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"I am tracking a freighter closing in fast."
"Do not worry. We will draw them towards the fleet, and they will be blasted to bits."
―Two OOM pilot battle droids[src]

A VCX-100 light freighter.

A freighter, cargo ship, or barge, was a kind of spacecraft used for hauling cargo from one place to another. Although light freighters could usually hold their own in combat against other fighter craft, larger vessels, such as bulk freighter's tended to be less capable. These large freighters could be easy targets considering their large size, slow speed, and weak armament. For this reason most heavy freighters required escorts when navigating more dangerous regions of the galaxy.[1] Some notable freighters include the Millennium Falcon[1] and the Ghost.[2]


Many freighters were re-purposed for use as smuggling vessels.[source?]

The Millennium Falcon, a ship owned by Han Solo, was a freighter manufactured by Corellian Engineering Corporation.[3]


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