies for pronunciations of names and termsAJTD6
October 20, 2016SH:Strategy Guide Name FormatAJTD6
October 18, 2016SH:General Kalani's current statusAJTD6
October 8, 2016SH:Katarn family compound & Katarn estateAJTD6
October 2, 2016SH:Need access to The Emperor's Pawns from Star Wars Gamer 5AJTD6
September 26, 2016SH:Pipelinking possessivesAJTD6
September 25, 2016SH:FFG TFA Game Status and Galactic AtlasAJTD6
September 25, 2016SH:Policy on Discussing IdeologiesAJTD6
September 23, 2016SH:Star War: Uprising shutting downAJTD6
September 21, 2016SH:Merge Imperial Interdictor with Immobilizer 418AJTD6
September 18, 2016SH:Separate LEGO tab for LEGO storylinesAJTD6
September 10, 2016SH:Merge Star Wars (book-and-record) and Stjernekrigen audio tapeAJTD6
August 28, 2016SH:compare & contrast Legends & Canon articlesAJTD6
August 27, 2016SH:Prices for publicationsAJTD6
August 26, 2016SH:What's with the "Nice work!" option in article history?AJTD6
August 24, 2016SH:Using images in canon articlesAJTD6
August 23, 2016SH:Using Official Pix images in canon articlesAJTD6
August 18, 2016SH:Species, planet, and ship names oh my!EcksBot
August 18, 2016SH:Scum and Villainy CatinaEcksBot
August 16, 2016SH:The modification you tried to make was aborted by an extension hookAJTD6
August 14, 2016SH:Vandalism on Escape from JakkuAJTD6
August 13, 2016SH:Using the Monobook skin without creating an accountAJTD6
August 13, 2016SH:How to switch between canon/legends on the mobile site and Android app?AJTD6
August 11, 2016SH:Changes I Made Didn't WorkAJTD6
August 8, 2016SH:Pablo Hidalgo on the canonicity of episode guidesAJTD6
August 8, 2016SH:Time to Retire Wookieenews?AJTD6
August 7, 2016SH:Sideshow imagesAJTD6
August 2, 2016SH:The Complete Del Rey Books TimelineAJTD6
August 2, 2016SH:Obi-wan and AnakinAJTD6
July 28, 2016SH:Turn Your Favorite Character Into a Cyborg in the Deus Ex "Aug Pride" EventAJTD6
July 28, 2016SH:Film characters and adaptationsAJTD6
July 27, 2016SH:Star Wars: Card Trader canonicityAJTD6
July 20, 2016SH:Main pageAJTD6
July 18, 2016SH:Unconfirmed Canonicity templateAJTD6
July 18, 2016SH:Canon/Legends tagsAJTD6
July 18, 2016SH:Xizor and Guri? Intimate?AJTD6
July 13, 2016SH:New comics formatsAJTD6
July 5, 2016SH:Yet another ABY/BBY threadAJTD6
June 24, 2016SH:Rogue One Spoiler Template, Take 2AJTD6
June 16, 2016SH:Question about non-canon appearancesAJTD6
June 13, 2016SH:Email conversationAJTD6
May 23, 2016SH:Proposed change to Noncanon templateAJTD6
May 16, 2016SH:Creating TV citation templates for LEGO Star Wars episodesAJTD6
May 14, 2016SH:How to get icons in the top right?AJTD6
May 14, 2016SH:What would we do if they canonize the calendar?AJTD6
May 10, 2016SH:Wookieepedia at Celebration LondonAJTD6
May 6, 2016SH:Pre-2014 images from starwars.comAJTD6
May 5, 2016SH:Where to put info about "Jabba Flow"AJTD6
May 3, 2016SH:French Interwiki LinksAJTD6
May 3, 2016SH:Stub templatesAJTD6
April 30, 2016SH:PanoramasJkirk8907
April 30, 2016SH:Clone Wars - Volume One/Two (movie template)Toprawa and Ralltiir
April 25, 2016SH:A question on specifics for a vehicle before nominationAJTD6
April 25, 2016SH:How things work now with the new trilogyAJTD6
April 23, 2016SH:Opinion on reference books as The Art of The Clone WarsAJTD6
April 15, 2016SH:Bounty HuntAJTD6
April 13, 2016SH:Fleet classes and namesAJTD6
April 9, 2016SH:Extension hookAJTD6
April 6, 2016SH:scope of OtherusesAJTD6
April 2, 2016SH:The Force Awakens: The Official Visual Story GuideAJTD6
March 31, 2016SH:Created a Rogue One spoiler templateMaster Jonathan
March 30, 2016SH:Top LinksAJTD6
March 28, 2016SH:Encyclopedia canon?AJTD6
March 24, 2016SH:Won't do it...but are we allowed to upload images of the HD leak?AJTD6
March 24, 2016SH:Merging "Knobby White Spider" with GnarltreeAJTD6
March 18, 2016SH:Editing the Ezra Bridger pageAJTD6
March 13, 2016SH:Niobi and Sly Moore, Triclops and TrioculusAJTD6
March 11, 2016SH:Custom signatures between sitesAJTD6
March 10, 2016SH:Clone SCUBA trooperAJTD6
March 9, 2016SH:Uploading IssuesAJTD6
March 6, 2016SH:Eras in infoboxesEcksBot
March 3, 2016SH:Galactic Defense retiringImperators II
March 2, 2016SH:Unable to uploadAJTD6
February 26, 2016SH:Canonicity of Imagining and TFA Galaxy Blog PostsAJTD6
February 20, 2016SH:Invitation to Collaborate on Spaceships WikiaAJTD6
February 19, 2016SH:Strange glitchesAJTD6
February 17, 2016SH:When to add infoboxesAJTD6
February 16, 2016SH:Stub definition + 1st mention vs. FlashbackAJTD6
February 15, 2016SH:Copying material from Legends articlesAJTD6
February 12, 2016SH:Rebels Recon videosAJTD6
February 3, 2016SH:We need a "Star Wars: Uprising" Project... Is anyone interested or willing to help?AJTD6
February 2, 2016SH:New Canon page creation processEcksBot
January 30, 2016SH:The Clone Wars linksAJTD6
January 30, 2016SH:New blog post on Starwars.comAJTD6
January 28, 2016SH:Canon Mandalorian articleAJTD6
January 23, 2016SH:Can be used as a legens source for pictures of space shipsAJTD6
January 20, 2016SH:Contradictory terms for clone blaster modelsAJTD6
January 18, 2016SH:Star Wars Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base - SNLAJTD6
January 17, 2016SH:Episode VII Spoiler TemplateAJTD6
January 16, 2016SH:Episode Guides and LegendsAJTD6
January 16, 2016SH:First Appearance NotationAJTD6
January 13, 2016SH:Pages for KotFE and Rebels season 2 conflictsAL-BRT
January 13, 2016SH:Letter redirectsEcksBot
January 13, 2016SH:OOU books on Star WarsAJTD6
January 12, 2016SH:Regarding the "Jedi Master Magazine"...AL-BRT
January 12, 2016SH:Timeline of Star Wars Rebels EventsLewisr
January 11, 2016SH:Links to canon articles on the main pageAJTD6
January 11, 2016SH:Duplicate Canon and Legends articlesExiledjedi
January 9, 2016SH:Talk Page ArchivesAJTD6
January 8, 2016SH:Completely different characters in Canon & Legends, same name?AJTD6
January 7, 2016SH:Highlighting community discussionsAJTD6
January 7, 2016SH:Suggestion: Adding a force-sensitive tag to the character templateAJTD6
January 6, 2016SH:Is "Decoded" canon?AJTD6
January 4, 2016SH:In light of the canon switchover, could some templates be updated/renamed?AJTD6
December 31, 2015SH:Need move privileges to create Canon versions of Legends topics now?AJTD6
December 30, 2015SH:Fan ArtExiledjedi
December 28, 2015SH:Spelling ErrorsAJTD6
December 27, 2015SH:Star articlesAJTD6
December 21, 2015SH:Idea: "Film Only" Wookieepedia ForkEcksBot
December 20, 2015SH:Differences between the Canon and the LegendsAJTD6
December 19, 2015SH:Links in canon articlesAJTD6
December 19, 2015SH:top-level policies pageAJTD6
December 19, 2015SH:TFA TimelineAJTD6
December 18, 2015SH:Category Structure InquiryAJTD6
December 16, 2015SH:Redlinks on Canon pagesAJTD6
December 14, 2015SH:Problem with "First Identified" (Legends)AJTD6
December 14, 2015SH:Concerning RedirectsAL-BRT
December 14, 2015SH:Indirect Canon/Legends equivalentsAL-BRT
December 14, 2015SH:How are first appearances going to be handled the day TFA comes out?AJTD6
December 6, 2015SH:A minor source requestAL-BRT
December 4, 2015SH:Full stops in the captios.AJTD6
December 3, 2015SH:Discussions - A New Star Wars Forum ExperienceExiledjedi
December 3, 2015SH:Why Can't We Have Galleries?AJTD6
December 3, 2015SH:Card Trader Canonicity Round TwoAJTD6
December 1, 2015SH:Talk Page and Edit ButtonsAJTD6
November 28, 2015SH:Wookiee's friendsAL-BRT
November 28, 2015SH:Wave VIII timeline status problems, part 2AJTD6
November 27, 2015SH:Map of the galaxy in the latest ''Empire'' issueAJTD6
November 25, 2015SH:Character model sheets for "Ewoks"AJTD6
November 18, 2015SH:First canon use of the BBY/ABY systemExiledjedi
November 17, 2015SH:Luke Skywalker (Legend) - Needs updatingAJTD6
November 17, 2015SH:Creating a Film Template for Appearance SectionsTOM-E Macaron.ii
November 5, 2015SH:Star Wars 2015 Holiday Gift GuideAJTD6
October 25, 2015SH:Canonicity of the 2014-2015 fact file runAJTD6
October 14, 2015SH:Uprising Super WalkthroughAJTD6
October 10, 2015SH:New Republic: Bloodline help with page on new Del Rey novelAJTD6
October 5, 2015SH:Battlefront: Twilight Company is set in 3 ABY, not 18 months after the Battle of YavinAJTD6
September 27, 2015SH:Proposal to change novelizations from Legends back to Canon.AJTD6
September 26, 2015SH:Nestlé animated videosAJTD6
September 23, 2015SH:Canonicity of new children adaptations of the Original TrilogyBrandon Rhea
September 17, 2015SH:Where's the LEGO Magazine comics?AJTD6
September 13, 2015SH:Some pages appearing blankAJTD6
September 11, 2015SH:Shistavanen Need a Canon SectionAJTD6
September 5, 2015SH:Is Fantasy Flight Games material considered canon?AJTD6
August 31, 2015SH:Canon or LegendsKillerRoboLeia3000
August 29, 2015SH:Not including "Star Wars" in novel titles?AJTD6
August 26, 2015SH:Force Friday & WookieepediaAJTD6
August 21, 2015SH:Should the upcoming Star Wars themed Disney areas get a page?AJTD6
August 20, 2015SH:Do different versions of a video game need separate articles?AJTD6
August 18, 2015SH:Official Tumblr citation templateAJTD6
August 14, 2015SH:Game tags for ''Star Wars: Commander''Toqgers
August 10, 2015SH:Anyone playing Star Wars: Uprising?AJTD6
August 2, 2015SH:A category page for Pre-Republic governmentsAJTD6
July 31, 2015SH:So how do we handle the eighth wave of X-Wing Miniatures?AJTD6
July 30, 2015SH:Star WarsAJTD6
July 30, 2015SH:System names from Essential AtlasKillerRoboLeia3000
July 29, 2015SH:Portable InfoboxesKillerRoboLeia3000
July 27, 2015SH:What precedent was set by this TC outcome?AJTD6
July 27, 2015SH:Expired social media citationsAJTD6
July 22, 2015SH:Strange changesAJTD6
July 22, 2015SH:KOTOR2 2015 update, Legends canon?AJTD6
July 10, 2015SH:Card game citations, second attempt before sending to CTRoboCade
July 9, 2015SH:Story Before The Force Awakens - CanonicityToqgers
July 7, 2015SH:Should The Old Republic be considered canon on this wiki?Technobliterator
July 6, 2015SH:"Behind the scenes" and the Legends/Canon articlesDarthRuiz30
July 3, 2015SH:Conjecture / Non-CanonAJTD6
July 1, 2015SH:Image upload formAJTD6
June 30, 2015SH:WookieeProject MedicalAJTD6
June 27, 2015SH:Usage of type=Rebel in character infoboxesToqgers
June 25, 2015SH:trash compactor automationAJTD6
June 23, 2015SH:Amazon preview for the reference book "Absolutely Everything You Need to Know" is up.AJTD6
June 22, 2015SH:Flags - a new way to maintain article notice boxesAJTD6
June 22, 2015SH:Canon pages suggestion: include true first appearance (even if it's Legends)AJTD6
June 21, 2015SH:Another inclusion debate: Rebels content in the revamped Official Fact FilesAJTD6
June 17, 2015SH:Wikia is looking for fans at SDCCAJTD6
June 15, 2015SH:Force Friday pageAJTD6
June 6, 2015SH:AMA with Roger ChristianAJTD6
June 4, 2015SH:Article pages for SWtOR.comAJTD6
June 1, 2015SH:"Legends" material in "Canon" mediaAJTD6
May 23, 2015SH:Pages for Lothal Years?AJTD6
May 22, 2015SH:Jedi Outcast Official Guide huntExiledjedi
May 21, 2015SH:Which is the real "Trade Federation Battleship"?KillerRoboLeia3000
May 14, 2015SH:Dannl FaytonniAJTD6
May 14, 2015SH:All years are incorrectly based on TPM on "Timeline of Canon..." pagesAJTD6
May 11, 2015SH:Disney InfinityToprawa and Ralltiir
May 9, 2015SH:Star Wars in 100 Scenes (Legends)AJTD6
May 8, 2015SH:Card game citation, pre-CT discussionRoboCade
May 2, 2015SH:Italian mapAJTD6
April 21, 2015SH:The Force Awakens SpoilersAJTD6
April 14, 2015SH:A name and a few seconds = notable canon?AJTD6
April 11, 2015SH:Galladinium's Fantastic TechnologyAJTD6
April 11, 2015SH:A new Canon webtoon?AJTD6
April 7, 2015SH:Are the Deleted Scenes still considered canon?AJTD6
April 4, 2015SH:Comic cover's canonicityAJTD6
April 4, 2015SH:Potential discrepancy with the Jango and Boba canon articlesAJTD6
April 2, 2015SH:April Fool's 2015?AJTD6
April 1, 2015SH:Canon ErasAJTD6
March 30, 2015SH:Topps trading cards canonicity?AJTD6
March 29, 2015SH:Using the Databank instead of the Encyclopedia when referencing Canon articlesAJTD6
March 29, 2015SH:Steam group?AJTD6
March 25, 2015SH:Star Wars Qwizards - Looking for QuestionsAJTD6
March 23, 2015SH:Interview with Dave Wolverton (Courtship of Princess Leia)AJTD6
March 19, 2015SH:What to Do About Reissued DK Readers?AJTD6
March 13, 2015SH:Star Wars: Card Trader's canonicityAJTD6
March 13, 2015SH:Plot Summaries are to be written in the present tense?AJTD6
March 9, 2015SH:Welcome to Predict the MadnessAJTD6
March 9, 2015SH:Coloring books, origami, arts and crafts, etc.AJTD6
March 3, 2015SH:Canon Eras in articlesAJTD6
March 1, 2015SH:Filling in Missing Canon PagesEcksBot
March 1, 2015SH:Timeline of marvel comicsAJTD6
February 28, 2015SH:I'm working on Korean SW wiki and I have few questionsAJTD6
February 22, 2015SH:"Possible attacks on Sysops"AJTD6
February 22, 2015SH:Jedi Archives wikiCade Calrayn
February 21, 2015SH:Infobox for documentaries and featurettesToprawa and Ralltiir
February 20, 2015SH:Request to fix Arles Demophon pageAJTD6
February 18, 2015SH:Canon issues from Fantasy FlightKillerRoboLeia3000
February 14, 2015SH:Monobook Default Skin ONLY on WookieepediaAJTD6
February 14, 2015SH:The Big Tab Switch, Take 2 (Canon and Legends Pages)KillerRoboLeia3000
February 8, 2015SH:Videos?AJTD6
February 6, 2015SH:Illustrated NovelsAJTD6
February 6, 2015SH:Star Wars blog post namesAJTD6
February 2, 2015SH:Template:TCG changesAJTD6
February 2, 2015SH:The Return of WookieeCastAJTD6
February 1, 2015SH:The Canonicity of Clone CardsAJTD6
January 27, 2015SH:Merging the spin-off articlesCade Calrayn
January 25, 2015SH:LelalMekha's retirementAJTD6
January 25, 2015SH:How has Wookieepedia not exploded yet?KillerRoboLeia3000
January 24, 2015SH:Tweets, Chris Avellone, and Darth TrayaAJTD6
January 15, 2015SH:What is the difference between more-sources and Incomplete list?AJTD6
January 13, 2015SH:Where should Crosscurrent and similar books be placed in Appearances section?AL-BRT
January 12, 2015SH:Canon Article Improvement - Round 1Toqgers
January 11, 2015SH:Reverting a page moveAJTD6
January 10, 2015SH:Are Blog Post Canon?AJTD6
January 7, 2015SH:Interlang not displayingEcksBot
January 6, 2015SH:Good articles with redlinksEcksBot
January 6, 2015SH:Canon article improvementImperators II
January 6, 2015SH:Canon mobile gamesAJTD6
January 4, 2015SH:How do I make a workbench?AJTD6
December 30, 2014SH:Clone CardsAJTD6
December 28, 2014SH:Asajj Ventress's fate; Dave Filoni drawingsAJTD6
December 28, 2014SH:Visual EditorAJTD6
December 24, 2014SH:TCW chronologyAJTD6
December 23, 2014SH:Legends imagesAJTD6
December 19, 2014SH:The Clone Wars featuretesAJTD6
December 19, 2014SH:The next barn burnerAJTD6
December 18, 2014SH:Need Editors and (or) Admins for a Skype InterviewAJTD6
December 16, 2014SH:The future of Canon and Legends subpagesExiledjedi
December 16, 2014SH:Suggestion: Return of the listsKillerRoboLeia3000
December 13, 2014SH:Suggestion/Request: Category ExhibitionAJTD6
December 13, 2014SH:The Mandalorian Wars and the Mandalorian Civil War in Canon.AJTD6
December 9, 2014SH:deleting photos?AJTD6
December 9, 2014SH:The Future of Non-canon on WookieepediaEcksBot
December 7, 2014SH:Page sizeAL-BRT
December 5, 2014SH:Giant infoboxesAJTD6
December 3, 2014SH:LEGO Star Wars CanonicityExiledjedi
December 3, 2014SH:Canon/Legacy Help Page?AJTD6
December 2, 2014SH:A quick PSAAJTD6
December 1, 2014SH:HyperSpace Material (Podracing)KillerRoboLeia3000
November 29, 2014SH:Please add Japanese Wookieepedia portal to the list of non-English pages:メインページAJTD6
November 29, 2014SH:Template edit requestAJTD6
November 27, 2014SH:Jason Fry needs our helpEcksBot
November 27, 2014SH:Books - to be included or not to be included?AJTD6
November 22, 2014SH:What clothing/droid parts should have articles in SW:TORAJTD6
November 19, 2014SH:Please separate the Z-95/Canon pageAJTD6
November 19, 2014SH:When do we use "indirect mention only"?AJTD6
November 14, 2014SH:Database dumps not workingAJTD6
November 11, 2014SH:Policy for references to Legends content?KillerRoboLeia3000
November 9, 2014SH:What is Infinities?AJTD6
November 8, 2014SH:Star Wars Rebels EpisodesExiledjedi
November 8, 2014SH:Dual infobox imagesKillerRoboLeia3000
November 8, 2014SH:TCW Episode guides Canon?AJTD6
November 6, 2014SH:Reissued DK ReadersAJTD6
November 6, 2014SH:Star Wars: EpisodeAL-BRT
October 31, 2014SH:Volunteers for John Jackson Miller interviewAJTD6
October 30, 2014SH:A Page That Needs A FixAJTD6
October 29, 2014SH:First canon appearanceKillerRoboLeia3000
