"You brought purpose and enjoyment to the time I had, don't regret what happened here Luke…I thank you for it!"
―"Frija Torlock" to Luke Skywalker[src]

A female Human replica droid (HRD), Frija Torlock was one of two droids made to mimic the real Frija and her father Governor Torlock.

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Frija and her "father" were created by the scientist Massad Thrumble. The droids were created for Governor Torlock as a precaution should the Alliance to Restore the Republic ever attack Corulag. However, the attack did not come from the Rebellion but from his Torlock's daughter, who planned to assume control of Corulag with her paramour, Admiral Droon. Torlock activated the two HRDs and fled the planet while the droids acted as decoys.

Eventually, the two droids became split up, and the droid of Torlock was captured by Admiral Droon's men. The HRD of Frija was oblivious of these events, and taking on the role of the real Frija, she called Droon to ask why her father was missing. Droon ordered the droid to remain where she was and sent his men to capture the droid. Droon planned a scene where Black Sun assassins would eliminate the droid and a hologram of her "father" and blame the entire fiasco on the Rebels, leaving him free to take the Governor's seat.

However, Droon did not plan on the interference of Darth Vader and his agent Wrenga Jixton. Jix killed the assassins and saved Frija. With the droid's help, he unraveled the conspiracy, rescued Frija's droid father, and captured Admiral Droon. Jix brought his prisoner and the two droids back to Coruscant. Jix then refueled their ship and told them to find a remote planet and stay there. Frija thanked Jix, and the two left for the Outer Rim, finally settling on the ice planet of Hoth.

Frija and her father made a life for themselves on Hoth, but Frija began to become incredibly lonely, longing for a male companion. When Luke Skywalker and C-3PO crash-landed on Hoth, Frija initially remembered her father's orders to stay away from organics and abandoned the two. However, Frija's loneliness caused her to reconsider and she ended up saving the pair. Frija's "father" was furious and ordered her to dismantle 3PO for parts and to throw Luke back out into the cold. Luke was not about to allow himself to be frozen to death, and he stopped Frija's father from throwing him out, using his lightsaber to disarm him. Luke then locked Frija's father in a supply closet and tried to think of a plan to get off Hoth.

Luke's communicator had been damaged in the crash, but he planned to combine the droid's communicator with his own to create a working model. Frija agreed to help him in this endeavor, and the two departed on tauntauns to Luke's damaged ship, leaving C-3PO behind to guard Torlock. However, Torlock's hidden weapons helped him escape C-3PO's grasp, and he chased after his daughter to stop Luke from signaling the Rebel Alliance.

Frija dies in Luke Skywalker's arms.

At the site of the crash, Luke and Frija succeeded in creating a working communicator, and Frija had decided that she wanted to leave Hoth with Luke. However, before Luke could activate the communicator, Torlock appeared and threatened Luke with a blaster. Learning of the repaired communicator, Torlock took aim at the device, but his aim was off. Torlock's blaster bolt struck his "daughter" in the back, severely damaging her inner workings.

Torlock became distraught over the turn of events and tried to kill Luke Skywalker in revenge. With no other choice, Luke was forced to strike down the deranged droid, discovering that Frija and her father were both HRDs. Frija thanked Luke for giving her life purpose before her systems shut down. Luke buried the two droids on Hoth before the Millennium Falcon arrived to rescue himself and C-3PO.

Sometime later, Luke Skywalker ran into the mind-witch S'ybll, who was masquerading as the real Frija. Luke thought she was the droid version until the ruse was lifted and the witch was eliminated.

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