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"We were out of bacta, low on food, and running out of ammunition. Enemy troops, though, we had big time!"
Jace Dallin[src]

The Fourth Battle of Qotile was a battle of the Stark Hyperspace War, the fourth of five battles fought on the Outer Rim world of Troiken. Although the Stark Combine had decided on maintaining a siege of Mount Avos, the escape of several senators and a Jedi Master to Coruscant, and the discovery of a side entrance to the Avos mine, convinced Iaco Stark to attack. The forces of Ranulph Tarkin's paramilitary were out of bacta and low on both food and ammunition, yet thanks to the help of the native Xexto Billibango (who had an intimate knowledge of the mine's structure) the forces of the Republic were able to repulse the invaders.

The Republic victory allowed the Jedi to contact the Jedi Council on Coruscant and establish a plan for a final battle, while the co-directors of the Combine nearly killed Stark for his failure to once again defeat the Republic military.


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