October 29, 2014SH:Empire/Rebellion advisory templates for "Star Wars: Commander"AJTD6
October 28, 2014SH:Undelete requestAJTD6
October 23, 2014SH:Rebels stories that do not conflict with Legends continuityKillerRoboLeia3000
October 22, 2014SH:converting legends articles into canon onesKillerRoboLeia3000
October 21, 2014SH:Interviews?AJTD6
October 20, 2014SH:What's the difference between "Cost" and "Value"?AJTD6
October 16, 2014SH:Star Wars ethnobotany - plants and sentient species usesAJTD6
October 14, 2014SH:Articles on fan topicsKillerRoboLeia3000
October 12, 2014SH:The Dark Forces mission namesAJTD6
October 10, 2014SH:The Clone Wars and the new CanonAL-BRT
October 9, 2014SH:To those using Template:LAJTD6
October 8, 2014SH:Timeline in AppearancesGreen tentacle
October 8, 2014SH:Hi, there need to be more info, when it comes to the military topics, please readAJTD6
October 7, 2014SH:Sources for Nom AnorToprawa and Ralltiir
October 7, 2014SH:Taking screenshots of Knights of the Old RepublicAJTD6
October 5, 2014SH:Should "Legends" get it's own Wiki?AJTD6
October 3, 2014SH:How come we can't resize infobox images anymore?AJTD6
October 3, 2014SH:Multiple issues templateKillerRoboLeia3000
October 3, 2014SH:Wall Street Journal articlesAJTD6
October 2, 2014SH:Can someone fix this template?AJTD6
September 30, 2014SH:How do we treat character involvement in "Star Wars Commander?"AJTD6
September 28, 2014SH:I need a HQ pic of Ahsoka, Link in ThreadAJTD6
September 27, 2014SH:New Star Wars eBooks?AJTD6
September 26, 2014SH:Wookieepedia admins visiting Wikia HQAJTD6
September 23, 2014SH:portuguese translationAJTD6
September 22, 2014SH:how do i "list" userboxes vertically?AJTD6
September 19, 2014SH:Wookieepedia questionAJTD6
September 17, 2014SH:Improving every Canon article while its still manageableAJTD6
September 16, 2014SH:Weapon namesEcksBot
September 12, 2014SH:Planet TemplateAL-BRT
September 11, 2014SH:Query about Star Wars: The Clone Wars Comic UK 6.27AJTD6
September 4, 2014SH:When should quotation marks be used in Sources and Appearances?AL-BRT
September 3, 2014SH:Star Wars Comic UK: we need to know the statusKillerRoboLeia3000
September 1, 2014SH:Template:WEGSWRPG neededAJTD6
August 27, 2014SH:Out-of-universe Layout Guide needs an updateAJTD6
August 25, 2014SH:"Major spoilers" and the Majorspoiler templateToqgers
August 23, 2014SH:Hasbro canonocityAJTD6
August 22, 2014SH:Canon Articles at RedirectsAJTD6
August 16, 2014SH:BBY/ABY CalendarAJTD6
August 11, 2014SH:What are appropriate references for a Reception section?AJTD6
August 10, 2014SH:HoloNet News (Tumblr) Citation TagAJTD6
August 7, 2014SH:Star articles Canon or Legends?AJTD6
August 4, 2014SH:Are Some Would-Be Canon Articles Mislabeled as Legends?Exiledjedi
July 31, 2014SH:New template for lost Hyperspace articlesAL-BRT
July 29, 2014SH:When is it ok to add content from "A New Dawn"?AJTD6
July 26, 2014SH:How do you add the whole Canon/Legends and War templates?AJTD6
July 26, 2014SH:Should we add a Ship page?AL-BRT
July 23, 2014SH:Should Droid models be listed on Minor Droid class articles?AJTD6
July 21, 2014SH:Star Wars Rebels cast interviewsKillerRoboLeia3000
July 19, 2014SH:File Upload screenAJTD6
July 17, 2014SH:Imperial Star destroyerAJTD6
July 15, 2014SH:Canon "Lothal Year" calendar in "Star Wars Rebels: The Visual Guide"AJTD6
July 15, 2014SH:Rebels Visual Guide (how do I do this?)AJTD6
July 12, 2014SH:Canon Linking TemplateToqgers
July 11, 2014SH:Image spacing issuesAJTD6
July 9, 2014SH:Canon/Legends linking issuesKillerRoboLeia3000
July 8, 2014SH:New template: Wizards of the Coast Roleplaying GamesAJTD6
July 5, 2014SH:What Canon content is NOT allowed in Legends articles?AL-BRT
July 3, 2014SH:A "deduced date" template for the new canon articles?Cade Calrayn
July 1, 2014SH:Another redesignAL-BRT
July 1, 2014SH:Official website redesign: all our links to Encyclopedia possibly wrongAJTD6
June 28, 2014SH:Can we add "Military" to the Government Infobox template?EcksBot
June 27, 2014SH:Update look for the wikAJTD6
June 26, 2014SH:Lego tabAJTD6
June 21, 2014SH:Canon Mandalorian pageAJTD6
June 19, 2014SH:Concerning "Events" untouched or barely touched by "Legends".KillerRoboLeia3000
June 19, 2014SH:Unidentified ships/transports/walkers/etcEcksBot
June 19, 2014SH:Shouldnt Canon Come First?AJTD6
June 15, 2014SH:How to reconcile conflicting weapon ranges?KillerRoboLeia3000
June 9, 2014SH:Jedi vs Sith in-universe book in Sources?AJTD6
June 6, 2014SH:Time for Barn-Burner 8?AJTD6
June 6, 2014SH:Gathering "Canon" articles.AJTD6
June 5, 2014SH:What is original research?EcksBot
June 4, 2014SH:How do I split an article if a character is both in canon and legends?AJTD6
June 2, 2014SH:NicknamesAJTD6
June 1, 2014SH:Canon redlinksAJTD6
May 29, 2014SH:The Term "Recanonization" is usuable?AJTD6
May 28, 2014SH:category intersectionAJTD6
May 24, 2014SH:Totally unidentified but canon articles?AJTD6
May 21, 2014SH:Reverting Stark Hyperspace War datesEcksBot
May 18, 2014SH:NovelizationsAJTD6
May 18, 2014SH:Strategy guides as canon?AJTD6
May 17, 2014SH:Appearance of the new tabsAJTD6
May 13, 2014SH:How do Updating Images work?AJTD6
May 12, 2014SH:Archiving online (re)sourcesAJTD6
May 10, 2014SH:We need a “Legends” article now!AJTD6
May 9, 2014SH:Conflicting policiesAL-BRT
May 7, 2014SH:Product Line Vs. ModelAJTD6
April 28, 2014SH:Policy template updateSupreme Emperor
April 26, 2014SH:The Great EU Purge (New Canon;Legends discussion)TOM-E Macaron.ii
April 25, 2014SH:Modernizing the Wookify guidelineKillerRoboLeia3000
April 24, 2014SH:Skin Change Directions Not Up-to-DateAJTD6
April 23, 2014SH:Bespin Wing GuardsAL-BRT
April 21, 2014SH:Need someone who receives the new Fact File to help maintain WedgeKillerRoboLeia3000
April 20, 2014SH:Happy Easter!AJTD6
April 20, 2014SH:Concerning nicknamed/callsigned squadronsAJTD6
April 18, 2014SH:adding blogsAJTD6
April 17, 2014SH:Coruscant Holo Net in Star Wars Comic UK--individual articles for each issue, but what title?AJTD6
April 15, 2014SH:Source RequestAJTD6
April 15, 2014SH:Assuming Two Horsts?AJTD6
April 13, 2014SH:Duplicate categories?KillerRoboLeia3000
April 13, 2014SH:CzatAJTD6
April 11, 2014SH:Biblioteka OssusAJTD6
April 11, 2014SH:Redirect question/proposalAJTD6
April 9, linking to the WookieepediaAL-BRT
April 9, 2014SH:HyperSpace MaterialKillerRoboLeia3000
April 4, 2014SH:Using Star Tours 2011 reopening materialEcksBot
April 4, 2014SH:Kinect Star Wars Concept Art?KillerRoboLeia3000
March 27, 2014SH:Two source requestsToprawa and Ralltiir
March 24, 2014SH:StatisticsAJTD6
March 22, 2014SH:Question on imagesAJTD6
March 22, 2014SH:Can someone check "Complete Locations"?EcksBot
March 20, 2014SH:Ship listingsAJTD6
March 19, 2014SH:Merging a PageAJTD6
March 18, 2014SH:Years-PRE template redlinksAJTD6
March 15, 2014SH:UNLOCK Boba Fett pageEcksBot
March 12, 2014SH:Hyperspace articlesKillerRoboLeia3000
March 12, 2014SH:Is it Worth Joining Wookieepedia?AJTD6
March 8, 2014SH:Question (Polish)AJTD6
March 5, 2014SH:Asking about blog posts writingAJTD6
March 2, 2014SH:Colors of dread templateAJTD6
February 28, 2014SH:Some interwikis in template "Interlang"...AJTD6
February 25, 2014SH: Question on audio filesAJTD6
February 24, 2014SH:Removing spoiler from Mara Jade's nameAJTD6
February 23, 2014SH:Deprecation of the old IRC cgi gatewayAJTD6
February 21, 2014SH:Script for auto-show?AJTD6
February 21, 2014SH:Image upload bugAJTD6
February 20, 2014SH:Is it possible to create a TL;DR for every section?AJTD6
February 19, 2014SH:Deprecation of EmailUserAJTD6
February 14, 2014SH:Listing Age?AL-BRT
February 13, 2014SH:Edit count: Archived revisionsAJTD6
February 13, 2014SH:The Need To Categorize StubsAJTD6
February 12, 2014SH:The Clone Wars Season Six EpisodesAJTD6
February 11, 2014SH:Another Question about Unidentified SpeciesKillerRoboLeia3000
February 10, 2014SH:.ogg Audio files and bitrate limitAJTD6
February 8, 2014SH:Outdated featuresAJTD6
February 8, 2014SH Archive/Narmlé vs Narmle: On spelling anomalies, or should we follow the Databank when it uses a unique spellingAL-BRT
February 4, 2014SH:Concept Art as Main PictureAL-BRT
January 28, 2014SH Archive/Talk page editintroXd1358
January 28, 2014SH Archive/Multiple image templateCade Calrayn
January 27, 2014SH Archive/Our new species notability policyXd1358
January 27, 2014SH Archive/Official Star Wars Fact File RemakeXd1358
January 27, 2014SH Archive/Loading the Star Wars: The Old Republic article appearance listXd1358
January 27, 2014SH Archive/John Simpkin sourceXd1358
January 26, 2014SH Archive/The future of the Wookieepedia NewsnetXd1358
January 26, 2014SH Archive/Tunisia page error?AL-BRT
January 22, 2014SH Archive/Edit request on YodaKillerRoboLeia3000
January 20, 2014SH Archive/"UNIDENTIFIED"KillerRoboLeia3000
January 19, 2014SH Archive/Appearances SectionAL-BRT
January 18, 2014SH Archive/Imageless plus CategoryXd1358
January 17, 2014SH Archive/Kenobi book. Should it be called Pika Oasis or Dannar's ClaimXd1358
January 14, 2014SH:M-canon (Disney reworking)Master Jonathan
January 9, 2014SH Archive/Question Regarding PhotosXd1358
January 8, 2014SH Archive/Wiki-Mapping?Xd1358
January 7, 2014SH:If Disney would make a really bad Star Wars movie, how would Wookieepedia manage the situation?Master Jonathan
January 5, 2014SH Archive/German interlanguage-links broken!Xd1358
January 4, 2014SH:Essential Guide to Warfare's battles not conjectural?AJTD6
January 3, 2014SH Archive/Images from The Bounty Hunter Code: From the Files of Boba FettXd1358
January 2, 2014SH Archive/Honor and Duty timeframeEcksBot
December 31, 2013SH Archive/Comic imagesDarthRuiz30
December 23, 2013SH Archive/Question about conflicting sourcesAL-BRT
December 22, 2013SH Archive/Proposal to lift the ban on galleries (assuming it hasn't already been lifted)EcksBot
December 22, 2013SH Archive/Proposal for quotesXd1358
December 18, 2013SH:Project Creatures: Wookieepedia's Seventh Barn-Burner!TOM-E Macaron.ii
December 16, 2013SH Archive/App & Pos templateTrip391
December 14, 2013SH Archive/VideosXd1358
December 12, 2013SH Archive/Leektar/KeoulkeechXd1358
December 12, 2013SH Archive/Project CWAXd1358
December 10, 2013SH Archive/Image uploadsXd1358
December 8, 2013SH Archive/bot creationXd1358
December 7, 2013SH Archive/A new Barn Burner?AL-BRT
December 3, 2013SH Archive/Appearances template clarificationXd1358
December 2, 2013SH Archive/Planetary formal names vs local names (yet again)KillerRoboLeia3000
December 2, 2013SH Archive/stewart mckenney?Xd1358
December 1, 2013SH Archive/Is this noteworthy to document?Xd1358
December 1, 2013SH Archive/IG-88 PageXd1358
November 29, 2013SH Archive/Wikia activitiesXd1358
November 27, 2013SH:Jinn Reeso - Canon or No?AJTD6
November 27, 2013SH Archive/Standard summaries (2)AL-BRT
November 26, 2013SH Archive/Despot War start dateXd1358
November 25, 2013SH Archive/Mods for non-Star Wars GamesXd1358
November 24, 2013SH Archive/reopen TCAL-BRT
November 24, 2013SH Archive/Wookieepedia AnthemAL-BRT
November 23, 2013SH Archive/Capitalization of "Podrace" and all permutationsXd1358
November 22, 2013SH Archive/Constant appearancesKillerRoboLeia3000
November 20, 2013SH Archive/Star Wars MerchandisingXd1358
November 18, 2013SH Archive/Live Action ImagesTOM-E Macaron.ii
November 18, 2013SH Archive/Any policy against replying to old messages?AL-BRT
November 17, 2013SH:Essential Atlas Online CompanionAL-BRT
November 16, 2013SH Archive/Re-opening TOR and video game canonEcksBot
November 15, 2013SH Archive/"Turning Point"Xd1358
November 15, 2013SH Archive/Photo permissions?Xd1358
November 15, 2013SH Archive/Trivia gameXd1358
November 15, 2013SH Archive/Help identifying droid modelXd1358
November 13, 2013SH Archive/About the year-comma thingXd1358
November 13, 2013SH Archive/How can I make my own sandbox page?Xd1358
November 10, 2013SH Archive/referencing/sources/appearancesAL-BRT
November 10, 2013SH Archive/multiple category searchXd1358
November 9, 2013SH Archive/Android app?AL-BRT
November 9, 2013SH Archive/Help with FacebookCite?AL-BRT
November 9, 2013SH Archive/Noncanonical Magazine RPG Articles?Xd1358
November 7, 2013SH Archive/Splitting "First pictured"AL-BRT
November 6, 2013SH Archive/Removal of product listings on the company pagesXd1358
November 4, 2013SH Archive/Calculations and real-world estimatesXd1358
October 22, 2013SH Archive/Navigation templatesXd1358
October 20, 2013SH Archive/Template requires fixing - "expandsect"AL-BRT
October 19, 2013SH Archive/Extracting images of weapons from KOTORXd1358
October 18, 2013SH Archive/Bantha Tracks & Homing Beacon citation template neededXd1358
October 18, 2013SH Archive/Greedo/NeeshEcksBot
October 17, 2013SH Archive/Expanded comic book Infobox?Xd1358
October 14, 2013SH Archive/"First mentioned" vs "First appearance"Xd1358
October 14, 2013SH Archive/Contacting Zack GiallongoAL-BRT
October 10, 2013SH Archive/CensorshipAL-BRT
October 9, 2013SH Archive/LEGO Star Wars mini-movies notability?Xd1358
October 6, 2013SH Archive/Need help from someone who is used to creating infoboxes and templatesXd1358
October 4, 2013SH Archive/HoloNet New is down; we'll have to update all linksAL-BRT
September 30, 2013SH Archive/Unidentified Gotal MercenaryAL-BRT
September 30, 2013SH Archive/Wikifiction (new Wikimedia project)Xd1358
September 30, 2013SH Archive/X-Wing Miniatures Mission 6?Xd1358
September 30, 2013SH Archive/Cleaning up sections on the CA pageXd1358
September 29, 2013SH Archive/Lists in articlesEcksBot
September 28, 2013SH Archive/How to I move a page?Xd1358
September 24, 2013SH Archive/Limiting CA nominations: RevisitedKillerRoboLeia3000
September 23, 2013SH Archive/How do you do this?Xd1358
September 22, 2013SH Archive/Is this a noteworthy product?Xd1358
September 22, 2013SH Archive/Revamping WP:IRCXd1358
September 21, 2013SH Archive/Does anyone have proof?Xd1358
September 20, 2013SH Archive/Speculation?AL-BRT
September 19, 2013SH Archive/Ship images in info boxesXd1358
September 17, 2013SH Archive/Guidelines for using scrollboxesXd1358
September 17, 2013SH Archive/Pronunciation guideKillerRoboLeia3000
September 16, 2013SH Archive/Should I make a separate page for the Marks of Contact?RoboCade
September 15, 2013SH Archive/Veracity of Directory File NamesXd1358
September 12, 2013SH Archive/I need the "Are you sure you want to navigate away from this page?" warningXd1358
September 11, 2013SH Archive/Years (Help)Xd1358
September 10, 2013SH:5,002 BBYAJTD6
September 10, 2013SH:Table of Contents requested for Status Articles pagesAJTD6
September 8, 2013SH Archive/What exactly is considered merchandise?Xd1358
September 7, 2013SH Archive/Sentience discussionXd1358
September 6, 2013SH Archive/The Star Wars character articles (second edition)Xd1358
September 6, 2013SH Archive/"Preceded by"/"Followed by" question...Xd1358
September 4, 2013SH Archive/The Pre-Republic Era tag and a new iconKillerRoboLeia3000
September 3, 2013SH Archive/Is this for real?AL-BRT
September 2, 2013SH Archive/Proper formatting for short stories and articlesXd1358
September 2, 2013SH Archive/Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game eraTOM-E Macaron.ii
September 1, 2013SH Archive/Disney TemplateKillerRoboLeia3000
August 29, 2013SH Archive/Insiders 144 infoXd1358
August 26, 2013SH Archive/Wikia vs. MonobookXd1358
August 24, 2013SH Archive/First appearance templatesAL-BRT
August 23, 2013SH:The Star Wars character articlesXd1358
August 23, 2013SH Archive/The Star Wars EmperorXd1358
August 23, 2013SH Archive/Can images be undeleted?Xd1358
August 22, 2013SH Archive/Star Wars: The Clone Wars Comic UK 6.50Xd1358
August 22, 2013SH:Wookieepedia at Celebration Anaheim, April 16–19, 2015AJTD6
August 22, 2013SH Archive/Is this merchandise?Xd1358
August 22, 2013SH Archive/Splitting Rhen Var GCW battle?Xd1358
August 20, 2013SH Archive/Ip addressXd1358
August 19, 2013SH Archive/Instagram maybe?Xd1358
August 19, 2013SH Archive/Should I create this article?Xd1358
August 18, 2013SH Archive/A new project in times of changes: the Wookieepedia scholarship journalAL-BRT
August 16, 2013SH Archive/Maximum amount of articles?Xd1358
August 13, 2013SH Archive/Notability policy draftTOM-E Macaron.ii
August 10, 2013SH Archive/Unsourced info on Kinetite page?Xd1358
August 9, 2013SH Archive/Adding "Material" to armor templateXd1358
August 8, 2013SH Archive/Overhauling articles on essential topicsAL-BRT
August 8, 2013SH Archive/Subpage for the TOR AppearancesAL-BRT
August 6, 2013SH Archive/How do I rename a page?Xd1358
