Free Lance was a modified Nebulon-B frigate owned by the privateer Urias Xhaxin.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

The crew of the Free Lance

Free Lance was commissioned by the Alliance to Restore the Republic sometime before the Battle of Yavin.[4] The ship was later purchased by Xhaxin from a Hutt arms dealer for one hundred grams of hollinium hyperbaride, a two-carat Gallinorean rainbow gem, and a small canister of glitterstim spice.[2]

Under the command of Captain Xhaxin, the Free Lance menaced Imperial shipping in the Mid Rim. The ship captured thousands of tons of Imperial cargo and several combat starships for the Alliance during its time as a privateer vessel.[2]

After the Battle of Endor, the New Republic phased out privateering and the Free Lance no longer operated under official sanction. Unofficially, however, the new government ignored Captain Xhaxin's anti-Imperial piracy as they continued to prosecute their war against the splintered Empire.[3]

Even after peace was established between the the New Republic and the Imperial Remnant, the Free Lance continued in it role as a pirate vessel, preying on unreconstructed Imperials attempting to relocate to Imperial Space.[3]

By 25 ABY, Captain Xhaxin had devised a ploy which would lure a large convoy of unreconstructed Imperials into deep space, where he would then use the Free Lance to ambush them. However, a Yuuzhan Vong cruiser beat the pirate vessel to the punch. The Free Lance and its complement would find themselves outmatched in the subsequent encounter as their shots were swallowed up by dovin basal voids. The subsequent Vong plasma barrage caused severe damage to the ship.[3]

In a desperate attempt at survival, Xhaxin ordered the Free Lance into a blind hyperspace jump, followed by a second blind jump that wrecked the hyperdrive motivators and compounded the structural damage suffered from the battle. The Free Lance eventually ended up stranded in a system used as a navigational point between Bastion and the Corporate Sector, where its crew feebly attempted to continue their piracy.[3]

A freighter that escaped from the Free Lance reported the activity to the New Republic, which dispatched Rogue Squadron to investigate. After a brief scuffle, Captain Xhaxin surrendered to the New Republic forces and admitted he did not have the resources necessary to salvage his ship.[3]

Modifications[edit | edit source]

The ship's modifications were modest and included slight improvements to the shields, an upgrade to the weapons, and a quality med suite. The starfighter bays were also converted to launch and load boarding shuttles.[2]

Xhaxin also invested considerable resources into improving the ship's armor, especially around the engineering section, an effort that paid off when the Free Lance survived a shot from an Imperial Star Destroyer.[2][3]

Crew Complement[edit | edit source]

Staffed by beings who resented the Empire, the Free Lance had a crew of nine hundred.[2] By 25 ABY, the Free Lance's complement also included two starfighter squadrons of Uglies.[3] Its command staff included :

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