"From Beneath" is the sixth episode of the second season of Star Wars Resistance. It premiered on television November 10, 2019 on Disney Channel.[1]

Official description[]

Kaz and his friends head to Flix's homeworld in search of fuel. But has deep-core drilling awoken a fabled creature?[3]

Plot summary[]

Riding the storm[]

The episode opens with a wide shot of the Colossus. A Star Commuter 2000 shuttle departs the space station and descends into the atmosphere of a brown dusty world called Drahgor III. A nervous Torra Doza flies the ship while Orka, Flix, and Kazuda Xiono are strapped in the passenger compartment. CB-23 rolls on the floor

When Kaz asks if the turbulent conditions on Drahgor III are usually this bad, Flix says that it is worse than when he left the planet. Torra is unable to see through the turbulent conditions and wonders where the fuel refinery is. She suggests turning back but Kaz insists that they need the fuel so that the Colossus will not be stranded in space. They fly through the storm clouds, dodging lightning.

Flix is not looking forward to seeing his family again because they did not leave on the best of terms. Orka tries to reassure him that his family will welcome him with open harms. Flix replies that Orka clearly does not know anything about his family. He grumbles that the closest refueling station is owned by his cousins. Just then, Kaz tells the others to brace on for dear life since the storm is getting worse. Shortly later, a lightning bolt strikes one of the vertical stabilizers. Torra wonders if they are close to the planet's surface. Fortunately, Torra spots a landing platform below.

As Torra and Kaz prepare the shuttle for descent, CB-23 uses grappling cables to hold Flix and Orka, saving them from falling to the back of the ship. As they descend, Torra tells Kaz to hit the stabilizers. The descending shuttle knocks one of the projectiles but manages to do a rough belly landing. Kaz quips this was not such a hard landing while Torra makes him promise not to tell her father or Yeager about their dangerous landing.

A frosty homecoming[]

Flix leads the group down the ramp onto the runway. When Kaz asks Flix if his family will give them the fuel for free, Flix replies that free is not part of the Gozzo vocabulary but that he will see what they can do. Flix hopes that his uncle Floog is around while Orka notices that the place is awfully quiet. Kaz thinks that they are all inside.

Just then, they hear the rumbling of a lift. Four Gozzos exit the lift. They are talking about drilling for profit and work. The four Gozzos, who turn out to be Flix's cousins, are taken by surprise to see Flix and his companions. Flix speaks to his cousins. One of his cousins Flanx remarks "look what the storm brought it" and says that he has always looked forward to the day that Fix would come back grovelling on his soft belly. Flix mouths a greeting before asking his cousins where is their uncle Floog.

Flanx reveals that he is in charge of the refueling operation and that their uncle Floog retired and made him the boss. Flanx reminds Flix of his past music career and how Flix had derided his cousins as backward. Kaz learns from Orka that Flix had a prior unsuccessful career as a cantina singer.

Flix tells his cousins that he needs some fuel which he believes he is entitled to as a relative of the flock. Flanx and his cousins laugh at Flix. Flanx tells Flix that his family has made a windfall from deep-core drilling on Drahgor III. He tells them that they have reached a deep pocket ready to be refined into fuel. Flix is shocked and warns his cousins about the danger of drilling too deep. Just then, the ground begins shaking and they hear a roar. Flix warns that Karnex dragons inhabit deep underground.

Flanx doesn't believe there are dragons beneath their planet and claims that the roar is the sound of one of their drills being stuck. Checking the monitor, Flanx notices that the drill appears to be offline. Kaz offers to fix their drill in return for procuring fuel. Flix warns Kaz that he doesn't not know what kind of trouble he is asking for. Flanx responds that Flix and his friends will have to go down and help because they are not "egg-sitting" anyone. Despite Flix's objections, Torra and Kaz accept Flanx's deal. Kaz seals it with a handshake.

Into the abyss[]

Before they head down, Flanx tells Flix that this Gozzo work will do him some good. Flix tells his estranged cousin not to touch him. As they go down the lift, Flanx tells Flix that this will be fun like "old times." Flix objects to deep-core drilling due to the presence of Karnex dragons. When Kaz asks about the dragons, Flanx claims that Drahgor III is completely barren of life. Orka is skeptical of Flanx's claims. Flix recounts old Gozzo legends warning against greedy miners delving too deep.