August 3, 2013SH Archive/The Clone Wars UK comicsRoboCade
July 29, 2013SH Archive/Infobox: "Culture" vs. "Affiliation"AL-BRT
July 27, 2013SH Archive/Renaming a categoryXd1358
July 26, 2013SH Archive/Question re: Sourcing info from actorsXd1358
July 25, 2013SH Archive/Redirecting "R2" to "R2-D2"KillerRoboLeia3000
July 23, 2013SH Archive/There are too many Weapon categoriesEcksBot
July 21, 2013SH Archive/Tense for Plot SummariesXd1358
July 18, 2013SH Archive/How do I tag an article that has lots of Sources but not enough "Notes & References"?KillerRoboLeia3000
July 17, 2013SH Archive/broken redirectsCade Calrayn
July 16, 2013SH Archive/Is this noteworthy for an article?Xd1358
July 16, 2013SH Archive/Complement for Mon Calamari ships?KillerRoboLeia3000
July 16, 2013SH Archive/Where's the Layout Guide for equipment, technology, armor, weapons, etc?Xd1358
July 16, 2013SH Archive/Was the Imperial Palace in "Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison"?AL-BRT
July 15, 2013SH Archive/Why does "Heading 6" use microscopic font?RoboCade
July 15, 2013SH Archive/What's the difference between "Sources" and "Notes & References"?RoboCade
July 14, 2013SH Archive/Is it really the Mortis monolith?Xd1358
July 12, 2013SH Archive/Banner/Flag icons next to battle participantsAL-BRT
July 12, 2013SH Archive/Can't figure out what is being disputed on Disputed pagesKillerRoboLeia3000
July 11, 2013SH: pageMaster Jonathan
July 7, 2013SH Archive/Are There Guidelines for Naming Templates?AL-BRT
July 4, 2013SH Archive/Star Wars and Club PenguinXd1358
July 4, 2013SH Archive/Maintenance Template StandardizationKillerRoboLeia3000
July 4, 2013SH Archive/Modernizing previous Tcresult templateXd1358
July 2, 2013SH Archive/Battle of boz pity clean up on aisle dookuXd1358
June 29, 2013SH Archive/Wookiepedia's awesomenessXd1358
June 29, 2013SH Archive/How do I redirect Blade Lock to Locking Activator?Xd1358
June 28, 2013SH Archive/Native flora and faunaXd1358
June 28, 2013SH Archive/Let's figure out a policy on removing talk page messages.AL-BRT
June 27, 2013SH Archive/Listings of StarshipsXd1358
June 26, 2013SH Archive/List of references to Star Wars lists?Xd1358
June 26, 2013SH Archive/The New Jedi Order SourcebookRoboCade
June 25, 2013SH Archive/New design for the French version!Xd1358
June 25, 2013SH Archive/Youtube linking problemsXd1358
June 23, 2013SH Archive/WookieeProject:CollaborationEcksBot
June 19, 2013SH Archive/Im confused about this exporting stuffXd1358
June 19, 2013SH Archive/Helska IVRoboCade
June 18, 2013SH Archive/Broaden the Purpose of Category:Future gamesSupreme Emperor
June 18, 2013SH Archive/Are we drying up on active users?AL-BRT
June 16, 2013SH Archive/Game On! Insider 135Xd1358
June 15, 2013SH Archive/Battle of Boz pity/Obsession issuesXd1358
June 15, 2013SH Archive/Documenting new canon from the official Star Wars blogAL-BRT
June 14, 2013SH Archive/Comic book list in published orderXd1358
June 13, 2013SH Archive/Re-title position of Bureaucrat to Baron Administrator?KillerRoboLeia3000
June 12, 2013SH Archive/Merging "Earth" articlesXd1358
June 11, 2013SH:New GuyMaster Jonathan
June 11, 2013SH Archive/Standardization of the articles on languagesKillerRoboLeia3000
June 9, 2013SH Archive/Notability guidelinesExiledjedi
June 8, 2013SH Archive/"Star Wars Galactic Spy" canonicityRoboCade
June 7, 2013SH Archive/Any indication that these magazines will be discontinued?Xd1358
June 7, 2013SH Archive/Why were the Character Quote Pages Deleted?Xd1358
June 1, 2013SH Archive/Death in the slave pits of LorrdXd1358
May 31, 2013SH Archive/Wookieepedia and Wikia; or "Into the Den of Darkness"AL-BRT
May 30, 2013SH Archive/How can I find out about all upcoming releases?JangFett
May 30, 2013SH Archive/Why are sticker books allowed on this wiki?Exiledjedi
May 29, 2013SH Archive/Lord Zash is not a Darth pls correct thisXd1358
May 29, 2013SH Archive/Tense for OOUJangFett
May 28, 2013SH Archive/How shall we treat characters from "The Star Wars"?KillerRoboLeia3000
May 24, 2013SH:Join the Collaborative Writing Project!AJTD6
May 24, 2013SH Archive/Gallery link policyXd1358
May 20, 2013SH Archive/Getting those big articles to statusTOM-E Macaron.ii
May 9, 2013SH:Residents by city or townKillerRoboLeia3000
May 9, 2013SH Archive/Calling all Euro Wooks!JSarek
May 9, 2013SH:Archiving personal Talk pagesAJTD6
May 6, 2013SH:Can someone please check out my SpamFilter problem!AJTD6
May 2, 2013SH:Lost HopeKillerRoboLeia3000
April 30, 2013SH Archive/Heyo! 13,000,000,000 BBY and the black dwarfEcksBot
April 29, 2013SH:Canonicity of elements from "A Hunter's Fate: Greedo's Tale"AL-BRT
April 29, 2013SH:Will Disney shut down Wookieepedia?AJTD6
April 29, 2013SH:Should Disney...AJTD6
April 28, 2013SH:Splitting Alaris Prime battle articlesRoboCade
April 28, 2013SH:Carnivorous seaweed in The Essential Guide to Planets and MoonsAL-BRT
April 26, 2013SH:Request for the creation of a proper infobox for writing systemsAJTD6
April 25, 2013SH:New rule proposal to admins (assuming it isn't already in place)AJTD6
April 23, 2013SH:Nullada in UAAAJTD6
April 22, 2013SH Archive/Project Hutts: Wookieepedia's Sixth Barn-Burner!Winterz
April 20, 2013SH:Are we friends with Indy?AJTD6
April 20, 2013SH:List of Planets formatAJTD6
April 19, 2013SH:Circumtore, again....AJTD6
April 18, 2013SH:How do you make a talk page archive?AJTD6
April 18, 2013SH Archive/CUSWE's situationJangFett
April 17, 2013SH:New Star Wars Fact FilesKillerRoboLeia3000
April 16, 2013SH:Circumtore in TERCKillerRoboLeia3000
April 16, 2013SH:Linking in Image CaptionsAJTD6
April 16, 2013SH:Some appearances for Ultimate Visual GuideAL-BRT
April 11, 2013SH:Looking for a way to contact Pablo Hidalgo (no Twitter)EcksBot
April 10, 2013SH:Signature policy and .gifAJTD6
April 7, 2013SH:Updating articles for major charactersAJTD6
April 3, 2013SH:Star Wars Episode VII: Star Trek - Please tell me its not true!AJTD6
April 3, 2013SH:Give Star Wars its own Wiki Page!AJTD6
April 1, 2013SH: Memory Aurek?Supreme Emperor
April 1, 2013SH:Conflicting sources regarding Queen Breha: need community adviceToqgers
April 1, 2013SH:Changes to Star Wars Wiki-WookieepediaSupreme Emperor
March 31, 2013SH:Single long user page with no other editsAJTD6
March 31, 2013SH:Semi-protectedCade Calrayn
March 29, 2013SH:M'Kae Galaxies linesAJTD6
March 29, 2013SH:New Analytics Tool: Introducing ParserSpeedKillerRoboLeia3000
March 28, 2013SH:OOU Abbreviation list?AJTD6
March 26, 2013SH:New Spanish Droids and Ewoks comicsAL-BRT
March 24, 2013SH:The Next Barnburner!!AL-BRT
March 23, 2013SH:Determining sentience for speciesKillerRoboLeia3000
March 23, 2013SH Archive/Is there a legit timeline for the Clone Wars episodes?JangFett
March 21, 2013SH:The future of SW Fanpedia, an Official Friend of WookieepediaAJTD6
March 21, 2013SH:What links here orderingAJTD6
March 21, 2013SH:Unable to upload imagesAJTD6
March 20, 2013SH:First CUSWE, next Wookieepedia?AJTD6
March 19, 2013SH:Watchlist problems and auto-followingAJTD6
March 19, 2013SH Archive/1000+ GA listJkirk8907
March 18, 2013SH:Hiding struck objectionsCade Calrayn
March 15, 2013SH:Leia isn't Luke's sister?AJTD6
March 14, 2013SH:Merchandise wikiAJTD6
March 10, 2013SH:WookieeProject Delete WookieeProjectsAJTD6
March 8, 2013SH Archive/Wiki ActivityJangFett
March 6, 2013SH:Favicon change suggestionAJTD6
March 6, 2013SH Archive/Time for a Star Wars: Battlefront 3 page?Xd1358
March 2, 2013SH Archive/Ghost Prison trailerXd1358
February 27, 2013SH:Marvel Star Wars publication datesTOM-E Macaron.ii
February 25, 2013SH Archive/Need some HTML helpAL-BRT
February 21, 2013SH Archive/Updating Star Wars Blog templateXd1358
February 20, 2013SH Archive/Speculation forumAL-BRT
February 20, 2013SH Archive/Disambiguation formattingXd1358
February 19, 2013SH Archive/Increase CAN votes requiredAL-BRT
February 19, 2013SH Archive/Semi-protect Star Wars Episode VII-IX related pages?Xd1358
February 17, 2013SH Archive/Category differenceXd1358
February 15, 2013SH Archive/Any Japanese speakers out there?Xd1358
February 15, 2013SH Archive/Disambiguation page titlesAL-BRT
February 11, 2013SH Archive/Plot summaries for RPG adventuresAL-BRT
February 11, 2013SH Archive/Uh another edit headacheCade Calrayn
February 11, 2013SH Archive/Jacen Solo (2)AL-BRT
February 10, 2013SH Archive/Cleo Mangi: Fanon or Fact?RoboCade
February 7, 2013SH:Making a better Timeline of media: revisitedAJTD6
February 7, 2013SH Archive/What exactly are the requierments in order to upload images?Xd1358
February 7, 2013SH Archive/Broken CCG linksKillerRoboLeia3000
February 6, 2013SH Archive/Happy 100,000 WookieepediaXd1358
February 6, 2013SH Archive/Editing problemKillerRoboLeia3000
February 4, 2013SH Archive/Animal actors and infoboxXd1358
February 3, 2013SH Archive/Major editing problemsXd1358
February 3, 2013SH Archive/Monsters and Incomprehensible Gibberish from George LucasEcksBot
January 30, 2013SH Archive/Upload workaroundXd1358
January 28, 2013SH Archive/Galen Torg in Galaxy GuideKillerRoboLeia3000
January 27, 2013SH:X-wing or X-Wing? For the books, not the ships.Toprawa and Ralltiir
January 26, 2013SH Archive/Seeking sources for a few unsourced imagesRoboCade
January 26, 2013SH:TitlesKillerRoboLeia3000
January 24, 2013SH:Cleaning up after the Jedi Council Forums moveTOM-E Macaron.ii
January 24, 2013SH:planet systemsToprawa and Ralltiir
January 24, 2013SH:Essential Atlas Online Companion links downKillerRoboLeia3000
January 23, 2013SH:Tim Zahn Scoundrels Facebook Chat 23rd Jan 3:00pmToprawa and Ralltiir
January 22, 2013SH:Creating a CAN limitToprawa and Ralltiir
January 19, 2013SH:use of nickname tagToprawa and Ralltiir
January 18, 2013SH:Issue on Adrian Dunbar's deleted sceneEcksBot
January 17, 2013SH:NomenclatureKillerRoboLeia3000
January 17, 2013SH:confirm-battlename tag reversionImperators II
January 16, 2013SH:Mos Eisley cantina patronsTOM-E Macaron.ii
January 16, 2013SH:New Twitter accountToprawa and Ralltiir
January 15, 2013SH:Single-sourced article taggingEcksBot
January 14, 2013SH:Banner for Admin/Bcrat user rights votesAL-BRT
January 8, 2013SH:Alphabet infoboxAL-BRT
January 8, 2013SH:Apparently canceled stuffToprawa and Ralltiir
January 6, 2013SH:Detours DelugeEcksBot
January 5, 2013SH:Redoing Lightsaber nav templateTOM-E Macaron.ii
January 4, 2013SH:How do I search for ships with a certain number of crew?Toprawa and Ralltiir
January 2, 2013SH:New categories for individualsKillerRoboLeia3000
December 31, 2012SH:Template:RefToprawa and Ralltiir
December 29, 2012SH:Correspondences with John Jackson MillerCade Calrayn
December 29, 2012SH:Updating content related to recent Dark Horse comics.Toprawa and Ralltiir
December 24, 2012SH:Flight helmet related articlesAL-BRT
December 20, 2012SH:Info on "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Praji"Master Jonathan
December 16, 2012SH:Encyclopedia updatesKillerRoboLeia3000
December 11, 2012SH:Great Resynchronization datesAL-BRT
December 6, 2012SH:New Image policyMaster Jonathan
December 4, 2012SH:Catalog of minor geophysical characteristicsMaster Jonathan
December 4, 2012SH:A cat among the pigeons: Leia Organa's wardrobeEcksBot
December 3, 2012SH:New movie and what it meansAL-BRT
December 1, 2012SH:3000 word GAsEcksBot
November 30, 2012SH:Before the Before era tagMaster Jonathan
November 27, 2012SH:FAN/GAN/CAN inuse?AL-BRT
November 26, 2012SH:Images of battlesGreen tentacle
November 26, 2012SH:HPPMaster Jonathan
November 24, 2012SH:Article ratingAL-BRT
November 22, 2012SH:Help with namesAL-BRT
November 19, 2012SH:JPG to PNGMaster Jonathan
November 19, 2012SH:Sources, Notes, and ReferencesAL-BRT
November 15, 2012SH:Intergalactic PassportsMaster Jonathan
November 15, 2012SH:Warnings for removing messages from talk pagesAL-BRT
November 12, 2012SH Archive/Sending official question to Daniel Wallace/Jason FryXd1358
November 12, 2012SH:Wookieepedia and the Licensed Insider Video ProposalToprawa and Ralltiir
November 12, 2012SH:Recategorizing the Official BlogAL-BRT
October 31, 2012SH:Does This Site Have A Future In The Disney Era?Master Jonathan
October 31, 2012SH Archive/Wookieepedia and Celebration Europe IIJSarek
October 31, 2012SH:TCW episodes in the newsMaster Jonathan
October 30, 2012SH:Star Wars 7Master Jonathan
October 29, 2012SH:Star Wars Facebook pageMaster Jonathan
October 29, 2012SH:Deletion problemAL-BRT
October 24, 2012SH:Project Politics: Wookieepedia's Fifth Barn-Burner!TOM-E Macaron.ii
October 20, 2012SH:Featured PictureMaster Jonathan
October 19, 2012SH:Too Many Page-Top Templates...AL-BRT
October 17, 2012SH:Wookieepedia InterviewsAL-BRT
October 16, 2012SH:Knowledge Bank FAQ pageMaster Jonathan
October 16, 2012SH:why cant I add photos?Master Jonathan
October 16, 2012SH:Admin mentorshipMaster Jonathan
October 12, 2012SH:Template Indirect AppearanceAL-BRT
October 9, 2012SH:Aayla Secura and Wikia's TOUAL-BRT
October 9, 2012SH:Comic VariantsAL-BRT
October 6, 2012SH:Templates gone to crapMaster Jonathan
October 4, 2012SH:Theme song appearancesTOM-E Macaron.ii
October 2, 2012SH:Next Barn-burner?AL-BRT
September 30, 2012SH:Can i edit a article on wookieepedia with a tablet or mobile device?AL-BRT
September 27, 2012SH:Sourcing a quote to a non-LFL print sourceAL-BRT
September 25, 2012SH:Abeloth picturesMaster Jonathan
September 23, 2012SH:Date for Return of the JediAL-BRT
September 21, 2012SH:Working on Planet ListsMaster Jonathan
September 21, 2012SH:You've GOT to be kidding me.Master Jonathan
September 18, 2012SH:Wookieepedia on the Dork Night PodcastMaster Jonathan
September 17, 2012SH:The UniverseAL-BRT
September 17, 2012SH:Source of PhotosMaster Jonathan
September 15, 2012SH:Sith civilization before the ExilesEcksBot
September 14, 2012SH:Novel namingRoboCade
September 14, 2012SH:Mantellian they deserve a specific infobox?Master Jonathan
September 13, 2012SH:Template:ForumtableMaster Jonathan
September 11, 2012SH:Star Wars PocketModel TCGMaster Jonathan
September 10, 2012SH:Tel TrevuraMaster Jonathan
September 7, 2012SH:Outlander Club entrance signageNightlily
September 6, 2012SH:Knight Errant's Flying Monkey GargoyleAL-BRT
September 1, 2012SH:DetoursAL-BRT
September 1, 2012SH:Wookieepedia mentioned in new surveyAL-BRT
September 1, 2012SH:Splitting 501st articleKillerRoboLeia3000
August 31, 2012SH:The Tangle?Master Jonathan
August 31, 2012SH:Good article queue iconAL-BRT
August 31, 2012SH:Wookieepedia BLOCKEDMaster Jonathan
August 29, 2012SH:Faces for the WarlordsMaster Jonathan
August 28, 2012SH:Revell kitsMaster Jonathan
August 28, 2012SH:TOR canon?Master Jonathan
August 27, 2012SH:Help with tabs neededMaster Jonathan
August 26, 2012SH:Slave transmittersMaster Jonathan
August 25, 2012SH:First Battle of Tatooine (Galactic Civil War)Master Jonathan
August 22, 2012SH:SkosefMaster Jonathan
August 21, 2012SH:The Black Fleet CrisisMaster Jonathan
August 21, 2012SH:Blueprints: Rebel Edition/Starships & Vehicles Collection 29KillerRoboLeia3000
August 19, 2012SH:Battle o' KattadaMaster Jonathan
August 16, 2012SH:Celebration 6 Internet Costs and FundraiserAL-BRT
August 12, 2012SH:Star Wars Kids: Who Is That Alien?Master Jonathan
August 7, 2012SH:Really long quotes?Master Jonathan
August 7, 2012SH:MaladianMaster Jonathan
August 6, 2012SH:On the canonicity of the "Nal-Huttese" fontKillerRoboLeia3000
August 5, 2012SH:Luuuke's MugshotAL-BRT
August 4, 2012SH:Date of Blood Ties: Boba Fett is DeadMaster Jonathan
July 27, 2012SH:Obstacles for new editorsAL-BRT
July 25, 2012SH:Discussion with LucasOnline representativesAL-BRT
July 20, 2012SH:Five veils campaignAL-BRT
July 20, 2012SH:The Last Jedi(Novel)AL-BRT
July 19, 2012SH:Mathayus (Empire at War)Master Jonathan
July 18, 2012SH:95,000 articles!AL-BRT
July 15, 2012SH:Battle of AndaliaAL-BRT
July 10, 2012SH:Jason Fry email follow-upEcksBot
July 9, 2012SH:Another Shed-scorcher. 200 words or less.RoboCade
July 6, 2012SH:No Corellian SymbolMaster Jonathan
July 6, 2012SH:LCCN linksMaster Jonathan
July 4, 2012SH:Daultay Dofine and Unknown Neimoidian controllerAL-BRT
July 4, 2012SH:Timeline of the Galactic Civil War... Take 2KillerRoboLeia3000
July 3, 2012SH:Fourth Battle of KuatToprawa and Ralltiir
June 30, 2012SH:Xamuel Lennox in Crimson Empire IIIAL-BRT
June 29, 2012SH:Atlas's star systems and speciesMaster Jonathan
June 29, 2012SH:ToonbuckMaster Jonathan
June 27, 2012SH:Confusions regarding at least two articlesCade Calrayn
June 26, 2012SH:Black lightsaberKillerRoboLeia3000
June 26, 2012SH:MediaWiki 1.19 upgradeAL-BRT
