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The Franchise was an entertainment company run by the Krish which by the time of the outbreak of the Mandalorian Wars was the leading league in the sport of dueling. The most popular form of duel at the time was swoopdueling. The Franchise owned all rights to broadcasts and merchandise based on the duels. In some cases, they even owned the duelists themselves. Their biggest tournaments were held on Jervo's World, a space station owned by Lhosan Industries which included numerous battle arenas that could simulate different environments. Solo Aerials on Jervo's World were run by the Krish Bardron. Former Jedi Zayne Carrick and the Mandalorian known as Rohlan Dyre participated in a championship once. Problems arose for the Franchise when Zayne Carrick revealed that many of the combatants were obtained by a slaver gang called the Crucible. When the slaving operation was exposed, Jervo Thalien, the chairman of Lhosan Industries, tried to end the Franchise's relationship with the Crucible, but he was murdered by Chantique, leaving Bardron to wait for Lhosan's next representative to further their investment.

Goethar Kleej was a Franchise player, a slave duelist supplied by the Crucible. He was the first to win the Solo Aerials four consecutive times, and he was able to break free of the Franchise with the help of Zayne Carrick. Other famous duelists included Major Tarrance and the D'qell Sisters. Slaves who fared poorly in combat training were sent back to the Crucible, who would find other uses for them, often involving certain death, as with the ones who were sent to the Sungrazer cooperative.

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