"The attack was sudden and without warning. Several scuttling creatures overran our camp while large flying creatures dove at us from above. [...] As I left the cave, I stopped and turned. Two others had been behind me... Heitop and Frann, I think... but there was no sign of them now."
―A travel journal entry[src]

Frann was an individual who lived during the time of the Galactic Civil War.[1] Frann was part of a small scientific expedition,[2] including Mitsh, Trenrel, Yill'uop and Heitop, on the planet Talus. When a storm hit the group's area northeast of Dearic, Trenrel found a cave where the group sought shelter. The group decided to investigate further into the cave and set up camp deep in the vast cavern. During their second day in the cave, the group was attacked by giant fynocks and Frann was killed.[1]

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