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"Free Fall" is the twelfth episode of the second season of LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures.[1]

Official description[]

Rowan battles M-OC in the upper atmosphere of Shantipole.…[1]

Plot summary[]

Escaping Coruscant[]

The Freemakers fly their cramped TIE fighter through the space above Coruscant, which is littered with wreckage from the dogfight during the mission to rescue Rowan Freemaker. While Zander Freemaker flies the ship, Kordi Freemaker struggles to send out a distress transmission to the rebel fleet. Kordi sends the message but thinks nobody is listening because it was an unauthorized mission. Rowan opines that it is a catastrophe and blames himself. Kordi reassures him it was a group effort. Roger tells them they are losing perspective and tells them that they're the Freemakers and never give up despite the damage they may have inflicted on the Rebel Alliance.

The hunter droid M-OC catches up with them in the Arrowhead and blasts them. Zander is worried that they are unable to outrun him because the TIE fighter lacks a hyperdrive. Rowan comes up with a plan that involves pretending to surrender so they can steal a larger starship. However, M-OC tells them he has received new orders to destroy them.

As M-OC pursues them in the Arrowhead, he tells them that it is ironic he will use their creation to bring about their demise before using the Arrowhead's embersteel Blade to slice one of their solar collector off. Zander struggles to fly with one solar collector but M-OC slices off the second one as well, sending them spinning into space. Before M-OC can finish them off, the StarScavenger arrives and scoops them to safety. The Freemakers are relieved that the Mon Calamari ship builder Quarrie has come to their rescue. He tells them to hang on as he takes the StarScavenger into hyperspace.

However, M-OC has managed to attach an XX-23 S-thread tracker and remarks that there is no escape. While traveling through hyperspace, Zander thanks Quarrie for his "mighty-nice-flying." Quarrie counters that he is not a pilot. When Rowan asks Quarrie how he found them, he tells them that he's been monitoring them since they snatched the Arrowhead. After he picked up their distress signal, he figured it was either save Rowan or train a new apprentice. Quarrie decided that saving Rowan seemed easier.

A stormy flight and rough landing[]

The StarScavenger exits hyperspace in an asteroid field. The alarms ring and Zander reports that the last hit nailed their hyperdrive. Roger then reports that M-OC is back. Kordi realizes that M-OC placed a homing beacon on their ship. Rowan protests that it is not fair but Zander says that M-OC was not programmed with a sense of fair play. Rowan says they have got to flee.

As M-OC unleashes the Embersteel Blade, Zander tells them they have enough power for one more jump. Rowan says they make their stand wherever they pick. Quarrie tells them that he knows the place just as the Arrowhead slices through one of their engines. Zander jumps to Quarrie's coordinates, which takes the StarScavenger to the planet Shantipole. When Roger asks if it is nice, Quarrie replies "hardly even a bit." The ship's klaxon's rings and Zander tells them that their hyperdrive is stuck.

M-OC soon follows in the Arrowhead. Quarrie tells Zander to bring them down into Shantipole's atmosphere. The Freemakers and Quarrie fly through Shantipole's stormy atmosphere. Zander comments it is a bumpy ride while Kordi says they have nice weather down here. Quarrie thinks that they will lose M-OC because Shantipole's upper atmosphere plays havoc with electronics. The storm fries the StarScavenger's engines, causing it to fall.

Meanwhile, M-OC finds that the upper atmosphere is interfering with the ship's deflector shields and vows not to jeopardize the Emperor's prize ship. As the powerless StarScavenger descends to the surface, Quarrie reassures the Freemakers that M-OC is not following them. Zander tells Kordi that he didn't want M-OC to kill them while M-OC counters that they don't want to die. When Roger reiterates his masters' requests, Quarre tells them to relax because they will be leaving the upper atmosphere and will getting back control soon.

The StarScavenger narrowly avoids crashing into a mountain. Quarrie directs them to land at his shop. The StarScavenger has a rough landing and narrowly avoids falling. Quarrie comments about young people always screaming.

Shelter on Shantipole[]

After landing, Zander is excited to discover that Quarrie's shop has everything including a Koro-2 all-environment Exodrive airspeeder chassis, swoop bike engines, and a Nubian 150 hyperdrive core. However, Kordi finds that Quarrie's shop lacks parts to repair the StarScavenger's fried comm system. When Zander asks if Quarrie has a transmitter, he says that he got rid of that junk a long time ago. Quarrie says he likes the solitude.

Kordi counters that they need to warn the Rebellion that the Empire has a working Death Star. Roger reminds them about the Arrowhead. Zander volunteers to fly but Rowan says that it is not going to work. Rowan looks at the clouds and says he can feel the Arrowhead is close. In the upper atmosphere, M-OC flies the Arrowhead and homes in on the Freemakers' location. Rowan senses M-OC is here. He believes that it is hopeless and tells them that M-OC is waiting for them if they breach the upper atmosphere.

Roger tells Rowan that M-OC is obsessed with him but that he possesses a wide array of interests. Rowan decides to use M-OC's obsession with him against the hunter droid. Roger meanders off into recreational interests such as interpretative dancing. Kordi agrees with Rowan's plan and Zander recalls seeing an Incom D-93 beam emitter. Quarrie confirms that Zander did see one while Roger tries dancing. He is perplexed when the others leave, thinking they don't like his dancing.

The second Death Star[]

At the second Death Star, Darth Vader watches as stormtroopers load kyber crystals out of Lambda-class shuttles. Vader's flagship, the Super Star Destroyer Executor, and several Imperial Star Destroyers orbit the second Death Star in the Endor system. Vader gloats that they have enough kyber crystals to make the station fully operational.

