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"Here, in my laboratory, I had refined certain... devices. I could give one chosen apprentice decades of experience in a day. An apprentice, to become worthy to carry my vision."
―Rajivari's Force ghost — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

The Fount of Rajivari was the first incarnation of the Archives of the Jedi Order, originating on the planet Tython in the Deep Core.


Constructed by the Jedi Master Rajivari, the Fount was the first collection of knowledge established by the fledgling Jedi Order on the planet Tython. The dream of Rajivari, one of the first members of the Jedi High Council, the Fount was established deep within the ruins of a ruined Tythonian city on the planet and known only to the Master's most trusted students. A massive construct of computers and databanks, the Fount was attended to by Rajivari's Lore Keepers who maintained the knowledge stored within.[2]

When the Force Wars ravaged Tython and Rajivari perished, his spirit lingered behind, tending to the machinery and preserving the knowledge for centuries. Long after the Force Wars, the Jedi Order returned to Tython during the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. As the Order reestablished its temples on the world, a young Jedi Padawan later known as the Barsen'thor went in search of the Fount in an attempt to claim its wisdom. Following clues left by Rajivari himself on the hilt of an ancient artifact known as the First Blade, the Padawan was able to locate the Fount and the lingering spirit of Rajivari in the chambers deep under the ruined acropolis of the city.[1]



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