June 26, 2012SH:Mace Windu's Concept Art - correct image?AL-BRT
June 24, 2012SH:New artworkMaster Jonathan
June 21, 2012SH:Discovery of Iktotch and the IktotchiAL-BRT
June 20, 2012SH:Red SquadronRoboCade
June 20, 2012SH:HomeworldAL-BRT
June 19, 2012SH:11-4D modelCade Calrayn
June 19, 2012SH:Celebration VI ArtworkMaster Jonathan
June 11, 2012SH:The Full Galactic Civil War TimelineEcksBot
June 5, 2012SH:SWG Confusion - Advice NeededAL-BRT
June 4, 2012SH:Request for comments: CVI brochureKillerRoboLeia3000
June 4, 2012SH:Template for message boardsAL-BRT
June 2, 2012SH:Comic-ConMaster Jonathan
May 26, 2012SH:Cut content template usageEcksBot
May 26, 2012SH:new template needed for Star Wars: BlogsMaster Jonathan
May 26, 2012SH:CCG linksMaster Jonathan
May 25, 2012SH:Era problem with DrutchEcksBot
May 25, 2012SH:Scan help?AL-BRT
May 24, 2012SH:NPOV vs. Jedi vs. SithRoboCade
May 23, 2012SH:Related videos module coming soonMaster Jonathan
May 23, 2012SH:Conjectural speciesAL-BRT
May 18, 2012SH:Possibly hosting Wookieepedia panel at Cyphan 3Master Jonathan
May 14, 2012SH:CCG Force statsEcksBot
May 12, 2012SH:Droid article layout guideAL-BRT
May 8, 2012SH:Headers for DS/LS alternatives in SW:TORRoboCade
May 5, 2012SH:TCW Timeline 2012DarthRuiz30
April 28, 2012SH:Project Droids: Wookieepedia's Fourth Barn-Burner!TOM-E Macaron.ii
April 26, 2012SH:Wikia breaking stuffAL-BRT
April 25, 2012SH:Articles for namesTOM-E Macaron.ii
April 21, 2012SH Archive/Clone Trooper QuestionXd1358
April 21, 2012SH Archive/Boba Fett FanonAL-BRT
April 19, 2012SH:What happened to our favicon?Master Jonathan
April 19, 2012SH Archive/Comics by publishing companyXd1358
April 18, 2012SH Archive/AnswersXd1358
April 16, 2012SH Archive/Let's get sillyEcksBot
April 10, 2012SH Archive/Sith v. Imperial infoboxAL-BRT
April 8, 2012SH Archive/Question: What's with the last name basis?Xd1358
April 8, 2012SH Archive/Canonicity of LEGO gamesXd1358
April 7, 2012SH:Spring is in the air!AL-BRT
April 7, 2012SH Archive/Search Icons czarEcksBot
April 6, 2012SH Archive/Can't write pagesXd1358
April 1, 2012SH Archive/Ahsoka Tano pageKillerRoboLeia3000
April 1, 2012SH Archive/Hello!Xd1358
March 31, 2012SH Archive/question about AppearancesXd1358
March 30, 2012SH Archive/Going to try something new, gift articles to celebritiesEcksBot
March 29, 2012SH Archive/Article relevanceAyrehead02
March 28, 2012SH Archive/original userXd1358
March 22, 2012SH Archive/Force powers linkXd1358
March 19, 2012SH:Adding infobox documentationCade Calrayn
March 19, 2012SH Archive/Adas's lightsaberXd1358
March 19, 2012SH Archive/Tips for writing articles on articles?Xd1358
March 18, 2012SH Archive/the beforeXd1358
March 17, 2012SH:External link whitelistMaster Jonathan
March 17, 2012SH Archive/Species lifespansExiledjedi
March 17, 2012SH Archive/darth maul imageJMAS
March 16, 2012SH Archive/Anyone have Book of Sith: Secrets from the Dark Side?Xd1358
March 15, 2012SH Archive/EtymologyAL-BRT
March 15, 2012SH:SW Blogs to go down in 60 daysAL-BRT
March 13, 2012SH Archive/Changing main quotesKillerRoboLeia3000
March 11, 2012SH Archive/Title TemplateXd1358
March 9, 2012SH Archive/Search (2)AL-BRT
March 9, 2012SH Archive/userboxesXd1358
March 9, 2012SH Archive/TOR players needed!!!!Xd1358
March 4, 2012SH Archive/Problem With Links to Archive.orgXd1358
March 4, 2012SH Archive/TOR armor and clothingXd1358
March 4, 2012SH Archive/Happy 7th Wookieeversary, Wookieepedia!KillerRoboLeia3000
March 3, 2012SH Archive/Why can't we upload photos?Xd1358
March 2, 2012SH:Splitting the Pre-Republic eraEcksBot
March 1, 2012SH Archive/8D8Xd1358
February 29, 2012SH Archive/Validity of non-conventional news outlets?AL-BRT
February 26, 2012SH Archive/ObitokiXd1358
February 25, 2012SH Archive/Infoboxes (2)Xd1358
February 24, 2012SH Archive/Showcasing Good ArticlesTOM-E Macaron.ii
February 22, 2012SH Archive/Localization of Kiffex, Azurbani system and Kiffu sectorKillerRoboLeia3000
February 22, 2012SH Archive/Finalizing a CT discussion?Xd1358
February 22, 2012SH Archive/Sith Empire-related articles rename (TOR)AL-BRT
February 21, 2012SH Archive/WhoXd1358
February 20, 2012SH Archive/ReferancesAL-BRT
February 19, 2012SH Archive/It's Over 90,000!!Xd1358
February 16, 2012SH Archive/Vector art?Xd1358
February 13, 2012SH Archive/Imperial Throne RoomCade Calrayn
February 11, 2012SH Archive/DownloadWookieepediaXd1358
February 10, 2012SH Archive/Preparing for the Jedi Council Forums moveTOM-E Macaron.ii
February 7, 2012SH Archive/Release datesXd1358
February 6, 2012SH Archive/Please read this if you're a planet whizKillerRoboLeia3000
February 5, 2012SH Archive/TotallyXd1358
February 5, 2012SH Archive/Picture SourcingAL-BRT
February 2, 2012SH Archive/Decimals, years, policies?Xd1358
February 1, 2012SH:Main Page Revamp CrusadeAL-BRT
January 29, 2012SH:Appearance OrderAL-BRT
January 27, 2012SH:IU music templateToprawa and Ralltiir
January 27, 2012SH:Discussion PageToprawa and Ralltiir
January 27, 2012SH:Protection policy update and rewriteAL-BRT
January 26, 2012SH Archive/"We don't need that scum"Xd1358
January 23, 2012SH:Seeking admin advice to halt an edit/revert conflictCade Calrayn
January 22, 2012SH:idea regarding clone warsToprawa and Ralltiir
January 22, 2012SH:Imagine compositing and canonKillerRoboLeia3000
January 22, 2012SH:Oldest articleToprawa and Ralltiir
January 21, 2012SH:Prisoners from "Deception"KillerRoboLeia3000
January 20, 2012SH:Can I be an Admin?Toprawa and Ralltiir
January 16, 2012SH:Wikipedia's SOPA protest shutdownAL-BRT
January 15, 2012SH:The Clone Wars t.v. showAL-BRT
January 14, 2012SH:Wookieepedia mentioned in Insider 130Toprawa and Ralltiir
January 11, 2012SH Archive/Crimson Empire III imagesRoboCade
January 11, 2012SH:Labor PainsToprawa and Ralltiir
January 6, 2012SH:TOR, determining what yearRoboCade
January 5, 2012SH:Forum rulesRoboCade
January 1, 2012SH:RedlinksToprawa and Ralltiir
December 29, 2011SH:"Speedy Deletion"Toprawa and Ralltiir
December 27, 2011SH:Grouping referencesToprawa and Ralltiir
December 24, 2011SH:To my fellow SWG editors.Toprawa and Ralltiir
December 24, 2011SH:Knowledge Bank downToprawa and Ralltiir
December 23, 2011SH:Death Star I name change voteExiledjedi
December 20, 2011SH: Suggest we move. Wikia is too crammed with ads and spam. It chokes our browsers and slows everything down.Toprawa and Ralltiir
December 16, 2011SH:Gnost-Dural's TimelineToprawa and Ralltiir
December 16, 2011SH:Lucas Canon vs EU CanonKillerRoboLeia3000
December 16, 2011SH:Lyrics and copyrightsToprawa and Ralltiir
December 15, 2011SH:Star Wars Galaxies site is down.Toprawa and Ralltiir
December 15, 2011SH:Author bio suitability questionToprawa and Ralltiir
December 14, 2011SH:More Mos Eisley MadnessEcksBot
December 11, 2011SH:Source request (Droids, Technology and the Force)Toprawa and Ralltiir
December 9, 2011SH:Fixing minor mistakes on protected pagesKillerRoboLeia3000
December 8, 2011SH:Template helpAL-BRT
December 7, 2011SH:Where's my edit summary dropdown selection?Toprawa and Ralltiir
December 7, 2011SH:ProxiesToprawa and Ralltiir
December 7, 2011SH:What happened to the talk pages?Toprawa and Ralltiir
December 3, 2011SH:TOR protagonistsCade Calrayn
November 30, 2011SH:RC auto-refreshToprawa and Ralltiir
November 30, 2011SH Archive/Other languages templateXd1358
November 30, 2011SH:Real-life allusionsToprawa and Ralltiir
November 29, 2011SH:MapToprawa and Ralltiir
November 29, 2011SH:Audio files by actorAL-BRT
November 29, 2011SH:Protection of articlesToprawa and Ralltiir
November 28, 2011SH:Wookiepedia Mobile IssuesToprawa and Ralltiir
November 28, 2011SH Archive/Project The Phantom Menace: Wookieepedia's Third Barn-Burner!TOM-E Macaron.ii
November 24, 2011SH:A few questions and other things since I'm new.AL-BRT
November 23, 2011SH Archive/The Exile's name on the game articleRoboCade
November 22, 2011SH:Leland Chee and TriffisAL-BRT
November 22, 2011SH: How to upload PicturesToprawa and Ralltiir
November 21, 2011SH:Wookieepedia at Celebration VIAL-BRT
November 21, 2011SH:Mainpage PollToprawa and Ralltiir
November 19, 2011SH:So, Slaves of the Republic.KillerRoboLeia3000
November 18, 2011SH Archive/TOR spoiler precautionsAL-BRT
November 14, 2011SH:Stormtrooper genderKillerRoboLeia3000
November 12, 2011SH:Naming policy and yearsToprawa and Ralltiir
November 11, 2011SH:Clone Wars HalloweenToprawa and Ralltiir
November 9, 2011SH:A Long Time Ago.... OmnibusesAL-BRT
November 8, 2011SH:Using information from user uploaded beta footageRoboCade
November 7, 2011SH Archive/Barn-burner number 3, perhaps?EcksBot
November 6, 2011SH:Sith Lord(ariticle) and Sith Lords(Category) discrepency)KillerRoboLeia3000
October 30, 2011SH:Fate of this wikiToprawa and Ralltiir
October 30, 2011SH:Unidentified image of Bantha droidToprawa and Ralltiir
October 29, 2011SH:User Page HelpAL-BRT
October 28, 2011SH:Regarding Wikia cloaksToprawa and Ralltiir
October 27, 2011SH:New to Wookie, assistance required :)Toprawa and Ralltiir
October 23, 2011SH:Project Dilonexa: Wookieepedia's First Shed ScorcherTOM-E Macaron.ii
October 6, 2011SH:Renaming categories?Toprawa and Ralltiir
October 6, 2011SH:In-universe fate unknownAL-BRT
October 4, 2011SH:Polls on Main PageToprawa and Ralltiir
October 3, 2011SH:Linking EndorAL-BRT
October 1, 2011SH:Deleted scenes and canonAL-BRT
October 1, 2011SH:CategoriesToprawa and Ralltiir
September 28, 2011SH:Unidentified JediToprawa and Ralltiir
September 26, 2011SH:Wikia is going madToprawa and Ralltiir
September 25, 2011SH Archive/Clone Wars wikiXd1358
September 25, 2011SH Archive/Battle of Mygeeto (Clone Wars)Toprawa and Ralltiir
September 24, 2011SH Archive/SWG Screenshot QuestionXd1358
September 21, 2011SH Archive/Source Verification question?Xd1358
September 21, 2011SH:Improvement drive for essential articlesEcksBot
September 20, 2011SH Archive/Rend (Dark Side)KillerRoboLeia3000
September 19, 2011SH Archive/chat roomXd1358
September 18, 2011SH Archive/FriendsAL-BRT
September 18, 2011SH Archive/TOR spoilersAL-BRT
September 16, 2011SH Archive/Star Wars Blu-Ray screenshotsXd1358
September 15, 2011SH Archive/Hyperspace Over?Xd1358
September 14, 2011SH Archive/Interview with Bonnie BurtonXd1358
September 14, 2011SH Archive/Updating infoboxesKillerRoboLeia3000
September 14, 2011SH:URGENT: September 2011 RevampingTOM-E Macaron.ii
September 10, 2011SH Archive/Signature (2)Xd1358
September 8, 2011SH Archive/(Temporarily?) Redirecting articlesKillerRoboLeia3000
September 5, 2011SH Archive/VandalismXd1358
September 3, 2011SH Archive/End of daily FAsToprawa and Ralltiir
September 2, 2011SH Archive/Trivia GameXd1358
September 2, 2011SH Archive/Infobox on Darth Maul articleXd1358
September 1, 2011SH Archive/Obi-Wan's imageXd1358
September 1, 2011SH Archive/Sources that blend the SW world with oursAL-BRT
August 30, 2011SH:Making a better "Timeline of media"Toprawa and Ralltiir
August 29, 2011SH Archive/Merged timelines?Xd1358
August 28, 2011SH Archive/Ale articleAL-BRT
August 27, 2011SH:Need some help with an image editToprawa and Ralltiir
August 26, 2011SH:Canon conflictsEcksBot
August 26, 2011SH:Darth Plagueis' master articleTommy9281
August 26, 2011SH Archive/Image Upload ProblemXd1358
August 22, 2011SH Archive/Wikia has changed the way new categories workKillerRoboLeia3000
August 17, 2011SH:report trollsToprawa and Ralltiir
August 16, 2011SH:Luke Lars pageToprawa and Ralltiir
August 11, 2011SH Archive/2-1A redirect pageXd1358
August 11, 2011SH Archive/SuperShadow talk page commentsXd1358
August 11, 2011SH Archive/Jundland Wastes testingXd1358
August 10, 2011SH Archive/Alternate "Backlash" coverAL-BRT
August 10, 2011SH Archive/Discussion page creationAL-BRT
August 10, 2011SH Archive/Speedy delete SuperShadowAL-BRT
August 8, 2011SH Archive/redirect article namesXd1358
August 7, 2011SH Archive/HomagesAL-BRT
August 2, 2011SH Archive/Fantasy Flight Games Acquires Star Wars Game LicenseXd1358
August 1, 2011SH Archive/Problem With The Appearances Section of ArticlesXd1358
July 29, 2011SH Archive/removal of redirect pageXd1358
July 29, 2011SH Archive/DataBank losing dataRoboCade
July 28, 2011SH Archive/music videos=source?Xd1358
July 24, 2011SH Archive/Blocking yourself from editingKillerRoboLeia3000
July 23, 2011SH Archive/Vader: The Ultimate GuideEcksBot
July 23, 2011SH:Project Weapon: Wookieepedia's Second Barn-burnerTOM-E Macaron.ii
July 21, 2011SH Archive/Dark Nest timelineEcksBot
July 21, 2011SH Archive/Add pages and picturesXd1358
July 18, 2011SH Archive/YoutubeAL-BRT
July 18, 2011SH Archive/User warning template to not cite speculationXd1358
July 17, 2011SH Archive/Template with Evazan pictureAL-BRT
July 16, 2011SH Archive/Source for 1 BBYEcksBot
July 16, 2011SH Archive/Anyone got Clone Wars Season 2 on Blu-ray?Xd1358
July 16, 2011SH Archive/Possible speculation in articlesXd1358
July 16, 2011SH Archive/Star Wars GalaxiesXd1358
July 15, 2011SH Archive/Wookieepedia Twitter accountXd1358
July 14, 2011SH Archive/return to previous edits to correct mistakesXd1358
July 12, 2011SH Archive/"Toy" appearancesKillerRoboLeia3000
July 10, 2011SH Archive/Galactic TimelineXd1358
July 7, 2011SH Archive/Sectors Era TagsKillerRoboLeia3000
July 5, 2011SH Archive/Known Languages in Character InfoboxesEcksBot
July 5, 2011SH Archive/WHEN IS IT GOING TO BE AN ARTICLE?!Cade Calrayn
July 5, 2011SH Archive/Cover price in InfoboxXd1358
July 5, 2011SH Archive/Childrens BoardBooksXd1358
July 4, 2011SH Archive/Looking ahead: The next barn-burnerAL-BRT
July 1, 2011SH:Confusing Cantina CharactersAL-BRT
June 30, 2011SH Archive/fan art picturesXd1358
June 29, 2011SH Archive/What is it with you guys?AL-BRT
June 28, 2011SH Archive/Average weights of speciesSupreme Emperor
June 27, 2011SH Archive/We bring the news of a project to bring the newsXd1358
June 26, 2011SH Archive/Invasion of Naboo chronologyKillerRoboLeia3000
June 25, 2011SH Archive/A good article and a "dead" linkXd1358
June 24, 2011SH Archive/Question about AppearancesXd1358
June 24, 2011SH Archive/Updates neededAL-BRT
June 23, 2011SH Archive/Image background color for several userboxesBrandon Rhea
June 21, 2011SH Archive/Upload TroublesXd1358
June 18, 2011SH Archive/Prima Game GuidesToqgers
June 15, 2011SH Archive/Malachor V QueryXd1358
June 15, 2011SH Archive/How do i cite a Clone Card from Star
June 15, 2011SH Archive/Why is realism the status quo for article images?Xd1358
June 15, 2011SH Archive/Tense in relation to book articlesAL-BRT
June 15, 2011SH Archive/Quotetrans templateXd1358
June 14, 2011SH Archive/Decipher charactersXd1358
June 14, 2011SH Archive/ShrikeXd1358
June 13, 2011SH Archive/PicturesXd1358
June 12, 2011SH Archive/Star Wars: The Official Starships & Vehicles Collection 1EcksBot
June 10, 2011SH Archive/Is there a noval telling the story of when Luke turned to the dark sideXd1358
June 9, 2011SH Archive/ProfanityKillerRoboLeia3000
June 6, 2011SH Archive/Adding Articles Which Get RejectedXd1358
June 5, 2011SH Archive/Idea for the Quote of the Day pageSupreme Emperor
June 5, 2011SH Archive/Why am I banned from the IRC?Xd1358
June 2, 2011SH Archive/Spoilers in QuotesSupreme Emperor
May 31, 2011SH Archive/How do you ad a boarder to put the picture and and birth and death and hair coulor?Xd1358
May 30, 2011SH Archive/Senate Hall preambleAL-BRT
May 30, 2011SH Archive/Am I missing something?Exiledjedi
May 29, 2011SH Archive/Image ProblemsXd1358
May 29, 2011SH Archive/MAJOR spoiler in the "Did you know" sectionAL-BRT
May 28, 2011SH Archive/Imperial Knight InfoboxAL-BRT
May 27, 2011SH Archive/Help (2)Xd1358
May 27, 2011SH Archive/Translate and create articles for theseXd1358
May 23, 2011SH Archive/NoticeXd1358
May 23, 2011SH Archive/Best of PCXd1358
May 23, 2011SH Archive/Should I put this article in the Trash Compactor?Xd1358
May 19, 2011SH Archive/SH:SWG and the timelineEcksBot
May 18, 2011SH Archive/22 BBY vs. 21 BBYAL-BRT
May 16, 2011SH Archive/Altas coordinates for trade route articles?KillerRoboLeia3000
May 16, 2011SH Archive/TEA Appendix & TEAOCEcksBot
May 15, 2011SH Archive/Skills and abilitiesXd1358
May 14, 2011SH Archive/Appearances vs. SourcesAL-BRT
May 13, 2011SH Archive/Dead Grand AdmiralsEcksBot
May 12, 2011SH Archive/004KillerRoboLeia3000
May 11, 2011SH Archive/New namespaces for lists and disambigsXd1358
May 10, 2011SH Archive/Signature rules on nomination pagesXd1358
May 9, 2011SH Archive/The Art of UnderworldXd1358
May 8, 2011SH Archive/Lists of PlanetsKillerRoboLeia3000
May 5, 2011SH Archive/How do I delete a Wookieepedia account?Xd1358
