"I was a big Star Wars fan when I was younger, but I didn't watch the new ones and to be honest, I didn't want to. I wanted to take the role on in my way and find things out for myself."
―Fraser Kelly[2]

Fraser Patrick Kelly is an English actor whose on-screen career began in 2015 with the short film Synchronicity and the drama film Urban & the Shed Crew. In 2018, Kelly portrayed a scrumrat in the Star Wars Anthology film Solo: A Star Wars Story.


"At the end of last year, I finished shooting Solo: A Star Wars Story, a short part in that, which again, was a great experience working alongside Ron Howards [sic] and Alden Ehrenreich, to hopefully produce a great film."
―Fraser Kelly[3]

Kelly in Urban & the Shed Crew

Fraser Patrick Kelly[4] was born on November 30, 2001,[1] in Scunthorpe, England.[2] In 2015, he co-starred alongside Richard Armitage in the drama film Urban & the Shed Crew.[5]

In 2017, Kelly auditioned for a role in Solo: A Star Wars Story, but was not aware what film he was trying out for at the time. After the audition, he did not think he had landed a role, but received communication a few months later that he had been cast. Kelly then researched the film, which was then under the codename "Redcup," and realized it was a part of the Star Wars franchise. Despite having been a Star Wars fan when he was younger, he had not seen any of the films released after Disney bought the franchise from George Lucas in 2012. Kelly opted to not watch the films he had not yet seen so that he could portray the part in his own way. He and his mother traveled to Pinewood Studios to film his speaking role,[2] and in the film's credits, he is listed as "Eager Scrumrat."[6] The film was released on May 25, 2018.[7]


Year Title Role
2018 Solo: A Star Wars Story Scrumrat[6]


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