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"The Frangawl ruled Bardotta with an iron hand for most of its early history. They were warriors. Some would call them barbarians, but in fact they were men and women of spirit."

The Frangawl Cult, also known as the Frangawl clan, was a bloodthirsty sect of the Dagoyan Masters that worshiped Malmourral,[5] the Bardottan demon of war. The cultists concealed their identity wearing wooden masks carved to resemble fantastic creatures designed to instill fear in all who saw them.[6]


The Frangawl Cult ruled Bardotta for much of its early history until they were banished by the Dagoyans,[6] though they prophesied a great darkness in the galaxy at the time when the Dagoyan Masters would disappear. During the Clone Wars, the Frangawl Cult resurfaced and began kidnapping the Masters and their leader, Queen Julia, to sacrifice to Molmorral and fulfill their dark prophecy.[2] During that time, they also revered the Nightsister witch Mother Talzin as the Great Mother.[3]



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