"Ten to one it's the Frezhlix; they've been feuding with the Sif'kries ever since we chased the Empire out of the area."
―Corran Horn[src]

The Frezhlix (sing. Frezh) were a species that lived in the Sif'kric system. They began feuding with the Sif'kries soon after the Galactic Empire pulled out of the sector and the system that the two species shared.

Concurrently with the Caamas Document crisis of 19 ABY, a Frezhlix fleet blockaded the Sif'krie homeworld of Sif'kric. The Frezhlix justification for this was the Sif'krie's opposition to the Drashtine Initiative in their sector assembly, demanding that the Bothans pay reparations for the destruction of Caamas. As a result, their common sectoral senator was unable to vote as the Frezhlix wished. This fleet included two Kruk battle-wagons, five Lancer-class frigates and thirty Jompers pursuit ships.

When the Frezhlix fleet fired on a New Republic task force under Generals Garm Bel Iblis and Wedge Antilles, who had broken through the Frezhlix battle line under pretext of investigating smugglers, the New Republic forces returned fire and ended the blockade.

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