The Freefall was a Freefall-class bomber and the personal starfighter of Jinkins.


It had two long-range laser cannons and could launch mechanized drone fighters.

The Freefall's laser cannons were more powerful in comparison to standard laser cannons, firing long range cyan beams capable of easily destroying most targets. This was made possible by Jinkins' use of a special sand from Lok's wastelands as part of the focusing array.


In the days leading up to the Clone Wars, Jinkins flew the Freefall to a Trade Federation-controlled communications center on Maramere, landing it on the roof pad while he and Nym broke in to slice the computer and obtain the command codes for Station 1138 and the location of Harro Ruuk's sensor station. The codes obtained, he then flew the fighter in the ensuing battle to jailbreak Captain Orsai and several other members of the Lok Revenants in preparation for a raid on the sensor station.

The Freefall also partook in this raid, flying cover for Orsai and Sol Sixxa's demolition boats and then battling Harro Ruuk's submarine after the sensor station was successfully destroyed. The destruction of the station freed Nym and Jinkins to go attack the Trade Federation's mines at Mount Merakan, though not before several freighters had already escaped.

Tracing this convoy lead the Revenants and their Jedi ally Adi Gallia to Nod Kartha, the heavy defenses of which seemed to confirm the planet as the heart of the Trade Federation's illegal production of Trihexalon. In preparation for the raid, Nym had persuaded the Meerians to loan him two heavy cruisers, the Tritus and the Kethor. The Kethor was lost, but the attack force was successful in punching a hole in Nod Kartha's defensive screen. As he descended into the atmosphere, Jinkins asked the Tritus' captain, Juno, to scan the battle debris in the hopes of salvaging one of the heavy orbital cannons for use in retaking Lok.

Jinkins' idea was proved viable, and the Freefall proved invaluable in covering Juno's tugs in a scuffle with forces from Sabaoth Squadron to secure the cannon components. Jinkins continued to fly the Freefall in service as Nym's wingman as the cannon was rebuilt on Khons, and in the subsequent storming of their old fortress on Lok.

The fighter's last known engagement of note was when the Lok Revenants arrived at the First Battle of Geonosis to reinforce Adi Gallia and her Jedi wingmates in defending the Republic's ground forces from Sabaoth Squadron. Jinkins used it to cover the Tritus and two other Mere cruisers as they bombarded the Sabaoth Destroyers.

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The Freefall first appeared in the 2001 video game Star Wars: Starfighter.



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