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"How long has the organization been in existence?"
"Formally? Only about six years. Informally, individuals and small groups have been assisting slaves to escape ever since the institution of slavery began. Always, where there is a hand to hold down and crush, there is another to release and nurture."
Madhi Vaandt and Blink[1]

Freedom Flight was an organization secretly created by Moff Drikl Lecersen in 38 ABY with the false objective of the elimination of slavery throughout the galaxy. Lecersen's true objective was to aid in the Imperial-Alliance conspiracy's rise to power in the galaxy by creating more uprisings throughout the galaxy than Galactic Alliance Chief of State Natasi Daala would be able to handle, leading to her downfall. However, due to the Freedom Flight's structure, wherein each operative only knew a few other beings in the organization, the majority of its members worked simply to free individuals from slavery and help them begin new lives. Also, if a member of Freedom Flight was captured, the being could only betray a few other members. When communicating, the organization referred to things using aviation terms such as flight path, pilot, and cargo, so that anyone who overheard them would not be suspicious.[1]

The movement was behind the slave revolts on Blaudu Sextus and arranged for reporter Madhi Vaandt to be present so as to show the Mandalorians' brutality in putting down the movement. When the situation reached the ears of the Jedi Council, they concluded that Freedom Flight had to have a spy in Daala's office, as no one knew that she was using Mandalorians to put down the movement. During the suppression of the slave movements, the Mandalorians discovered Lecersen's involvement, which eventually was learned by Daala through Boba Fett.[source?]

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