The Fourth Pius Dea Crusade was a religious crusade orchestrated by the Pius Dea cult against the Hutts during the Pius Dea Era. In 11,920 BBY, nineteen years after the Third Pius Dea Crusade, the Pius Dea-controlled Galactic Republic sparked another invasion, attacking the region north of Hutt Space. Launching an assault from Centares, the Republic Military moved along the Pabol Hutta trade route toward Sy Myrth, Saleucami and then Boonta. They also launched a fleet from Ord Zat toward the Sundered Veil nebula, Taskeed, Dennogra, and then Kossimur; while a fleet from Ord Namurt moved toward Vaathkree, Klatooine, and Delacrix.[1]

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The Fourth Pius Dea Crusade was first mentioned in the 2012 reference guide The Essential Guide to Warfare. While the Fourth Crusade is not mentioned explicitly in the text, it appears on a map of the Crusades and their movement across the galaxy.[1]

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