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Rodian Fringer Explorer

A male Rodian fringer.

A fringer or fringe dweller was a citizen of the galaxy who came from less settled, frontier regions, or the "fringe" of the galaxy. They typically had little or no high-tech equipment and luxuries and were forced to make do with what technology they could acquire, possibly used or cobbled together on their own. Fringers were often farmers, but due to the necessities of life found themselves adaptable to many situations, learning a wide variety of skills.

Examples of a fringer included Luke Skywalker and Biggs Darklighter before they became pilots for the Rebel Alliance. The term is usually applied as one would be the word settler.

During the Mandalorian Wars, the term "fringer" referred to a freelance tradesperson. Fringers assisted with provisioning when official channels were insufficient.

Behind the scenesEdit

Fringer was a heroic class from the Star Wars Roleplaying Game. They are also a specialization for Explorer in Star Wars: Edge of the Empire.



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