Graballa tells Vader that the planet was laced with kyber crystals and thinks there would be enough for a couple of Death Stars. Vader tells Graballa that he has done well. Graballa tries to get Vader to invest in his Beachside Resort and Buffet. The Toydarian Yeppau presents pictures of the resort on a hologram. However, Vader just hurls Graballa against the wall, leading the Hutt to say that Vader will think about it. As well as leaving him a brochure.

Taking the fight to M-OC[]

Back at the Shantipole landing field, the Freemakers and Quarrie join forces to fit a tractor beam projector on the StarScavenger. Kordi proposes hitting M-OC and the Arrowhead with a turbolaser but Rowan thinks that it will not be enough. Zander agrees that Rowan is right and that they have to hit him with something bigger to ensure they finish their job.

Later, while M-OC is circling the upper atmosphere, he sees the StarScavenger approaching and thinks that Rowan's attempt to escape is futile. Roger contacts M-CO and offers to surrender. M-OC thinks Roger is bluffing. After M-OC takes the bait, the Freemakers decide to deploy their D-93 beam emitter. Quarrie activates the tractor beam, which begins tugging at the Arrowhead.

While Zander taunts M-OC about the weather, the droid protests this is unacceptable. The storm begins interfering with the tractor beam. Zander tells them to press on. Both ships lose power as they descend. Quarrie thinks everything is going according to plan but the tractor beam is struck by lightning and lost. Quarrie is left handing to the StarScavenger with a rope. While Kordi puts the fire on the controls out, Zander tells Rowan and Roger, who are aboard the Mini Scavenger, that is all on Rowan.

Rowan jumps onto the Arrowhead and tries to use the Force to remove the kyber crystal powering the ship. However, M-OC has protected the object with a Force field. M-OC tells Rowan that he cannot allow him to take that. Rowan protests that the crystal belongs to him and draws his lightsaber. M-OC draws his lightsabers and two fight as the Arrowhead plummets into Shantipole's atmosphere. Rowan eventually loses balance and drops his lightsaber. Meanwhile, Zander changes his minds about their plan but Kordi tells him they have gone too far.

Skirmish in the skies[]

Back on the Arrowhead, Rowan uses the Force to levitate his lightsaber back to him and crosses blades with M-OC. M-OC appears to lose balance and the Freemakers cheer. However, he manages to cling on to the Arrowhead's underside. Rowan manages to release the force field and levitates the kyber crystal. M-OC tries to sneak up on him but Quarries tells Rowan to watch out. The two fight and Rowan falls but he manages to cling on.

M-OC approaches him but Rowan uses the Force to dislodge a loose panel, causing M-OC to lose balance and fall. Rowan removes the kyber crystal but M-OC manages to cling on using a grappling hook. Rowan jumps with the kyber crystal and calls for Roger to catch him . Roger intercepts them with the Mini Scavenger. The StarScavenger descends further and Rowan says it is top. M-OC struggles to cling on. The Freemakers abandon the StarScavenger and send the ship crashing into the Arrowhead.

Both ships are destroyed in the explosion. The other Freemakers and Quarrie are picked by Rowan and Roger. Quarrie jokes that is why he doesn't like to fly. The Freemakers land on Shantipole's surface amidst the wreckage of the StarScavenger and the Arrowhead. Zander is distraught that he destroyed his "baby" but Kordi tells him taht was the only way to stop the Arrowhead. She reassures him they will rebuild the StarScavenger better than ever, to which Rowan agrees. Rowan says he needs a moment.

Kordi lets Rowan spend a moment but says they still need to get back to the rebel fleet and warn them about the second Death Star. Zander thinks they have gotten M-OC off their backs but Kordi warns him not to jink it. Holding M-OC's appendage, Zander thinks he was blown to billions of pieces. However, M-OC soon emerges from the wreckage and tells Rowan he has programming directives he must fulfill: namely his demise.

Unexpected outcomes[]

Rowan challenges M-OC to a lightsaber duel and the two draw their blades. However, Rowan changes his mind and lowers his lightsaber. When M-OC asks why he has lowered his defenses, Rowan tells him he is getting tired of this. M-OC says that droids don't tire. Drawing a circle on the sand, Rowan says that their encounters of fight and flight are becoming repetitive. M-OC agrees and Rowan says that he is getting tired of the "pointless" cycle of fighting and asks if he was programmed to be pointless.

M-OC realizes Rowan's reasoning and suspects that there is a flaw in his programming. He then withdraws his weapons. M-OC deduces that the flaw in his programming came from his creator, the Emperor. Roger adds that it is always the humans and tells him to let it all out. M-OC reasons that if the Emperor could make such a miscalculation, he could do it again. Roger reinforces M-OC's thinking as well.

M-OC then realizes that the Emperor's plan to destroy the rebels with a second Death Star must be flawed as well. M-OC decides to return and warn the Emperor of the flaw in the second Death Star. Rowan is shocked that his plan has not turned out the way he wanted and tells M-OC that he wanted him to give up chasing him. Rowan tries to goad M-OC into fighting but the hunter droid is determined to save his Emperor.

He hastily builds an arachnid ship that consists of the Arrowhead's kyber crystal. Before jetting off, M-OC thanks Rowan for setting him on the right path. Rowan pleads with M-OC to come back. Roger sighs that he thought M-OC was buying into it but laments that this is not the case.


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