May 5, 2011SH Archive/Problems in locked articlesXd1358
May 5, 2011SH Archive/Blu-Ray set articleToprawa and Ralltiir
May 3, 2011SH Archive/Republic Classic eraEcksBot
May 3, 2011SH Archive/SH:How Should I Clean This Up?Xd1358
May 2, 2011SH Archive/Episode 1: TimelineXd1358
May 1, 2011SH Archive/Decipher CCG linksXd1358
May 1, 2011SH Archive/Episode III Set Diary and Post NotesExiledjedi
May 1, 2011SH Archive/Edit historyXd1358
May 1, 2011SH Archive/Template Picture IdeasXd1358
April 30, 2011SH Archive/Expanded Universe Sketch Card ImagesAL-BRT
April 28, 2011SH Archive/More quote/dialogue template tweakingXd1358
April 28, 2011SH Archive/Articles on conjectural things from Tales 1-20Xd1358
April 28, 2011SH Archive/Wiki activity pageXd1358
April 26, 2011SH Archive/For future reference, what would the criteria of wether an issue goes on the senate hall or consensus track?Xd1358
April 26, 2011SH Archive/CoruscanticentricXd1358
April 25, 2011SH Archive/Species and Sentient templatesKillerRoboLeia3000
April 25, 2011SH Archive/Does anyone have Planets of the Galaxy, Volume Three?KillerRoboLeia3000
April 22, 2011SH Archive/SH:PolicyXd1358
April 22, 2011SH Archive/Conflicting Mandolorian historyXd1358
April 20, 2011SH Archive/Not to sound dumb but...Xd1358
April 20, 2011SH:Project Wookiee: Wookieepedia's First Barn-burner!TOM-E Macaron.ii
April 19, 2011SH Archive/Time measurements merge into single article?EcksBot
April 18, 2011SH Archive/Minor Technical Changes ComingXd1358
April 18, 2011SH Archive/Simon Pegg and the WookieepediaXd1358
April 17, 2011SH Archive/Virus on 'Sabat' pageXd1358
April 16, 2011SH Archive/Weird questionsXd1358
April 16, 2011SH Archive/We've lost a DB page...AL-BRT
April 15, 2011SH Archive/Rough proposal for a loosely organized semi-project. Take a look!AL-BRT
April 15, 2011SH Archive/New Files pageAL-BRT
April 11, 2011SH Archive/Threshold between CA and GA lengthAL-BRT
April 9, 2011SH Archive/Death to stubs!!!!AL-BRT
April 8, 2011SH Archive/A New Look for WookieepediaXd1358
April 8, 2011SH Archive/NominationsXd1358
April 6, 2011SH Archive/Have an idea for a wookieeproject but would like a more experienced co-founderAL-BRT
April 5, 2011SH Archive/Movie crew listingsXd1358
April 5, 2011SH Archive/ forum shutting downAL-BRT
April 4, 2011SH Archive/Revamp of the Main PageXd1358
April 3, 2011SH Archive/Please heloXd1358
April 2, 2011SH Archive/changing user namesXd1358
April 1, 2011SH Archive/Appearances sectionXd1358
April 1, 2011SH Archive/New award idea! What do you think?Xd1358
April 1, 2011SH Archive/Insider articlesXd1358
April 1, 2011SH Archive/Language descriptors in Character PagesKillerRoboLeia3000
April 1, 2011SH Archive/Is is unethical to ask for nominations?Xd1358
March 29, 2011SH Archive/Appearances List too long and doesn't auto-hideAL-BRT
March 28, 2011SH Archive/New article/file popupXd1358
March 25, 2011SH Archive/Even Piell info from Jedi TwilightRoboCade
March 23, 2011SH Archive/ImagesAL-BRT
March 23, 2011SH Archive/RolePlayer Independent 8Xd1358
March 23, 2011SH Archive/Second battle of Kessel imageXd1358
March 22, 2011SH Archive/Source(s) for the erased planetsRoboCade
March 22, 2011SH Archive/Star Wars: Bounty Hunter imageKillerRoboLeia3000
March 21, 2011SH Archive/Consistency regarding Han Solo's AliasesRoboCade
March 20, 2011SH Archive/Help me hammer out this CT proposal!AL-BRT
March 20, 2011SH Archive/Anyone have the Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy: Prima's Official Strategy Guide?Xd1358
March 17, 2011SH Archive/RecategorizationToprawa and Ralltiir
March 17, 2011SH Archive/Omnibus titlesToprawa and Ralltiir
March 15, 2011SH Archive/Unidentified speciesKillerRoboLeia3000
March 15, 2011SH Archive/Character Lists (second forum)Toprawa and Ralltiir
March 14, 2011SH Archive/Cleanup TechnologyToprawa and Ralltiir
March 9, 2011SH Archive/Signature policy and timestampsXd1358
March 5, 2011SH Archive/User CAAL-BRT
February 28, 2011SH Archive/Articles about subjects that exist on Earth, tooAL-BRT
February 24, 2011SH Archive/Holiday infoboxCade Calrayn
February 21, 2011SH Archive/Past tenseKillerRoboLeia3000
February 12, 2011SH Archive/Renaming some "Classic SW" pagesToprawa and Ralltiir
January 22, 2011SH Archive/Neutrality of "mission" articlesGraestan
January 19, 2011SH Archive/Featured article queue changeTOM-E Macaron.ii
January 18, 2011SH Archive/1.16 coming soonGraestan
January 6, 2011SH Archive/Contradictory movie adaptation quotesAL-BRT
January 5, 2011SH Archive/"Appearances" lists for out-of-universe worksAL-BRT
January 3, 2011SH Archive/What pages do you think need the most work? (permanent thread)AL-BRT
December 28, 2010SH Archive/French Star Wars wiki againToprawa and Ralltiir
December 24, 2010SH Archive/Cases of mistaken identity on the Wiki?EcksBot
December 21, 2010SH Archive/Infobox bullet questionAL-BRT
December 20, 2010SH Archive/Mr. and Miss Star Wars age eligibilityAL-BRT
December 17, 2010SH Archive/Rumours Section?Toprawa and Ralltiir
December 17, 2010SH Archive/Ambiguously-canon sources - should we be doing more?Toprawa and Ralltiir
December 16, 2010SH Archive/I was blocked despite listening to the warningToprawa and Ralltiir
December 15, 2010SH Archive/Mr. and Miss. Star Wars 2010?Toprawa and Ralltiir
December 15, 2010SH Archive/Image captionsToprawa and Ralltiir
December 15, 2010SH Archive/DatesToprawa and Ralltiir
December 12, 2010SH Archive/Casting CallToprawa and Ralltiir
December 9, 2010SH Archive/Trooper comicEcksBot
December 6, 2010SH Archive/Stormtroopers aboard Tantive IVToprawa and Ralltiir
December 6, 2010SH Archive/Main Page changeToprawa and Ralltiir
December 6, 2010SH Archive/What is going on?Toprawa and Ralltiir
December 6, 2010SH Archive/Read More?KillerRoboLeia3000
December 3, 2010SH Archive/Interviews?Toprawa and Ralltiir
December 1, 2010SH Archive/Image galleries in categories?Toprawa and Ralltiir
November 29, 2010SH Archive/infoboxes yet again :(Toprawa and Ralltiir
November 28, 2010SH Archive/Clear inspirations for namesAL-BRT
November 24, 2010SH Archive/Game stats and canonAL-BRT
November 22, 2010SH Archive/Luke'd landspeederKillerRoboLeia3000
November 20, 2010SH Archive/Mission articles relating to The HuntToprawa and Ralltiir
November 19, 2010SH Archive/The Super-Terrific Wookiee-Tastic Year-Article Sourcing Beautification ProjectAnilSerifoglu
November 17, 2010SH Archive/Search suggestionsToprawa and Ralltiir
November 16, 2010SH Archive/French Star Wars wikiAL-BRT
November 16, 2010SH Archive/Can users be promoted here?Toprawa and Ralltiir
November 13, 2010SH Archive/New to this, help?Toprawa and Ralltiir
November 11, 2010SH Archive/Pronunciation in quality articlesAL-BRT
November 10, 2010SH Archive/Improvement drive?Toprawa and Ralltiir
November 10, 2010SH Archive/Are Overviews too long?AL-BRT
November 8, 2010SH Archive/how do you get to preferences in this new skin?Toprawa and Ralltiir
November 7, 2010SH Archive/Info from scripts: in-universe?AL-BRT
November 6, 2010SH Archive/Verb tense for BTS infoAL-BRT
November 4, 2010SH Archive/Star Wars Holiday Special dateToprawa and Ralltiir
November 3, 2010SH Archive/Template HelpKillerRoboLeia3000
November 2, 2010SH Archive/Sourcing pop culture infoAL-BRT
October 27, 2010SH Archive/Short story reprints in the appearances sectionAL-BRT
October 22, 2010SH Archive/What is going to happpen to all the short stories and webcomics on hyperspace once the fan club disolves?Toprawa and Ralltiir
October 22, 2010SH Archive/Recent featuredToprawa and Ralltiir
October 21, 2010SH Archive/Demand same treatment that WoWWiki is recievingToprawa and Ralltiir
October 20, 2010SH Archive/New SkinAL-BRT
October 20, 2010SH Archive/Monobook questionCade Calrayn
October 20, 2010SH Archive/"New Look"?Toprawa and Ralltiir
October 20, 2010SH Archive/Why Can I not add a new page?Toprawa and Ralltiir
October 18, 2010SH Archive/Battle of Endor SourcesKillerRoboLeia3000
October 18, 2010SH Archive/Jedi Apprentice SeriesEcksBot
October 18, 2010SH Archive/Misprint in the TFU II novelToprawa and Ralltiir
October 17, 2010SH Archive/GA/FA box templateToprawa and Ralltiir
October 16, 2010SH Archive/Spoiler tagToprawa and Ralltiir
October 16, 2010SH Archive/Adaptations, tie-ins, and behind-the-scenes guidesAL-BRT
October 15, 2010SH Archive/What is prose?Toprawa and Ralltiir
October 15, 2010SH Archive/Re-uploading images for Blu-Ray release?AL-BRT
October 10, 2010SH Archive/How Do I...Toprawa and Ralltiir
October 8, 2010SH Archive/how to view a listToprawa and Ralltiir
October 8, 2010SH Archive/Changing usernameExiledjedi
October 7, 2010SH Archive/This user uses ... skinToprawa and Ralltiir
October 7, 2010SH Archive/Trouble with SearchToprawa and Ralltiir
October 7, 2010SH Archive/Mara Jade being an FAToprawa and Ralltiir
October 7, 2010SH Archive/Subcategory helpToprawa and Ralltiir
October 6, 2010SH Archive/Two same citiesKillerRoboLeia3000
October 5, 2010SH Archive/Search errorToprawa and Ralltiir
October 3, 2010SH Archive/Music books = sourcesToprawa and Ralltiir
October 2, 2010SH Archive/Possible wikia problem?Toprawa and Ralltiir
September 29, 2010SH Archive/Wikia's ideas...Toprawa and Ralltiir
September 28, 2010SH Archive/Problem with the avatar image if my personnal pageToprawa and Ralltiir
September 28, 2010SH Archive/Can someone explain me what I did wrong ?Toprawa and Ralltiir
September 25, 2010SH Archive/how do i put a notice at the start of an article?Toprawa and Ralltiir
September 23, 2010SH Archive/Infobox mess up?Toprawa and Ralltiir
September 22, 2010SH Archive/Images helpToprawa and Ralltiir
September 22, 2010SH Archive/Why can't I switch to MonoBook?Toprawa and Ralltiir
September 21, 2010SH Archive/Overhanging tabsToprawa and Ralltiir
September 20, 2010SH Archive/Main Title video game usageToprawa and Ralltiir
September 8, 2010SH Archive/Help Monobook is brokenGraestan
September 6, 2010SH Archive/Citation help for New Sith WarsEcksBot
September 1, 2010SH Archive/Proposal for featured/good topicsAL-BRT
August 29, 2010SH Archive/Clone Wars templateToprawa and Ralltiir
August 20, 2010SH Archive/Droid layout guide additionsAL-BRT
August 18, 2010SH Archive/Sources question/wizardsAL-BRT
August 13, 2010SH Archive/Year articlesToprawa and Ralltiir
August 12, 2010SH Archive/Is it OK to create a template for a YouTube link in the "External Links" section?Toprawa and Ralltiir
August 12, 2010SH Archive/Suggestion to ban certain IP AddressesToprawa and Ralltiir
August 11, 2010SH Archive/Forgot usernameToprawa and Ralltiir
August 10, 2010SH Archive/Talk page problemsToprawa and Ralltiir
August 8, 2010SH Archive/What image should I put at the top of the music infoboxes?Toprawa and Ralltiir
August 8, 2010SH Archive/Why aren't lists contained in their own, non-content namespace?Toprawa and Ralltiir
August 7, 2010SH Archive/IMO or 1stm or 1stID?Toprawa and Ralltiir
August 6, 2010SH Archive/Wikia achievements?AL-BRT
August 4, 2010SH Archive/What about locked pages? Who does that?Toprawa and Ralltiir
August 4, 2010SH Archive/CCG used as a reference?AL-BRT
August 2, 2010SH Archive/Printable version?Toprawa and Ralltiir
July 31, 2010SH Archive/Droid articleKillerRoboLeia3000
July 28, 2010SH Archive/Starship model/classes?Toprawa and Ralltiir
July 25, 2010SH Archive/Info from adventuresToprawa and Ralltiir
July 24, 2010SH Archive/Can somebody check New York Times crosswords?Toprawa and Ralltiir
July 22, 2010SH Archive/The Old Republic Fatal AllianceAL-BRT
July 22, 2010SH Archive/Gallery changesKillerRoboLeia3000
July 14, 2010SH Archive/Alias policy?AL-BRT
July 2, 2010SH Archive/Bolding Conjectural TitlesKillerRoboLeia3000
June 30, 2010SH Archive/OOU Layout GuideAL-BRT
June 9, 2010SH Archive/Validity of the "Skywalker epoch"KillerRoboLeia3000
May 30, 2010SH Archive/The coming TFN moveGraestan
May 30, 2010SH Archive/Wizards.comGraestan
May 30, 2010SH Archive/New quote templateGraestan
May 29, 2010SH Archive/Insider 92KillerRoboLeia3000
May 24, 2010SH Archive/Linking our Facebook page in main pageGraestan
May 24, 2010SH Archive/TwitterGraestan
May 18, 2010SH Archive/Complete Articles, eh?KillerRoboLeia3000
May 13, 2010SH Archive/Canon policyEcksBot
May 12, 2010SH Archive/Notability policyEcksBot
May 5, 2010SH Archive/Template:SW vs. Template:HyperspaceGraestan
April 26, 2010SH Archive/Links to disambiguation pagesGraestan
April 21, 2010SH Archive/Project ColonTOM-E Macaron.ii
April 19, 2010SH Archive/What is the difference between appearance and mentioned only in novels?KillerRoboLeia3000
April 16, 2010SH Archive/Stealing from WookieepediaKillerRoboLeia3000
April 6, 2010SH Archive/FAN/GAN subpage discussionAL-BRT
April 2, 2010SH Archive/Individual lightsabersEcksBot
March 20, 2010SH Archive/WEG vs. Dark Horse ComicsEcksBot
March 19, 2010SH Archive/Metric systemAL-BRT
March 4, 2010SH Archive/"liberation"KillerRoboLeia3000
March 3, 2010SH Archive/Sith Empire splitKillerRoboLeia3000
March 2, 2010SH Archive/Verify warningGraestan
February 12, 2010SH Archive/JJM answer KOTOR questionsGraestan
February 5, 2010SH Archive/Infobox name parameterKillerRoboLeia3000
February 5, 2010SH Archive/Rule 13 of the Knowledge BankAL-BRT
February 2, 2010SH:questionMaster Jonathan
February 1, 2010SH Archive/List of Individual Projects?TOM-E Macaron.ii
January 31, 2010SH Archive/Request for comments: Apparently human charactersAL-BRT
January 26, 2010SH Archive/Definition of "homeworld"TOM-E Macaron.ii
January 18, 2010SH Archive/TCW: Jedi starfightersKillerRoboLeia3000
January 8, 2010SH Archive/SNES games and canonKillerRoboLeia3000
December 26, 2009SH Archive/Interpreting The Essential AtlasGrunny
December 22, 2009SH Archive/Articles about Insider articlesGraestan
December 17, 2009SH Archive/The Christmas 2009 QOTDGraestan
December 9, 2009SH Archive/Revan retconGraestan
December 3, 2009SH Archive/Wookieepedia at Celebration VImperators II
November 26, 2009SH Archive/Multiple articles on Unidentified JediSupreme Emperor
October 30, 2009SH Archive/Make Wookieepedia SimplerToprawa and Ralltiir
October 17, 2009SH Archive/Tokyopop star wars mangaAL-BRT
October 16, 2009SH Archive/Wookieepedia SurveyEcksBot
October 15, 2009SH Archive/Articles on common English termsEcksBot
October 1, 2009SH:Naming policyEcksBot
September 27, 2009SH Archive/New upload formAL-BRT
September 17, 2009SH Archive/How do I capture film stills?KillerRoboLeia3000
September 13, 2009SH:Draft of new notability rulesSilly Dan
September 13, 2009SH Archive/Telling people they're editing GAs/FAsGraestan
September 12, 2009SH Archive/Atlas and systemsAL-BRT
September 4, 2009SH:Update to Planet Infobox TemplateToprawa and Ralltiir
August 31, 2009SH:Essential Atlas grid referencesKillerRoboLeia3000
August 29, 2009SH:The Essential Atlas and system namesAL-BRT
August 21, 2009SH:Audiobook CategoriesToprawa and Ralltiir
August 18, 2009SH:Revan and the Star MapsAL-BRT
August 5, 2009SH:Changing of Template:CCGToprawa and Ralltiir
August 4, 2009SH:Search featureToprawa and Ralltiir
July 31, 2009SH:How do I customize my user page.Toprawa and Ralltiir
July 28, 2009SH:Wookieepedia for iPhoneKillerRoboLeia3000
July 28, 2009SH:Sidebar's "more..."Toprawa and Ralltiir
July 25, 2009SH:QuestionToprawa and Ralltiir
July 24, 2009SH:What's up with the sidebar navigation menu?Toprawa and Ralltiir
July 23, 2009SH:Need final clarification on Mofference dateToprawa and Ralltiir
July 21, 2009SH:Clone Wars Series IndexToprawa and Ralltiir
July 18, 2009SH:WookieeProjectsToprawa and Ralltiir
July 17, 2009SH:NPA policyToprawa and Ralltiir
July 17, 2009SH:Good Articles 101Toprawa and Ralltiir
July 17, 2009SH:Userbox OrganizationToprawa and Ralltiir
July 16, 2009SH:Recent ChangesToprawa and Ralltiir
July 16, 2009SH:after fixing an articleToprawa and Ralltiir
July 16, 2009SH:UserboxesToprawa and Ralltiir
July 16, 2009SH:Categorize PagesToprawa and Ralltiir
July 14, 2009SH:Tweak to Template:MajorspoilerToprawa and Ralltiir
July 11, 2009SH:User DeletionToprawa and Ralltiir
July 11, 2009SH:Cards questionToprawa and Ralltiir
July 8, 2009SH:Subcategories and Subcat templateToprawa and Ralltiir
July 8, 2009SH:Wiki does not stop!Toprawa and Ralltiir
July 7, 2009SH Archive/Infolinks???Graestan
July 7, 2009SH Archive/They've been gone for too long!Graestan
July 5, 2009SH:Userpage IntroToprawa and Ralltiir
July 1, 2009SH Archive/AbuseFilterKillerRoboLeia3000
June 24, 2009SH Archive/Video game articlesAL-BRT
June 21, 2009SH:Appearances Sections Need to be Cut Down!Dr. Ball, M.D.
