The Stormtrooper Two, later rebranded as the Freedom Two, was the SoroSuub Corporation's second-generation blaster rifle for use by the Galactic Empire's Stormtrooper legions. It retained the same basic design of its predecessor, the Stormtrooper One—itself a clone of BlasTech Industries's E-11 blaster rifle—with some minor differences such as the deletion of the shoulder-stock and the addition of a pistol grip and a vertical foregrip. The inner workings were also been redesigned, with the barrel, aperture, and galven coils configured to deliver a wider, high-powered bolt of at ranges up to two-hundred fifty meters.

It was apparent that this model was designed for the close combat environment of urban combat and boarding actions, and as such did not meet the same accuracy as its predecessor, although the power its bolt delivered exceeded even that of the A280 blaster rifle.

The majority of Stormtroopers retained the Stormtrooper One, but nevertheless the Stormtrooper Two saw wide service in the Empire's military.

Alliance to Restore the Republic operative Davar Hamalcal included a Stormtrooper Two as part of his personal weaponry.[2]

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