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Banta Four

The Fourth Moon of Utapau

The Fourth Moon of Utapau was one of five moons orbiting Utapau, in the Kessil system.


It was the refuge of Kane Starkiller and his sons Annikin and Deak after the Jedi Rebellion. The moon was a gray and barren satellite. Though the thin air required a breath mask and goggles, it did not require a pressure suit. Strong winds made movement difficult. Crevasses and canyons were common. Kane's hut, an old supply depot, was located on the moon, near his derelict spacecraft. When a Sith Knight discovered their hiding place, and Deak was killed, Kane and Annikin were forced to flee to Aquilae.

Behind the scenesEdit

This moon orbited Ogana in the later first draft. George Lucas reverted to Utapau in the second draft. The moon of Ogana, however, had green lakes and a red sky, and was not so barren. It is probable that Lucas wanted to differentiate the moon from Townowi (formerly Aquilae), which was a desert world.

The planet Utapau was orbited by 9 moons. Several are visible in Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith.



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