June 17, 2009SH Archive/Game developers: NotabilityGraestan
June 14, 2009SH:Kinitite vs. Force LightningToprawa and Ralltiir
June 11, 2009SH Archive/Violations of our copyrightKillerRoboLeia3000
June 5, 2009SH Archive/IndexesAL-BRT
June 4, 2009SH Archive/Wookieepedia:Wikia tourCade Calrayn
May 27, 2009SH Archive/Force Power CapitalizationEcksBot
May 18, 2009SH Archive/Two image categories for the same character?Atarumaster88
May 14, 2009SH Archive/Cargobay sucks as a source.Atarumaster88
May 9, 2009SH Archive/The Clone Wars Decoded, AgainVitus Infinitus
May 9, 2009SH Archive/Using articles from as sourcesKillerRoboLeia3000
May 6, 2009SH Archive/Why no more timeline of adult novels?EcksBot
May 4, 2009SH Archive/How do you get a Poll on your Page?Atarumaster88
April 28, 2009SH Archive/MediaWiki 1.14 upgradeAtarumaster88
April 28, 2009SH Archive/TransformersKillerRoboLeia3000
April 23, 2009SH Archive/TFU guisesAL-BRT
April 17, 2009SH Archive/Taking a little ActionGraestan
April 17, 2009SH Archive/Dynamic page (script) ?Atarumaster88
April 12, 2009SH Archive/Wanted Pages listGraestan
April 4, 2009SH Archive/Skywalker Family Chart?AL-BRT
April 2, 2009SH Archive/JMAS RebellionDarth Culator
April 1, 2009SH Archive/Movie purism wins out at WookieepediaKillerRoboLeia3000
March 29, 2009SH Archive/Star Wars: The Old Republic timelineEcksBot
March 27, 2009SH Archive/Planet infobox: demonyms?Graestan
March 26, 2009SH Archive/Mobile Version?Q9-X2
March 25, 2009SH Archive/Amount of images in articlesKillerRoboLeia3000
March 20, 2009SH Archive/Category featureGraestan
March 17, 2009SH Archive/Short story citationsGraestan
March 12, 2009SH Archive/Displaying SVG imagesQ9-X2
February 13, 2009SH Archive/A question about charactersKillerRoboLeia3000
February 10, 2009SH Archive/Site Partnership with TFWikiAL-BRT
February 9, 2009LucasArts website copying our articlesAL-BRT
February 7, 2009SH Archive/Abolishing previous/next/concurrent battles sectionGraestan
February 1, 2009SH Archive/Battle infobox helpKillerRoboLeia3000
January 29, 2009SH Archive/Out of print booksQ9-X2
January 14, 2009SH Archive/Numbered lists not working?Q9-X2
January 13, 2009SH Archive/Wookiee-censusGraestan
January 9, 2009SH Archive/Quotes in proseAL-BRT
January 1, 2009SH Archive/Sources for Toys?Graestan
January 1, 2009SH Archive/Order of appearanceEcksBot
December 31, 2008SH:Can't make a profile because the username is never valid!Master Jonathan
December 31, 2008SH Archive/Structure of the Novel ArticlesQ9-X2
December 29, 2008SH Archive/Naming policyEcksBot
December 20, 2008SH Archive/The Infosphere - The Futurama WikiToprawa and Ralltiir
December 18, 2008SH Archive/Ambiguously canonCade Calrayn
December 15, 2008SH Archive/Shrinking an Image CategoryGraestan
December 8, 2008SH Archive/Revamping the protection templatesRoboCade
December 5, 2008SH Archive/Aurebesh fontQ9-X2
December 4, 2008SH Archive/We should split Kotor TemplateKillerRoboLeia3000
December 4, 2008SH:Printable Pages?Master Jonathan
December 3, 2008SH Archive/AJAX testingQ9-X2
November 30, 2008SH Archive/complete chronologyQ9-X2
November 22, 2008SH Archive/The Twin Nebulae in ESB?EcksBot
November 19, 2008SH Archive/Does George Lucas count as a Source?Q9-X2
November 16, 2008SH Archive/why are these hereKillerRoboLeia3000
November 14, 2008SH Archive/More info from LucasfilmQ9-X2
November 10, 2008SH Archive/Redlinked WookieesToqgers
November 10, 2008SH Archive/Changing an articles nameBrandon Rhea
October 30, 2008SH Archive/Separate pages for multiple sourcebook editions?Graestan
October 29, 2008SH Archive/Animal categoriesQ9-X2
October 26, 2008SH Archive/Talk HeadersGraestan
October 23, 2008SH Archive/Wookieepedia IRC cloaksQ9-X2
October 20, 2008SH Archive/Last NamesGraestan
October 19, 2008SH Archive/ images fair use?EcksBot
October 17, 2008SH Archive/Useful info from LucasfilmsQ9-X2
October 15, 2008SH Archive/Width/Height questionGraestan
October 15, 2008SH Archive/A featured image, perhaps?Graestan
October 14, 2008SH Archive/Dialog.tlk files as references?Graestan
October 12, 2008SH Archive/Clone Wars Timeline (2)KillerRoboLeia3000
October 7, 2008SH Archive/Removing welcome messagesGraestan
October 6, 2008SH Archive/"Kreia" name changeAL-BRT
September 28, 2008SH Archive/Grand Army of the Republic StructureGraestan
September 22, 2008SH Archive/Sith Page titlesGraestan
September 20, 2008SH Archive/Which version of the force unleashed is canonical?Q9-X2
September 18, 2008SH Archive/Suggestion: Interactive Galaxy MapGraestan
September 15, 2008SH Archive/Trade route infoboxEcksBot
September 14, 2008SH Archive/help with data dumpGraestan
September 12, 2008SH Archive/The Super-Terrific Wookiee-Tastic Image Sourcing Beautification ProjectQ9-X2
September 10, 2008SH Archive/MediaWiki 1.13.1KillerRoboLeia3000
September 9, 2008SH Archive/AppearancesGraestan
September 2, 2008SH Archive/Continuity for novel pagesAL-BRT
August 28, 2008SH Archive/Real World PeopleGraestan
August 27, 2008SH Archive/Database Downloads, aka "dumps"Graestan
August 27, 2008SH Archive/Iphone WookiepediaGraestan
August 25, 2008SH Archive/Filmographies vs. BibliographiesGraestan
August 25, 2008SH Archive/Contest proposalsDarth Culator
August 23, 2008SH Archive/CopyrightsKillerRoboLeia3000
August 19, 2008SH Archive/How can I delete my account?Graestan
August 18, 2008SH Archive/Clone Wars Movie - TimelineGraestan
August 18, 2008SH Archive/Star Wars Kids: Two versions?Toprawa and Ralltiir
August 14, 2008SH Archive/LoginGraestan
August 14, 2008SH Archive/Search trialKillerRoboLeia3000
August 13, 2008SH Archive/We need a blogAL-BRT
August 11, 2008SH Archive/Crusade against instances of "the Galaxy"Graestan
August 8, 2008SH Archive/An entirely in-universe wiki?AL-BRT
August 7, 2008SH Archive/Rankings of starwars factions, characters, etc.?Graestan
August 7, 2008SH Archive/Strongest force user: over usageAL-BRT
August 4, 2008SH Archive/We need a chronological timeline of Sith LordsQ9-X2
August 3, 2008SH Archive/Tense issueAL-BRT
August 1, 2008SH Archive/2 Articles for 1 ShipGraestan
July 31, 2008SH Archive/Please read this if you are BureaucratQ9-X2
July 28, 2008SH Archive/What happened to Corran Horn's pageQ9-X2
July 27, 2008SH Archive/Clone Wars timelineSulfur
July 24, 2008SH Archive/0.5 ABYAL-BRT
July 24, 2008SH Archive/CSA CompaniesGraestan
July 23, 2008SH Archive/Youmay tag and DisambiguationEcksBot
July 22, 2008SH Archive/Is there a ranking system on here...KillerRoboLeia3000
July 19, 2008SH Archive/Dark Horse DatabaseGraestan
July 18, 2008SH Archive/Bothan StealthGraestan
July 18, 2008SH Archive/Mass Template ProtectionQ9-X2
July 15, 2008SH Archive/Ad PlacementAJTD6
July 15, 2008SH Archive/Smaller Logo?Q9-X2
July 13, 2008SH Archive/Quoting Novels?KillerRoboLeia3000
July 8, 2008SH Archive/Fel and Krayt Empire mergeGraestan
July 7, 2008SH Archive/Manual of StyleAL-BRT
July 6, 2008SH Archive/Good nominationsQ9-X2
June 30, 2008SH Archive/Number of times to link to something in an articleKillerRoboLeia3000
June 30, 2008SH Archive/More on the ad changesGraestan
June 30, 2008SH Archive/Category:Images of poor quality vs. Category:Images for cleanupGraestan
June 28, 2008SH Archive/Unknown People from the MoviesGraestan
June 28, 2008SH Archive/Articles for common English wordsAL-BRT
June 25, 2008SH Archive/WookificationKillerRoboLeia3000
June 19, 2008SH Archive/Chiss namesQ9-X2
June 18, 2008SH Archive/Starship affiliationAL-BRT
June 17, 2008SH Archive/New Wikia SkinGraestan
June 16, 2008SH Archive/IP talkGraestan
June 15, 2008SH Archive/Spoiler TagsQ9-X2
June 15, 2008SH Archive/"Dark Side" Article NeutralityGraestan
June 14, 2008SH Archive/Companies of the CSAQ9-X2
June 14, 2008SH Archive/RPG spoilers, how to keep players from finding out?Graestan
June 13, 2008SH Archive/Unused template cleanup?Cade Calrayn
June 12, 2008SH Archive/What does it mean if an article is called cannon or non-cannon?KillerRoboLeia3000
June 10, 2008SH Archive/The GalleriesGraestan
June 8, 2008SH Archive/Categorizing imagesQ9-X2
June 8, 2008SH Archive/"Wikia's New Style"Greyman
June 8, 2008SH Archive/Another new Wookieeproject. Oh boy......Q9-X2
June 6, 2008SH Archive/New WookieeProject: EwoksGraestan
June 6, 2008SH Archive/Need help/opinions should I merge or create a topic page and link outKillerRoboLeia3000
June 5, 2008SH Archive/Information from authors/artists off-site, what is it's status?Graestan
June 4, 2008SH Archive/4 ABY/5 ABY - where is the shift and how do we deal with it?KillerRoboLeia3000
June 3, 2008SH Archive/References to other works of fictionGreyman
June 2, 2008SH Archive/TSL restoration effectAL-BRT
June 1, 2008SH Archive/Create new user boxesQ9-X2
June 1, 2008SH Archive/Why was the Knowledge Bank purged?Q9-X2
June 1, 2008SH Archive/Brothers in Arms: Where did this title come from?Exiledjedi
June 1, 2008SH Archive/Project AmbitionAL-BRT
June 1, 2008SH Archive/Why are admins deleting images I upload?Q9-X2
June 1, 2008SH Archive/List of Biblical references in Star WarsKillerRoboLeia3000
May 31, 2008SH Archive/Duel on the RavagerQ9-X2
May 31, 2008SH Archive/New Category: TraitorsKillerRoboLeia3000
May 31, 2008SH Archive/Userboxes and photos on the right of userpages?Greyman
May 31, 2008SH Archive/Weird Sound FileQ9-X2
May 31, 2008SH Archive/Dac/Mon CalamariGreyman
May 31, 2008SH Archive/Language UserboxQ9-X2
May 28, 2008SH Archive/Merchandise Wiki Wednesdays!Q9-X2
May 28, 2008SH Archive/How can I fit into wookiepedia?Q9-X2
May 28, 2008SH Archive/How do I create a sig?Greyman
May 25, 2008SH Archive/What is the IRCGreyman
May 23, 2008SH Archive/How do I post a comment?Greyman
May 23, 2008SH Archive/Unidentified man in green firing turretExiledjedi
May 22, 2008SH Archive/Threats of the galaxyGreyman
May 21, 2008SH Archive/LingoEcksBot
May 20, 2008SH Archive/Page NumbersGreyman
May 18, 2008SH Archive/Jedi symbolQ9-X2
May 18, 2008SH Archive/Is there a page that shows all the edits I've made?Greyman
May 16, 2008SH Archive/European Star Wars Magazine w/ Indiana JonesGreyman
May 15, 2008SH Archive/Admiral CapoGreyman
May 15, 2008SH Archive/Log-in problemsGreyman
May 14, 2008SH Archive/How do you set up a user page?Greyman
May 14, 2008SH Archive/How Do I set up my user page. I'm new. HELP!Q9-X2
May 12, 2008SH Archive/What is BBY and ABYGreyman
May 12, 2008SH Archive/Stack overflow at line: 5Greyman
May 12, 2008SH Archive/CapitalizingXwing328
May 9, 2008SH Archive/Severed limbsGreyman
May 8, 2008SH Archive/Earth and Star Wars GalaxyGreyman
May 5, 2008SH Archive/How do i post. because I think I screwed up.Greyman
May 2, 2008SH Archive/Template problemsGreyman
May 2, 2008SH Archive/How do I cancel an account?Q9-X2
April 30, 2008SH Archive/Wookieepedia in Star Wars InsiderMaster Jonathan
April 30, 2008SH Archive/Jedi/Sith Castes - More info pleaseGreyman
April 30, 2008SH Archive/How do I shrink images to fit custom userboxesQ9-X2
April 30, 2008SH Archive/Displaying Images Hosted on Outside Servers- Can It Be Done?Greyman
April 28, 2008SH Archive/Star wars micro faxGreyman
April 28, 2008SH Archive/Admin NominationsQ9-X2
April 26, 2008Merge of 'Flash detonator' and 'Flash-bang grenade' topicsGreyman
April 22, 2008SH Archive/Imperial recategorizationGreyman
April 22, 2008SH Archive/Question about putting engines in infoboxes when no type is givenQ9-X2
April 21, 2008SH Archive/Luke's force potentialKillerRoboLeia3000
April 20, 2008SH Archive/Are there any lightsaber form userboxes?Greyman
April 19, 2008SH Archive/Holocrons and Sith apprenticesTOM-E Macaron.ii
April 17, 2008SH Archive/How do you make a userbox?Greyman
April 17, 2008SH Archive/'Rise of the Empire' era clarificationGreyman
April 16, 2008SH Archive/Can we get pics uploaded for the unidentified Cantina Patrons?Greyman
April 13, 2008SH Archive/New Star Wars wikiQ9-X2
April 13, 2008SH Archive/Inquisitorius Announcement: TutorialsAL-BRT
April 13, 2008SH Archive/Template:NotabilityQ9-X2
April 9, 2008SH Archive/A troubling new Lucas quoteAJTD6
April 9, 2008SH Archive/Past tense?KillerRoboLeia3000
April 9, 2008SH Archive/Your Favorite ArticleEcksBot
April 8, 2008SH Archive/Weapon PowerQ9-X2
April 5, 2008SH Archive/Unidentified ship articlesEcksBot
April 5, 2008SH Archive/Pronuciation standards?Greyman
April 5, 2008SH Archive/Real world company infoboxRoboCade
April 3, 2008SH Archive/Pictures qualityGreyman
April 3, 2008SH Archive/Content boxesGreyman
April 3, 2008SH Archive/We need this: Image Map ExtensionsKillerRoboLeia3000
April 1, 2008SH Archive/Umm, darth wiki?Greyman
April 1, 2008SH Archive/What are the boxes saying 'Master Qui Gon, More to say have you?' called?Q9-X2
April 1, 2008SH Archive/What's going on with the Main Page Language?KillerRoboLeia3000
March 29, 2008SH Archive/Adding a Mandalorian section to the Mercenary pageRoboCade
March 29, 2008SH Archive/Adding Lightsaber colours to infoboxesQ9-X2
March 28, 2008SH Archive/How'd you find Wookieepedia?KillerRoboLeia3000
March 27, 2008SH Archive/Clarification on citing novelsGreyman
March 26, 2008SH Archive/Technical controversy regarding Eta-2 Actis weaponryGreyman
March 24, 2008SH Archive/Wookieepedia suddenly incompatible with browser?Q9-X2
March 20, 2008SH Archive/Dumb Question: Using Userpage as Personal Sandbox?Q9-X2
March 19, 2008SH Archive/Rule of Two and Order of Sith LordsGreyman
March 19, 2008SH Archive/Concerning User Subpages...AL-BRT
March 19, 2008SH Archive/Printing?KillerRoboLeia3000
March 18, 2008SH Archive/Horizontal Scrolling?Q9-X2
March 18, 2008SH Archive/The Spoiler policyQ9-X2
March 17, 2008SH Archive/Unsigned commentsQ9-X2
March 16, 2008SH Archive/Moving the Main PageQ9-X2
March 14, 2008SH Archive/Making a new articleGreyman
March 11, 2008SH Archive/Relationships sectionsSupreme Emperor
March 7, 2008SH Archive/Joke articlesQ9-X2
March 6, 2008SH Archive/Deletion of the article "Gray Jedi Code"Pranay Sobusk
March 5, 2008SH Archive/Wookiepedia needs it's own namespace. Syrysly.KillerRoboLeia3000
March 3, 2008SH Archive/Name change for Jacen SoloAL-BRT
March 2, 2008SH Archive/April Fool's?AL-BRT
March 1, 2008SH Archive/Why was "List of KotOR II" deleted?Q9-X2
February 28, 2008SH Archive/New Wookieepedia FormatGreyman
February 27, 2008SH Archive/Monaco banner contestAL-BRT
February 26, 2008SH Archive/Making your own personal sidebar in MonacoCavalier One
February 24, 2008SH Archive/Clone trooper Action figuresGreyman
February 24, 2008SH Archive/Image searchingGreyman
February 22, 2008SH Archive/New "Monaco" Skin Design for WookieepediaQ9-X2
February 22, 2008SH Archive/Edits before they happenQ9-X2
February 20, 2008SH Archive/Delayed deletion for fan topics?Graestan
February 18, 2008SH Archive/Armor infoboxQ9-X2
February 18, 2008SH Archive/Content Boxes?Greyman
February 16, 2008SH Archive/Notice BoxesGreyman
February 14, 2008SH Archive/Wookieepedia gets a nod at SW.comGreyman
February 13, 2008SH Archive/Catagorizing Featured ArticlesQ9-X2
February 9, 2008SH Archive/New Page RequestsCade Calrayn
February 8, 2008SH Archive/Conjecturally named star-systemsKillerRoboLeia3000
February 1, 2008SH Archive/Symphony for a SagaGreyman
January 23, 2008SH Archive/Latest Wiki updatesQ9-X2
January 22, 2008SH Archive/Dave Dorman on CNNGreyman
January 22, 2008SH Archive/FA ProtectionQ9-X2
January 16, 2008GAR-Empire TransitionKillerRoboLeia3000
January 15, 2008SH Archive/Death Star timelineRoboCade
January 13, 2008SH Archive/Why did the improvement drive go?Greyman
January 10, 2008SH Archive/Bug report (attention Wikia staff)Q9-X2
January 9, 2008SH Archive/FoodboxRoboCade
January 7, 2008SH Archive/Artist renderings of unrepresented starships.Greyman
January 4, 2008SH Archive/Character ListsGreyman
January 3, 2008SH Archive/SW:CCG - The HolotableGreyman
January 2, 2008The World of Star Wars: reliable?Q9-X2
January 1, 2008The state of our quote articles.Q9-X2
December 30, 2007SH Archive/Official photos on World of Star WarsAL-BRT
December 30, 2007SH Archive/"Galleries must die"?Greyman
December 29, 2007SH Archive/Shuttles as StarshipsAL-BRT
December 28, 2007SH Archive/Improved Novel Entries - Chapter summaries?RoboCade
December 28, 2007SH Archive/TensesGreyman
December 26, 2007SH Archive/Maybe OT, but... help for another wiki?Greyman
December 24, 2007SH Archive/"New Jedi Order" Affiliation for non-jedi?KillerRoboLeia3000
December 23, 2007SH Archive/Order 66 articles?Greyman
December 21, 2007Award proposalsQ9-X2
December 19, 2007SH Archive/Using templates in other wikisGreyman
December 19, 2007SH Archive/New Category:Stun Devices?RoboCade
December 16, 2007SH Archive/Why is picture tagging not allowed anymore?Greyman
December 16, 2007Fanon RecordCade Calrayn
December 11, 2007SH Archive/MIT Ethnographic Study on Wookieepedia - Your input requestedAL-BRT
December 11, 2007SH Archive/How do you make a user info box?Greyman
December 9, 2007SH Archive/Template - KotOR comic seriesGreyman
December 8, 2007SH Archive/Image categorization coordinationAL-BRT
December 7, 2007SH Archive/Userboxes from other usersGreyman
December 7, 2007Userboxes not lining upXwing328
December 6, 2007SH Archive/How do you do vertical lines?Greyman
December 6, 2007SH Archive/How to put an image in an articleGreyman
December 5, 2007SH Archive/What language is classed as reportable?AL-BRT
December 5, 2007SH Archive/InfoboxGreyman
December 3, 2007SH Archive/Highlight clicked references in colorGreyman
December 2, 2007SH Archive/New feature wantedToprawa and Ralltiir
November 29, 2007SH Archive/Mr/Miss Droid Star WarsGreyman
November 27, 2007SH Archive/Would Wookieepedia like to use Portal Pages?Greyman
November 27, 2007SH Archive/New Wookiee-cast episodesQ9-X2
November 27, 2007SH Archive/Knights of the Force pageQ9-X2
November 27, 2007SH Archive/Picture for a characterGreyman
November 27, 2007SH Archive/New information from Jedi vs. Sith guide... KotOR comic spoilersTOM-E Macaron.ii
November 24, 2007Articles only in Galactic BattlegroundsQ9-X2
November 21, 2007SH Archive/Altering image for userbox useRoboCade
November 21, 2007SH Archive/Submitting a quote for quote of the dayGreyman
November 20, 2007SH Archive/Why articles shouldn't be unknown, unnamed, or anonymousAL-BRT
November 20, 2007SH Archive/Categories when using previewGreyman
November 19, 2007SH Archive/ DatabankGreyman
November 17, 2007Semi-related annoyance about images...KillerRoboLeia3000
November 16, 2007SH Archive/Punctuating quotationsGraestan
November 16, 2007FFXICLOPEDIA?Greyman
November 13, 2007SH Archive/The Wookiee' QDB threadKillerRoboLeia3000
November 12, 2007SH Archive/A notice regarding images and the EGTTFGreyman
November 12, 2007Template name?Greyman
November 9, 2007SH Archive/Visual Guides to returnGreyman
November 9, 2007A few basic questions.Greyman
November 9, 2007Merge ... (spoilers)RoboCade
November 6, 2007Era IconsQ9-X2
November 4, 2007SH Archive/Coinciding appearancesGreyman
November 3, 20071'stGreyman
November 3, 2007Fanon LimitRoboCade
November 2, 2007AdministratorsGreyman
November 2, 2007SkinsAL-BRT
November 1, 2007SH Archive/Ctrl-alt-sGreyman
