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Freia Kallea was a female Human scout from Brentaal IV who lived during the Inter-Sith Wars period. She was largely responsible for charting and linking the Hydian Way, the only super-hyperroute to span the entire galaxy.


A Human living around 3700 BBY, Kallea was one of the first female pilots who decided to map out a part of the galaxy. She managed to blaze a trail beginning at the Corporate Sector and continuing through the Core to the other side, effectively passing through the whole galaxy. Sewing together the Dustig Trace, the Sprizen End Run and dozens other one-hop routes, she formed a larger hyperway, called the Hydian Way.[2] Opening the galaxy beyond The Slice and joining its northern and southern quadrants, the scale of galactic civilization changed forever.[1] In a local level, Brentaal became the only system to be at the intersection of two major hyper-routes (the other being the Perlemian Trade Route)

After that, Kallea became a symbol of Brentaal's cultural strength and endurance, and her name would pass to posterity. She then retired from the life of a pilot to marry into a Brentaal family.[1]

Now a noblewoman, Kallea (who retained her maiden name) would work to turn her new family into a major trading enterprise, the Kallean League. Even years after her death, the Kallean League would still remain a large consortium of representatives of different trading houses.


The Kallea Cycle: Vessa Brentioch as Freia Kallea and Gelod Vothran as Sival Brentioch.

Over three thousand years after her time, during the Galactic Empire, Kallea's tale would be presented as a five-hour, three-part opera, the Kallea Cycle, portraying her life and especially her discovery of the Hydian Way. The Kallea Cycle debuted in 1 ABY, inside the Grand Convocation Chamber of the former Senate Building on Coruscant. Its opening was a gala attended by the Coruscanti elite, including Grand Admiral Takel. Later, the Cycle would be performed on Brentaal, particularly in Votrad stadium, the greatest arena on the planet, as the opera required huge sets.

Shortly after that, Kallea's story was once again adapted, now as a holo-feature produced, directed, and starring Neile Janna. Kallea's Hope was then a format easily understood and accessible to the majority of the people, and some artists of the New Order credit it with restoring interest in Kallea's person and the previous opera.

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Freia Kallea's discovery of the Hydian Way originally took place around 3000 BBY, as established in sources such as Imperial Double-Cross, but was later retconned to take place before the events of Star Wars: The Old Republic.[3]



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