The Freedom resistance movement was an anti-New Republic organization on Bakura, established by Malinza Thanas.

Freedom was dedicated to an independent Bakura, free of any outside influence. In particular, Freedom opposed the New Republic's continued presence on Bakura, claiming that they abused the debt that Bakura owed the New Republic, constantly stealing personnel from the Bakuran Defense Force, while not compensating it fairly. Freedom had a number of private donnators, including Deputy Prime Minister Blaine Harris, unaware that Harris was using Freedom to further his own ends.

Freedom's members were very dedicated to the Cosmic Balance, feeling that every action had its own reaction. Thus, they were strictly non-violent. However, with the Battle of Coruscant, many of Freedom's members began to question if Bakura could afford to break with the New Republic.

Following the Ssi-ruuk's re-invasion attempt, Freedom was co-opted into the coalition government that formed an alliance with the P'w'ecks.

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