November 1, 2007Forgot to log inGreyman
October 31, 2007The World of Star WarsAL-BRT
October 29, 2007How do you set the default skin...?Greyman
October 26, 2007SH Archive/New anonymous stormtrooper articlesAL-BRT
October 25, 2007Astromech Vs UtilityKillerRoboLeia3000
October 24, 2007Sizing of picturesQ9-X2
October 23, 2007Tales of the Jedi Omnibus 2Greyman
October 20, 2007SH Archive/Jacen SoloRoboCade
October 19, 2007ProblemReports has low signal-to-noise ratioQ9-X2
October 18, 2007Nick rostuGreyman
October 18, 2007Pics in sigsGreyman
October 17, 2007New look or glitchGreyman
October 15, 2007Unnamed listToprawa and Ralltiir
October 15, 2007Anonymous Cloud City stormtrooperKillerRoboLeia3000
October 13, 2007Proposal for new Geographic Features InfoboxesQ9-X2
October 11, 2007Character box KillsQ9-X2
October 11, 2007How to set QartzSlate as a default skin for my wiki?Greyman
October 11, 2007I suck. I can't find a good S-canon tagDarth Culator
October 10, 2007How do you change your signiture?Greyman
October 10, 2007How do you add to the Did you know... and other front page topics?Greyman
October 9, 2007Spacing in article titlesExiledjedi
October 5, 2007Unterminated String Constant script errorsAJTD6
October 4, 2007Copying Wikipedia articles to WikiasRoboCade
October 3, 2007New category for Droid "Genders"KillerRoboLeia3000
October 2, 2007Standard Summaries helpGreyman
October 2, 2007SH Archive/Too many era tags?Q9-X2
September 29, 2007WookieeProject Last Months of the Clone WarsRoboCade
September 29, 2007SH Archive/Proposing a new infobox for star systemsAL-BRT
September 25, 2007Inform the Community about new Policy UpdatesGreyman
September 23, 2007Jedi recategorization ongoingGreyman
September 23, 2007How do I create an info box?Q9-X2
September 23, 2007Fixing Template RedundancyKillerRoboLeia3000
September 22, 2007Skins againGreyman
September 22, 2007How can I start a Project ?Q9-X2
September 21, 2007Droid SeriesEcksBot
September 19, 2007TIE/in page wrongGreyman
September 16, 2007User Page TemplateGreyman
September 14, 2007"Report a problem"Greyman
September 13, 2007SH Archive/'New articles' page gone?Greyman
September 13, 2007To view the site the old way?Q9-X2
September 11, 2007SH Archive/How do I change my username?Greyman
September 10, 2007SH Archive/Other Star Wars wikis on WikiaKillerRoboLeia3000
September 10, 2007SH Archive/Text bubbles in comic scansGreyman
September 9, 2007Improvement Drive has died. For real.Greyman
September 8, 2007Boba fett article is wrongGreyman
September 3, 2007Mysteries of the SithJSarek
September 3, 2007How do I make polls?Q9-X2
September 2, 2007SH Archive/EditingGreyman
August 29, 2007SH Archive/Notable fan film without an articleCade Calrayn
August 29, 2007SH Archive/External imagesGreyman
August 28, 2007BugQ9-X2
August 28, 2007SH Archive/Editing article sectionsQ9-X2
August 28, 2007Lomi Plo and WelkQ9-X2
August 27, 2007SH Archive/Sourcing imagesQ9-X2
August 26, 2007Wookie/Smoke skin maintenance reportQ9-X2
August 25, 2007Novel plot summariesQ9-X2
August 25, 2007SH Archive/Bot helpGreyman
August 24, 2007SH Archive/Infobox helpGreyman
August 24, 2007SH Archive/Imperial splinter groupsKillerRoboLeia3000
August 23, 2007We're being stolen fromQ9-X2
August 23, 2007SH Archive/The Supreme Chancellor of the new republicGreyman
August 22, 2007SH Archive/Appearances vs New continuityGreyman
August 22, 2007SH Archive/High-res coversRoboCade
August 22, 2007V2 skin for visitorsRoboCade
August 22, 2007SH Archive/HoloNet News and Phow JiGreyman
August 21, 2007How do I create a Signature?Q9-X2
August 21, 2007Geonosis battle arenaAL-BRT
August 18, 2007SH Archive/Ship names in Star WarsGreyman
August 18, 2007SH Archive/Among v. amongstGreyman
August 18, 2007SH Archive/Fanon, canon and anachronismsDarth Culator
August 17, 2007Recent Changes PatrollerQ9-X2
August 16, 2007SpeculationAL-BRT
August 14, 2007SH Archive/Article on Clone ranks and divisionsRoboCade
August 14, 2007Personally made userbox updatesQ9-X2
August 13, 2007Templates of the userboxes (normal name was already taken...)Q9-X2
August 13, 2007SH Archive/Episode userboxesGreyman
August 13, 2007SH Archive/WookieepediansGreyman
August 13, 2007SH Archive/How Many Pictures Are Too Many Pictures?Greyman
August 13, 2007SH Archive/How we really understand the galaxyGreyman
August 13, 2007SH Archive/Star Wars years and ours....Greyman
August 13, 2007SH Archive/CoruscantGreyman
August 13, 2007SH Archive/Where can I get a map of starwars spaceQ9-X2
August 12, 2007SH Archive/Jedi Temple PlansGreyman
August 9, 2007SH Archive/New comic strip articlesCade Calrayn
August 8, 2007SH Archive/Duel pagesKillerRoboLeia3000
August 5, 2007SH Archive/Help please. I'm a bit lost.Greyman
August 4, 2007SH Archive/Join the Darth SideGreyman
August 4, 2007SH Archive/Page issuesQ9-X2
August 4, 2007Infobox sourcingKillerRoboLeia3000
August 2, 2007SH Archive/Creation of a page listing destroyed, ravaged, or rendered unihabitable worldsGreyman
August 1, 2007SH Archive/Userboxes and infoboxesRoboCade
July 31, 2007SH Archive/Yodapedia reaches 1.000 articles !AL-BRT
July 30, 2007SH Archive/Adding a new section to a pageAL-BRT
July 28, 2007SH Archive/New section in standard summariesGreyman
July 26, 2007How can I delete other articles ?AL-BRT
July 26, 2007Editing Galleries?Q9-X2
July 25, 2007SH Archive/Search BarGreyman
July 24, 2007Template creationQ9-X2
July 24, 2007SH Archive/Rebellion Era/New Republic Era?EcksBot
July 23, 2007SH Archive/Redlink limitQ9-X2
July 23, 2007SH Archive/Marvel Star Wars datesGreyman
July 19, 2007SH Archive/Headshots in infoboxesQ9-X2
July 17, 2007IRC bot suggestionsQ9-X2
July 15, 2007SH Archive/Bugs in the new skinsQ9-X2
July 15, 2007SH Archive/What does it take?Q9-X2
July 14, 2007SH Archive/Hotlinking imagesQ9-X2
July 13, 2007What Skin Do You Use?RoboCade
July 13, 2007SH Archive/Wookieepedian list and my name.Greyman
July 12, 2007SH Archive/FA restorationImperators II
July 12, 2007SH Archive/GA on the Main PageAL-BRT
July 10, 2007SH Archive/Frankly, it looks kriffing awfulKillerRoboLeia3000
July 10, 2007SH Archive/How do I nominate a new quote?Greyman
July 9, 2007The Life and Times of Wookieepedia in Novel FormAL-BRT
July 9, 2007SH Archive/How can I vote?Greyman
July 8, 2007SH Archive/Whiphid HibernationGreyman
July 7, 2007SH Archive/Dressing A Galaxy picEcksBot
July 7, 2007SH Archive/New What's The Story writer...Greyman
July 7, 2007SH Archive/Spoilers in the Quote of the DayAL-BRT
July 7, 2007SH Archive/SearchboxGreyman
July 6, 2007SH Archive/User iconQ9-X2
July 5, 2007SH Archive/Saber GauntletKillerRoboLeia3000
July 4, 2007SH Archive/Main page updatesGreyman
July 2, 2007SH Archive/Little box thingsGreyman
July 2, 2007SH Archive/Inclusion of PollsQ9-X2
June 29, 2007Does wookiepedia have a "bad Jokes and other deleted nonsense" page like wikipedia somewhere?Toprawa and Ralltiir
June 29, 2007SH Archive/Interregnum?Greyman
June 28, 2007Note on quotation sourcingKillerRoboLeia3000
June 27, 2007Timeline of mediaKillerRoboLeia3000
June 26, 2007CitationsGreyman
June 26, 2007How do I join Wookiepedia?Q9-X2
June 23, 2007TaggingGreyman
June 22, 2007How can I create my userpage and put in userboxes?Greyman
June 22, 2007Whatever happened to the Gray jedi code page?Greyman
June 21, 2007Image taggingGreyman
June 21, 2007Let's reorder the FA queueToprawa and Ralltiir
June 21, 2007Sentient v.s. SapientGreyman
June 21, 2007Please Read This! It Is Very Important!Cade Calrayn
June 21, 2007Spam filterGreyman
June 17, 2007Where did the QOTD archives go?Q9-X2
June 17, 2007Is there even a point to the pictures!?Greyman
June 16, 2007Four-way war templateGreyman
June 16, 2007Adding Personal ImagesGreyman
June 15, 2007Depa Billaba: Redeemed Jedi?Q9-X2
June 15, 2007Deleted PageGreyman
June 15, 2007SH Archive/Spoilers in edit summariesRoboCade
June 14, 2007SH Archive/Fatal Error in IE 6Q9-X2
June 13, 2007SH Archive/NavboxGreyman
June 12, 2007SH Archive/Those who turned down the price check......Greyman
June 12, 2007SH Archive/SwgAL-BRT
June 11, 2007Multiple Reloads = IrritationAL-BRT
June 10, 2007Drawing the line with featured articlesEcksBot
June 9, 2007SH Archive/Merge proposalsAL-BRT
June 9, 2007Tag this image?Q9-X2
June 8, 2007SH Archive/Userlogin is gone!AL-BRT
June 8, 2007SH Archive/What is user talk?RoboCade
June 8, 2007Smoke skin deployedQ9-X2
June 8, 2007SH Archive/Spaces above section titles in articlesRoboCade
June 7, 2007Where are the userboxes?Q9-X2
June 7, 2007Issues of age and identityQ9-X2
June 5, 2007Video: Breathesgelatin speaks about wookieepediaQ9-X2
June 5, 2007LS combat form infoboxQ9-X2
June 4, 2007SH Archive/50,000 Pages!AL-BRT
June 4, 2007SH Archive/Orphaned pages challengeAL-BRT
June 4, 2007SH Archive/Can Wookieepedia Pages be ported to Wikipedia?TOM-E Macaron.ii
June 3, 2007SH Archive/I don't know how to make a user box. HELP ME!Q9-X2
June 2, 2007SH Archive/Wanted Pages ListGreyman
May 31, 2007SH Archive/Goodnight Forest MoonGreyman
May 31, 2007Easing up the relationship with Star Wars FanonDarth Culator
May 31, 2007SH Archive/Could someone please make me a userboxQ9-X2
May 31, 2007SH Archive/Pictures not coming upGreyman
May 31, 2007SH Archive/Noncanon on eraGreyman
May 30, 2007SH Archive/Canon and MoralityKillerRoboLeia3000
May 29, 2007SH Archive/Any Ideas for the 30th Aniversary of SW?Q9-X2
May 29, 2007SH Archive/Star Wars WeekendsGreyman
May 28, 2007SH Archive/Where to learn light saber forms?KillerRoboLeia3000
May 27, 2007SH Archive/State of the Wiki Address :)KillerRoboLeia3000
May 27, 2007Legacy HelpGreyman
May 27, 2007SH Archive/"Tales of the New Republic" cartoonGreyman
May 27, 2007SH Archive/SWFanon linksAL-BRT
May 26, 2007SH Archive/I must askKillerRoboLeia3000
May 26, 2007SH Archive/How do you add pictures to your userpage?Q9-X2
May 25, 2007SH Archive/So lame it's coolAL-BRT
May 23, 2007SH Archive/Stump the WookieeAJTD6
May 23, 2007SH Archive/A site of AgesGreyman
May 22, 2007SH Archive/Early spoilersGreyman
May 21, 2007SH Archive/External linkingKillerRoboLeia3000
May 19, 2007CIV Continuity QuestionsTommy-Macaroni
May 19, 2007SH Archive/Corellia ImageAL-BRT
May 19, 2007SH Archive/Languages in the infoboxLelalMekha
May 18, 2007SH Archive/Sacrifice SpoilersRoboCade
May 18, 2007SH Archive/Kavar's, Vrook's, and Zez-Kai Ell's lightsaber formsTOM-E Macaron.ii
May 17, 2007SH Archive/Announcement: Login timeouts and loss of session dataQ9-X2
May 15, 2007SH Archive/Adding pics to articlesQ9-X2
May 14, 2007SH Archive/Coruscant ImageGreyman
May 14, 2007SH Archive/External LInksGreyman
May 13, 2007SH Archive/"Operation Aborted" error message for userpageGreyman
May 13, 2007SH Archive/Logon problemsQ9-X2
May 11, 2007SH Archive/Resurrecting the Player's Committee articleGreyman
May 10, 2007SH Archive/CategoriesGreyman
May 9, 2007SH Archive/Come again?AJTD6
May 8, 2007SH Archive/Wikia BlogsGreyman
May 8, 2007SH Archive/SubpagesGreyman
May 8, 2007SH Archive/DeletingGreyman
May 8, 2007SH Archive/Republic Commando 2KillerRoboLeia3000
May 7, 2007SH Archive/Userboxes2Greyman
May 7, 2007SH Archive/Can you use the picture?Q9-X2
May 7, 2007SH Archive/Suggestion for the Dathka Graush pageQ9-X2
May 6, 2007SH Archive/Trash compactor revampAL-BRT
May 6, 2007SH Archive/Dynamic recent changesGreyman
May 6, 2007SH Archive/Image DeletingGreyman
May 5, 2007SH Archive/Wrong place for this discussion?Greyman
May 4, 2007SH Archive/Template consolidationQ9-X2
May 4, 2007SH Archive/Page coversGreyman
May 4, 2007SH Archive/Font tag is evilGreyman
May 4, 2007SH Archive/Media appearancesGreyman
May 3, 2007SH Archive/Need help adding InfoboxesGreyman
May 1, 2007SH Archive/Infoboxes - Help me pleaseGreyman
May 1, 2007SH Archive/Talk page blankedAL-BRT
April 30, 2007What happens if you are the wookieepedian of the month?Silly Dan
April 30, 2007Can't use Wookiepedia logo in Wikipedia user boxQ9-X2
April 30, 2007SH Archive/New skinAJTD6
April 30, 2007Stub removalSilly Dan
April 30, 2007SH Archive/Price check wookieepedia.comGreyman
April 30, 2007DismissSilly Dan
April 29, 2007One more question...Silly Dan
April 29, 2007Can people see your watchlist and prefrences?Silly Dan
April 29, - New Polish sister siteToprawa and Ralltiir
April 29, 2007SH Archive/Are polls contributions?Greyman
April 29, 2007What's the diffrence between a wookiee cookiee and a mint one?AL-BRT
April 28, 2007SH Archive/Darth PlagueisAL-BRT
April 27, 2007New non-canon templateSilly Dan
April 26, 2007SH Archive/Vandalism?Q9-X2
April 26, 2007Problem with Scroll box templateKillerRoboLeia3000
April 26, 2007Frontpage!Q9-X2
April 25, 2007Administrator...Q9-X2
April 25, 2007How to make rounded corners?Cade Calrayn
April 23, 2007MessageSilly Dan
April 23, 2007Wasn't logged inSilly Dan
April 23, 2007Til alle danskere på WookiepediaSilly Dan
April 23, 2007Wookiepedia in new languagesSilly Dan
April 23, 2007Image namespaceCade Calrayn
April 23, 2007Category:SecuritySilly Dan
April 22, 2007SH Archive/SomethingAwful :)AL-BRT
April 22, 2007Articles to be merged discussionsSilly Dan
April 22, 2007Home page helpSilly Dan
April 21, 2007SH Archive/T-shirt designKillerRoboLeia3000
April 21, 2007Cover Art CanonSilly Dan
April 20, 2007SH Archive/Mini-MofferenceImperialles
April 20, 2007Alternate Links in the Search BarSilly Dan
April 19, 2007Linux fortune file from WookieepediaKillerRoboLeia3000
April 19, 2007Image templatesSilly Dan
April 19, 2007Davin FelthSilly Dan
April 19, 2007Yuzzan Vong?KillerRoboLeia3000
April 18, 2007SH Archive/Darth Maul's 'resurrection'Greyman
April 18, 2007Death Star in Trouble!Silly Dan
April 18, 2007Uploading-What's up?Q9-X2
April 18, 2007New search icon featureSilly Dan
April 18, 2007No longer "Doomed"?Exiledjedi
April 16, 2007Hello, I am very new to this and would like to hear any advice on how things workSilly Dan
April 16, 2007I am twelveAL-BRT
April 15, 2007501st "past officers"RoboCade
April 15, 2007Did you read Bad Jokes and other Deleted Nonsense? They're trying to destroy Wookieepedia!Silly Dan
April 14, 2007Hapan Turbolaser TechnologySilly Dan
April 14, 2007I want wookie-cookieEcksBot
April 14, 2007Visitor - text?KillerRoboLeia3000
April 13, 2007SH Archive/WP ranks??Greyman
April 13, 2007New weapon category: Mandalorian?Silly Dan
April 13, 2007WebstripsKillerRoboLeia3000
April 12, 2007Wookieepedia with a POVSilly Dan
April 12, 2007How do I redirect?AL-BRT
April 12, 2007BackgroundQ9-X2
April 11, 2007Category for Battles of the Yuuzhan Vong WarSilly Dan
April 11, 2007I made an article but I don't know how to put it on the deletion poll!Silly Dan
April 11, 2007My two pet peevesSilly Dan
April 10, 2007How do I get my questions answered and how do you answer questions?Silly Dan
April 10, 2007Regarding UserboxesQ9-X2
April 9, 2007How to Become CanonSilly Dan
April 9, 2007PicutresSilly Dan
April 9, 2007Is "Secrets of the Jedi" canon?Silly Dan
April 9, 2007Images in the Search BarSilly Dan
April 9, 2007The right top corner is bolded!Silly Dan
April 9, 2007Regarding AliasesKillerRoboLeia3000
April 9, 2007Regarding User Talk PagesSilly Dan
April 9, 2007SH Archive/"Star Wars Universe"AL-BRT
April 8, 2007I'm looking for an article for the comic book: "Star Wars Episode 1: Obi-Wan Kenobi"Silly Dan
April 7, 2007Notice - Bulleted templatesSilly Dan
April 6, 2007StubSilly Dan
April 6, 2007Wookie-CastSilly Dan
April 5, 2007TenseAL-BRT
April 5, 2007How to make?Q9-X2
April 5, 2007R2d2 mailboxesQ9-X2
April 5, 2007Fan MoviesSilly Dan
April 5, 2007New look Wookiepedia!Silly Dan
April 5, 2007Wookieepedia's policy in regards to roleplaying game statisticsSilly Dan
April 4, 2007"Ultimate fate" rantEcksBot
April 4, 2007Is it April fools day again, or is it just somthing new?Silly Dan
April 4, 2007FA rantAL-BRT
April 4, 2007Wookie-cookieSilly Dan
April 4, 2007Search iconsToprawa and Ralltiir
April 4, 2007No original researchAlexrd
April 3, 2007WTH?KillerRoboLeia3000
April 3, 2007Background imageQ9-X2
April 3, 2007Galleries in articlesQ9-X2
April 2, 2007Template usage rantQ9-X2
April 2, 2007Unsigned sigsSilly Dan
April 1, 2007Mandalorian species article lostRoboCade
April 1, 2007This is getting out of hand.AL-BRT
April 1, 2007KatarnpediaSilly Dan
April 1, 2007Wrecked novel and major major spolierNatonstan
March 31, 2007Spoiler?Silly Dan
March 31, 2007SH Archive/Something is going wrong around here.....KillerRoboLeia3000
March 31, 2007Main pageSilly Dan
March 31, 2007Accident on user pageSilly Dan
March 31, 2007Link errorSilly Dan
March 31, 2007I've created a signature, now how do I add it to my preferences?Silly Dan
March 31, 2007Picture Request- Scans from LegacySilly Dan
March 30, 2007Broken policyAL-BRT
March 30, 2007TeamsSilly Dan
March 30, 2007Eras template and external links warningSilly Dan
March 28, 2007SH Archive/Darth Bane name changeAL-BRT
March 28, 2007More pictures!!Q9-X2
March 27, 2007De facto?RoboCade
March 27, 2007"Current User List"Silly Dan
March 26, 2007SH Archive/New features (March 26, 2007)JSarek
March 25, 2007SH Archive/Character Template?KillerRoboLeia3000
March 25, 2007The Happy Fun User Page Super Friendly Cleanup ProjectSilly Dan
March 24, 2007Wookipedian of the monthQ9-X2
March 24, 2007How to make a table?Silly Dan
March 23, 2007Star wars book wikiSilly Dan
March 23, 2007How to put a logo of my wiki on the browser search barQ9-X2
March 22, 2007SH Archive/Image LinksQ9-X2
March 22, 2007How to make a forum in my wiki?Silly Dan
March 22, 2007Userpage gatecoriesSilly Dan
March 22, 2007How to make a backgrownd of my site?Silly Dan
March 22, 2007SH Archive/More random SW wikis floating aroundRoboCade
March 22, 2007SH Archive/Capture audioImperialles
March 21, 2007SourcingSilly Dan
March 21, 2007How to put a logo on my wiki home page?Silly Dan
March 21, 2007Sourcing and RPG booksSilly Dan
March 21, 2007SH Archive/A talk pageQ9-X2
March 21, 2007How do you get pictures on your user page?Silly Dan
March 20, 2007Recent changes changesSilly Dan
March 20, 2007AdsCade Calrayn
March 20, 2007User pages that have been Categorized???Silly Dan
March 20, 2007SH Archive/1.9Imperialles
March 19, 2007BindersQ9-X2
March 19, 2007Star Wars Games WikiRoboCade
March 19, 2007Preloads reworkedSilly Dan
March 19, 2007Skype is the wrong way to go, here's an alternativeSilly Dan
March 18, 2007Should we have articles for future starwars eipsodes?Silly Dan
March 17, 2007SH Archive/Attention: deletion of sourceless systems and starsKillerRoboLeia3000
March 16, 2007IP-adressSilly Dan
March 16, 2007VideosSilly Dan
March 16, 2007User pages?Silly Dan
March 16, 2007Who is the concept artist for star wars?Silly Dan
March 16, 2007How do I add a to-do list and a guestbook?AL-BRT
March 15, 2007SH Archive/Trade FederationRoboCade
March 15, 2007Requests for User rightsSilly Dan
March 15, 2007Vong Plasma, Lava, or Volcano CannonsSilly Dan
March 15, 2007Noob training?Silly Dan
March 15, 2007I'm planning on adding a 'pros and cons of lightsaber styles' page... any ideas/input/info?AL-BRT
March 15, 2007Star Wars PicturesSilly Dan
March 15, 2007SH Archive/Changing the layout for my user page...Imperialles
March 14, 2007SH Archive/Adding "part of" to war infoboxesRoboCade
March 14, 2007SH Archive/Old Sith WarsImperialles
March 13, 2007SH Archive/Artical InfoKillerRoboLeia3000
March 12, 2007Message for Cull TremayneTOM-E Macaron.ii
March 12, 2007Strange WritingKillerRoboLeia3000
March 12, 2007Space station infoboxRoboCade
March 12, 2007Administrators absenceQ9-X2
March 11, 2007SH Archive/City infoboxKillerRoboLeia3000
March 11, 2007SH Archive/Fanon templateRoboCade
March 11, 2007SH Archive/"Important Notice" picturesImperialles
March 10, 2007SH Archive/Creatures on PannaKillerRoboLeia3000
March 10, 2007SH Archive/Canon ConflictQ9-X2
March 10, 2007Blaster categorizationQ9-X2
March 10, 2007Question on ImagesImperialles
March 10, 2007SH Archive/PUT VIEDOS ON Wookieepedia!!!!!!!!!!!RoboCade
March 9, 2007Promo/concept artSilly Dan
March 9, 2007Youtube on WookieepediaSilly Dan
March 8, 2007Promoting WookieProjectsSilly Dan
March 8, 2007User with Two Accounts?Silly Dan
March 7, 2007I was watching Star Wars Ep 1 for not so long ago...EcksBot
March 7, 2007SH Archive/4-LOMKillerRoboLeia3000
March 6, 2007RedlinkSilly Dan
March 6, 2007SH Archive/Era logos don't appear in some user skinsImperialles
March 6, 2007Articles/stories in journals or magazinesSilly Dan
March 6, 2007Fair use vialationQ9-X2
March 6, 2007SH Archive/Curved edgesRoboCade
March 6, 2007Important: Don't copy from Memory Alpha!Q9-X2
March 5, 2007SH Archive/Reference deskRoboCade
March 5, 2007Is there a name for the period following the Indecta era?Silly Dan
March 5, 2007Question on Types of ArticlesKillerRoboLeia3000
March 5, 2007SH Archive/Age questionsCade Calrayn
March 5, 2007Sourcing HelpSupreme Emperor
March 5, 2007SH Archive/ExcerptsImperialles
March 4, 2007Why doesn't Wookieepedia have a decent star chart?EcksBot
March 4, 2007SH Archive/FontImperialles
March 4, 2007WTF?Silly Dan
March 4, 2007Featured Article removalTOM-E Macaron.ii
March 4, 2007SH Archive/English in Star Wars? I don't get itLelalMekha
March 3, 2007Image of the dayRoboCade
March 3, 2007Masolvar vs MaslovarEcksBot
March 3, 2007New Force powerSilly Dan
March 2, 2007MPv3-style infoboxesEcksBot
March 2, 2007Layout woesQ9-X2
March 2, 2007SH Archive/Creating menusImperialles
March 2, 2007Manual of Style expandedSilly Dan
March 2, 2007New JavaScript featureSilly Dan
March 2, 2007Template for inactive usersRoboCade
March 2, 2007Now that RVD2 is out, surely this fanfilm duology has a place on this pedia?Silly Dan
March 2, 2007ReferencesSilly Dan
March 2, 2007Italicization of article titlesRoboCade
March 1, 2007User-made logosSilly Dan
March 1, 2007Sourceless Since SeptemberCade Calrayn
February 28, 2007I just wanted to thank...Silly Dan
February 28, 2007SH Archive/PSA: piping linksRoboCade
February 28, 2007How do you create a new article with a name that redirects elsewhere?Silly Dan
February 27, 2007Most awesome Jedi ever contestAL-BRT
February 27, 2007Who do report to if a user has profanity on their pageAL-BRT
February 27, 2007SH Archive/Gallery DeletionKillerRoboLeia3000
February 27, 2007SH Archive/Edit Count page problemImperialles
February 27, 2007Referencing rantEcksBot
February 27, 2007SH Archive/Changes to main pageImperialles
February 26, 2007PronunciationSilly Dan
February 26, 2007Who is the Jedi master from Clone wars, Sypha dias (sorry for bad spelling)KillerRoboLeia3000
February 25, 2007SH Archive/Coincidence?TOM-E Macaron.ii
February 25, 2007SH Archive/Battles in the Imperial eraRoboCade
February 25, 2007SH Archive/Amidala kidnapped by Tuskens on TatooineKillerRoboLeia3000
February 25, 2007Luke article editQ9-X2
February 24, 2007Why do we have two search finctions?Silly Dan
February 24, 2007SH Archive/Danaru or Daranu?Imperialles
February 24, 2007New search imageSilly Dan
February 24, 2007SH Archive/Another One?Imperialles
February 24, 2007The Son of Sons...AL-BRT
February 24, 2007I accidentally violated the 3R Rule!!Silly Dan
February 24, 2007SH Archive/Grey Jedi PageImperialles
February 23, 2007New Wikia features (23 Feb 2007)Q9-X2
February 23, 2007SH Archive/Help please...AL-BRT
February 23, 2007Question about canonicty rules here at Wookieepedia.KillerRoboLeia3000
February 23, 2007SH Archive/HTML?Imperialles
February 22, 2007—, –, ...Silly Dan
February 22, 2007''JOKE'' of the dayQ9-X2
February 22, 2007SH Archive/Adventure seeds?Q9-X2
February 21, 2007Thank you vandalism fighters!JSarek
February 20, 2007Jolee and Revan DialogAL-BRT
February 20, 2007SH Archive/HK-47 and Revan DialogImperialles
February 20, 2007SH Archive/Carth and Revan DialogImperialles
February 20, 2007SH Archive/Canderous and Revan DialogImperialles
February 20, 2007SH Archive/Bastila and Revan DialogImperialles
February 20, 2007SH Archive/Exar (again) and Kyp as Sith Lords?RoboCade
February 20, 2007Jedi people questionSilly Dan
February 20, 2007Anakin imageAL-BRT
February 19, 2007SH Archive/Editing QuestionsImperialles
February 19, 2007SH Archive/Dubious Fromm gang clone referencesKillerRoboLeia3000
February 18, 2007SH Archive/"X (language)" to "X language"Imperialles
February 18, 2007SH Archive/Planet vandalsKillerRoboLeia3000
February 18, 2007Missing ErasQ9-X2
February 17, 2007Does anyone need this?Q9-X2
February 16, 2007What did Krai H'voc ever do?Silly Dan
February 16, 2007Stub Improvment DriveSilly Dan
February 16, 2007How do you add a new article?Q9-X2
February 15, 2007QuestionSilly Dan
February 15, 2007SH Archive/Complaints on an overzealous WookiepeedianAL-BRT
February 15, 2007Smiley faces templatesRoboCade
February 15, 2007How to link to WikipediaSilly Dan
February 15, 2007MMORPGRoboCade
February 14, 2007SH Archive/Our humble beginningsAL-BRT
February 14, 2007SH Archive/Hey GuysImperialles
February 14, 2007SH Archive/CommunicationsImperialles
February 14, 2007What did you guys do to the dark armor adas picute?!Silly Dan
February 13, 2007SH Archive/How do I vote?Imperialles
February 13, 2007SH Archive/Sourcing guideline draftKillerRoboLeia3000
February 13, 2007SH Archive/Filming locations, I can helpCade Calrayn
February 13, 2007TranslationsQ9-X2
February 13, 2007Operation: Great Jedi Fanon PurgeAL-BRT
February 12, 2007SH Archive/How do I change the little things on my page (The little boxes with pictures and a little texxt)Imperialles
February 12, 2007PointSilly Dan
February 12, 2007SH Archive/How do i get templatesEyrezer
February 12, 2007Hey, let's not be too formal!KillerRoboLeia3000
February 12, 2007SH Archive/Bots hate Family TreesImperialles
February 11, 2007Inquisitorius pages acting as articlesRoboCade
February 11, 2007SH Archive/Firefly articleCade Calrayn
February 11, 2007No, really, E.T. isn't canonSilly Dan
February 11, 2007Changes on Featured ArticlesAL-BRT
February 11, 2007SH Archive/Destroying solar systemsImperialles
February 11, 2007SH Archive/A "Tech Specialist" articleAL-BRT
February 10, 2007SH Archive/Republic creditsLtNOWIS
February 9, 2007Use of 'Incumbent' in Succession boxSilly Dan
February 8, 2007New LanguageSilly Dan
February 8, 2007A full facial Darth Plagueis imageQ9-X2
February 8, 2007Parody pictures and websitesRoboCade
February 8, 2007Improvement drive is dyingKillerRoboLeia3000
February 7, 2007Stupid bots are driving me insane!Silly Dan
February 7, 2007SH Archive/New Citation rules and Featured Article QueueAL-BRT
February 6, 2007Clone Trooper designationsQ9-X2
February 5, 2007SH Archive/Can I vote?Imperialles
February 5, 2007Violations of Fair Use rulesAL-BRT
February 4, 2007SH Archive/A way to prevent spamImperialles
February 4, 2007SH Archive/Double click editing?Q9-X2
February 4, 2007SH Archive/Era Section in infoboxesGreyman
February 4, 2007SH Archive/Canonical conflictsEcksBot
February 4, 2007Non-CanonRoboCade
February 3, 2007Transcripts?Silly Dan
February 3, 2007The Protection of a “complete" articles.Q9-X2
February 3, 2007Alias sectionKillerRoboLeia3000
February 3, 2007Which article to choose...?Silly Dan
February 2, 2007More plagiarismSilly Dan
February 2, 2007SH Archive/TranselateRoboCade
February 2, 2007Rank in introsExiledjedi
February 1, 2007Game mechanic articlesCade Calrayn
February 1, 2007SH Archive/"unit" in character infoboxesRoboCade
February 1, 2007Template ProposalsKillerRoboLeia3000
February 1, 2007Rogue Squadron screenshots?Silly Dan
January 31, 2007SWGWiki Reopen Looking For HelpRoboCade
January 31, 2007SH Archive/How do I revert to an earlier version of an article?Imperialles
January 31, 2007SH Archive/Admiral Daala - need citationMauser
January 31, 2007SH Archive/Episode III soundtrack - What order?Imperialles
January 31, 2007SH Archive/Why the contradictions in the Yoda/Palpatine sections?Q9-X2
January 30, 2007Question about planetary infoCade Calrayn
January 30, 2007Custom Userbox ProtectionKillerRoboLeia3000
January 30, 2007SH Archive/Distinction between Energy sword and LightsaberEcksBot
January 30, 2007Jeerick JvkyEyrezer
January 30, 2007Questionable droid editsAzuris
January 29, 2007I don't understand what star wars wikia is...?Silly Dan
January 29, 2007Proposal: Inline citationsSilly Dan
January 29, 2007SH Archive/Energy knives in the TPM PC gameEcksBot
January 29, 2007Template Usage - CapitalizationSilly Dan
January 28, 2007TimelineSupreme Emperor
January 28, 2007Wookieepedia Facebook GroupSilly Dan
January 26, 2007SH Archive/How do you become an administrator?Imperialles
January 26, 2007Book questionQ9-X2
January 25, 2007SH Archive/Wookieepedian MontageRoboCade
January 25, 2007SH Archive/"Preceded/Followed by" fields for comics?TOM-E Macaron.ii
January 24, 2007Balance of the "Force"AL-BRT
January 24, 2007The era icons in the centerRoboCade
January 24, 2007SH Archive/Miss and Mister Star Wars 2007?Q9-X2
January 24, 2007Kotor I characterSilly Dan
January 24, 2007SH Archive/A little 'Pedia display problemQ9-X2
January 23, 2007WP:NOT is not.... (please stop deleting your userpages)Q9-X2
January 22, 2007SH Archive/Oh, God, not this again...Imperialles
January 21, 2007Judgment call: append these non-SW images?Cade Calrayn
January 21, 2007SH Archive/"Featured Content"RoboCade
January 21, 2007Kind of Trivial butSilly Dan
January 20, 2007SH Archive/Order of multimedia appearancesImperialles
January 19, 2007Issues with a photo that needs enlargingAL-BRT
January 18, 2007Using "first appearance template" in case of only appearancesImperialles
January 18, 2007SH Archive/More info on Chris Cerasi, former editor of LucasBooksR2-D2
January 18, 2007SH Archive/Any help for a beginning Wookieepedian?RoboCade
January 17, 2007SH Archive/Sensitive issues on user pagesAL-BRT
January 16, 2007Memorable Quotes from NovelsSilly Dan
January 15, 2007SH Archive/Polls!R2-D2
January 15, 2007SH Archive/Doing a JavaScript overhaul...RoboCade
January 15, 2007Request for helpRoboCade
January 14, 2007SH Archive/Unused images deletionEcksBot
January 14, 2007SH Archive/Canon ContredictionsAL-BRT
January 13, 2007I can't create an account... (cont'd)Silly Dan
January 13, 2007SH Archive/Biblioteka Ossus added to Spam BlacklistRoboCade
January 13, 2007SH Archive/Category division for Force OrganizationsEcksBot
January 12, 2007SH Archive/User sig policyRoboCade
January 11, 2007SH Archive/MergingR2-D2
January 11, 2007SH Archive/Technical note: Suppressing template-provided categoriesR2-D2
January 11, 2007SH Archive/Ashla reference in RotSR2-D2
January 10, 2007SH Archive/Toy informationQ9-X2
January 10, 2007SH Archive/Possible addition of sectionQ9-X2
January 8, 2007SH Archive/A Minor QuestionR2-D2
January 8, 2007SH Archive/PronunciationsQ9-X2
January 8, 2007SH Archive/Excerpts?Q9-X2
January 7, 2007SH Archive/Can we create a new ambiguously canon thingy like the "Tales" one?RoboCade
January 7, 2007SH Archive/Force ghosts and erasR2-D2
January 6, 2007SH Archive/This PartyR2-D2
January 6, 2007SH Archive/Problems with the Eta-2 pageQ9-X2
January 5, 2007SH Archive/Spoken Articles and...dare I say it...Podcasts?KillerRoboLeia3000
January 5, 2007SH Archive/Problems with layoutKillerRoboLeia3000
January 5, 2007SH Archive/Coolest thing everImperialles
January 5, 2007SH Archive/TreviR2-D2
January 4, 2007SH Archive/SWDiplomacyR2-D2
January 4, 2007SH Archive/3rd battle of Zomana SekotRoboCade
January 4, 2007SH Archive/Ban User Template IdeaR2-D2
January 4, 2007SH Archive/30 years of Star WarsRoboCade
January 4, 2007SH Archive/Ability to disable subpage function?AL-BRT
January 4, 2007SH Archive/Main Page - What's Ging On?R2-D2
January 3, 2007SH Archive/Sorting Sith namesQ9-X2
January 3, 2007SH Archive/Vandalism warningsQ9-X2
January 3, 2007SH Archive/FF2 & ALT commandsR2-D2
January 3, 2007SH Archive/Could these Jedi be the same person?Q9-X2
January 2, 2007SH Archive/Are dumps of Wookiepedia possible?R2-D2
January 2, 2007SH Archive/Wookieepedias search fuction sucks, to put it bluntlyQ9-X2
January 1, 2007Mister/Miss Star Wars resultsEcksBot
January 1, 2007SH Archive/Jedi/Sith/Other by lightsaber color(s)?TOM-E Macaron.ii
January 1, 2007SH Archive/Winners of Miss and Mister Star Wars 2006!EcksBot
January 1, 2007SH Archive/New Wookieequote articalR2-D2
December 31, 2006SH Archive/Solving the problem of PT fighter vs. OT fighter speed.EcksBot
December 31, 2006SH Archive/Battles of Yavin IVQ9-X2
December 31, 2006SH Archive/BotsQ9-X2
December 30, 2006SH Archive/How do you get a welcome to Wookieepedia letter thingy?Q9-X2
December 30, 2006SH Archive/Memorable Quotes section in movie articlesQ9-X2
December 30, 2006SH Archive/Databank Film entry G-canon, buit not always up to date...R2-D2
December 29, 2006SH Archive/So what if there's a category? Why can't I make the article I want?!R2-D2
December 28, 2006SH Archive/Appearances for very common itemsKillerRoboLeia3000
December 28, 2006SH Archive/Bogg Tyrell is not Ratt's wifeKillerRoboLeia3000
December 27, 2006SH Archive/MapsQ9-X2
December 25, 2006SH Archive/Problems with my accountR2-D2
December 24, 2006SH Archive/Requested ArticlesAL-BRT
December 24, 2006SH Archive/New TSL cut content list, BTS updates neededR2-D2
December 23, 2006SH Archive/Featured PageRoboCade
December 22, 2006SH Archive/Upset on Front PageRoboCade
December 21, 2006SH Archive/Chee blog on CanonR2-D2
December 21, 2006SH Archive/Level of cannonAL-BRT
December 21, 2006Starship classes under faction categoriesKillerRoboLeia3000
December 21, 2006SH Archive/Jedi information pageKillerRoboLeia3000
December 20, 2006SH Archive/Question on UserboxesR2-D2
December 20, 2006SH Archive/SignatureRoboCade
December 20, 2006Sourcing QOTDs from non-film sourcesSilly Dan
December 20, 2006SH Archive/Addition ProposalTOM-E Macaron.ii
December 19, 2006Image GalleriesKillerRoboLeia3000
December 19, 2006SH Archive/Recent changes, histories not updatingQ9-X2
December 19, 2006SH Archive/Picture of the week/day/month/whateverRoboCade
December 19, 2006SH Archive/Odd picture for Wookiee SearchQ9-X2
December 19, 2006SH Archive/Main Page AudioR2-D2
December 18, 2006SH Archive/Download a wookieepediaI need a name
December 18, 2006SH Archive/Categories for corporations?KillerRoboLeia3000
December 18, 2006SH Archive/Legacy of the ForceR2-D2
December 18, 2006SH Archive/New Feature / PageR2-D2
December 17, 2006SH Archive/Sith Rule coversR2-D2
December 17, 2006SH Archive/Columi space travel in the timelineEcksBot
December 16, 2006SH Archive/Question about WookieepediaR2-D2
December 16, 2006SH Archive/Consensus reached?Q9-X2
December 16, 2006SH Archive/Nute Gunray article?KillerRoboLeia3000
December 16, 2006SH Archive/I can't Figure out how to make my custom signatureCade Calrayn
December 15, 2006SH Archive/Request for owners of Chronicles: The PrequelsKillerRoboLeia3000
December 14, 2006SH Archive/Interface modificationR2-D2
December 14, 2006SH Archive/Time period for VfDR2-D2
December 14, 2006SH Archive/Does anybody know how to speak Hutt-ese?KillerRoboLeia3000
December 13, 2006SH Archive/Years-how many pages do we need?Q9-X2
December 13, 2006SH Archive/Question: something odd?R2-D2
December 12, 2006SH Archive/Something niftyR2-D2
December 12, 2006SH Archive/"Complete" guides - included as sources?Q9-X2
December 12, 2006SH Archive/Edit changed to update?RoboCade
December 11, 2006SH Archive/Unlicensed sources and ambiguity, separateRoboCade
December 10, 2006SH Archive/How do you imagine other users?EcksBot
December 10, 2006SH Archive/Wookieepedia StoreSupreme Emperor
December 9, 2006SH Archive/Categorizing pages you've createdRoboCade
December 9, 2006SH Archive/Missing ScansR2-D2
December 8, 2006SH Archive/List of commonly confused words?Q9-X2
December 8, 2006SH Archive/Image issuesQ9-X2
December 8, 2006SH Archive/Dark Side of the ForceR2-D2
December 8, 2006SH Archive/X-wings and SquadronsQ9-X2
December 7, 2006SH Archive/VIPR2-D2
December 7, 2006SH Archive/"Stable" ArticlesR2-D2
December 6, 2006SH Archive/A non-canon portal...AL-BRT
December 6, 2006SH Archive/An Obidala articleRoboCade
December 6, 2006SH Archive/External Links in Scroll BoxesR2-D2
December 6, 2006SH Archive/Unjustified removal of information from articlesKillerRoboLeia3000
December 5, 2006SH Archive/Requesting Nute Gunray QuoteR2-D2
December 5, 2006SH Archive/Musical ScoresImperators II
December 4, 2006SH Archive/Design a shirt contestSupreme Emperor
December 4, 2006SH Archive/Sith Lord chronologyTOM-E Macaron.ii
December 4, 2006SH Archive/Present time in-universeEcksBot
December 4, 2006SH Archive/New Possible Revelations of the Legacy Books and ComicsQ9-X2
December 3, 2006SH Archive/Star Wars Holiday Special Now AvailableTrak Nar
December 3, 2006SH Archive/ComplaintAL-BRT
December 2, 2006SH Archive/More quotation standardizationKillerRoboLeia3000
December 2, 2006SH Archive/New Categories?R2-D2
December 2, 2006SH Archive/Clothes and FashionKillerRoboLeia3000
December 2, 2006SH Archive/Quick ReversionQ9-X2
December 2, 2006SH Archive/Front page editQ9-X2
December 2, 2006SH Archive/Category for vfdQ9-X2
November 30, 2006SH Archive/Era icons WAY offR2-D2
November 29, 2006SH Archive/Attack of the Clones: first appearancesAL-BRT
November 29, 2006SH Archive/Fan filmsR2-D2
November 29, 2006SH Archive/Conjectual battle and duel namesKillerRoboLeia3000
November 28, 2006SH Archive/HomeworldKillerRoboLeia3000
November 27, 2006SH Archive/Species picsKillerRoboLeia3000
November 27, 2006SH Archive/Character parodies, yes/no?Toprawa and Ralltiir
November 26, 2006SH Archive/Category:Player characters?R2-D2
November 26, 2006SH Archive/Who was the first sith lord?KillerRoboLeia3000
November 25, 2006SH Archive/Legal issuesR2-D2
November 24, 2006SH Archive/LinksR2-D2
November 24, 2006SH Archive/Image IssuesR2-D2
November 24, 2006SH Archive/YouTubeKillerRoboLeia3000
November 24, 2006SH Archive/VaractylKillerRoboLeia3000
November 24, 2006SH Archive/Forbidden Force PowersQ9-X2
November 24, 2006SH Archive/Force FamiliesTOM-E Macaron.ii
November 24, 2006SH Archive/Category:XXX characters?Cade Calrayn
November 23, 2006SH Archive/Species infobox images (Gamorrean)KillerRoboLeia3000
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