Kaz and Torra notice some movement in the fog, which causes Flix to halt the lift. When Flanx asks what he is doing, Flix shushes him and warns it is a dragon. Just then, some red glowing eyes appear under some rocks. Despite Flix's efforts to maintain silence, a lose piece of debris causes the lift to plunge into the depths of the abyss. A falling tool box causes the lift to jam momentarily.

Torra advises them to get to the tracks. However, one of the levers comes loose and Kaz is forced to use his weight to hold it up. Despite his efforts, he loses control and the cabin slides deeper into the mine, leaving Torra and Orka clinging on to the elevator shaft. As the cabin descends, Kaz tells them to jump. He manages to use the lever to slow the fall, giving them all enough time to jump out. Kaz lands on one side of a platform while Flix, Flax and CB-23 land on the other side. They are separated by a deep chasm.

Kaz is soon contacted via comlink by Torra, who asks him if they are okay. Kaz asks if they are alright and Orka tells them they are clinging on for dear life. At Kaz's suggestion, Torra and Orka agree to climb the shaft in order to reach the shuttle. Kaz vows to get the drill fixed. Flix believes the dragons are real while Flanx thinks that the quaking is putting stress on the stabilizers. Flix blames Flanx's stupidity for causing the crash and asks Kaz to back him up on sighting the dragon. Kaz says he saw a shadow in the fog. Flanx reminds them that they have work to do and tells them not to annoy him. When Kaz asks if there is another way to get to the drill, Flanx tells him to circle around the other side of the ridge. He also jokes about Kaz being careful not to be eaten by any imaginary monsters.

Parallel journeys[]

Meanwhile, Orka piggybacks on Torra. She tells him that it would better for him to climb on his own. A reluctant Orka agrees to climb by himself and tells his chubby legs not to give up on him. While Kaz is traveling to the other side of the ridge, he is startled by a falling rock. He soon finds himself facing a Karnex dragon, which sniffs at him before climbing back up. Kaz is relieved that the creature did not see him and breathes a sigh of relief.

Meanwhile, Flix and the others approach the drill, which has dug a hole. Flix blames Flanx's deep core drilling for awakening a dragon. Flanx insists that the dragons are a myth and tells Flix that they have to repair the drill and get their production quota back up. Kaz soon arrives and tells them that he saw a dragon. Flanx is still skeptical but Kaz sticks to his story. Flanx laughs and a Kaz agrees to help fix the drill so that they can get out.

Back on the shaft, Orka is exhausted but Torra tells him that they must continue. Orka tells her to go ahead but Torra tells him that she can't fly the shuttle alone and that they all need her help. Orka agrees to help and the two continue their climb. Working together, Kaz and Flanx manage to repair the drill. Just then, Kaz heads a roar but Flanx thinks that it is the roar of the drill.

Encounter with the dragon[]

Kaz switches off the drill and points to the approaching Karnex dragon, which has been drawn by the drill's noise. Flanx is shocked to see that the dragon is real.The dragon chases Kaz and CB-23, who hide behind crates. Flix tells Flanx that now he has proof the dragon is real. Flanx tries to attack the dragon with the drill but the massive creature swipes it with its tail. The dragon dives at Flanx but CB-23 passes Kaz a blaster, which he uses to distract the dragon.

The dragon grabs Flanx by one of his legs but Kaz shoots the dragon and CB-23 manages to temporarily blind it with a bright torch. The creature retreats to its cavern, dragging Flanx along. Kaz says they have to stop the dragon but Flix says they can't do much with the laser drill. Kaz says that the dragon was affected by CB's light.

Kaz contacts Torra for a pickup and she says that she is almost there. Torra and Orka reach the surface while Flix's other cousins are preparing some machine with a crane. Reaching the surface, Orka kisses the solid ground. When Flix's cousins asked them what happened, Orka reassures them that Flix and the others are fine but that they need their ship and fuel now. However, one of the Gozzos tells them they are not going anywhere till they get some answers.

Kaz, Flix, and CB-23 travel through the tunnel. Kaz asks CB if there are any signs of life. Just then, they see the Karnex dragon dragging Flanx with its mouth. They pursue the dragon and find Flanx in the maw of the beast. He struggles to hold it open with his mouth. Kaz shoots at the creature long enough for Flanx to break free. The four then flee out of the cave with the slithering dragon in pursuit.

Sealing the depths[]

Back on the surface, Orka convinces the other Gozzos that Flanx and Flix need their help and that they are taking the shuttle. He insists that the Gozzos help them load the tanks because Flix is still entitled to the fuel as family. Torra is impressed by Orka's courage. Orka responds that he may be small but he is intimidating. The Gozzos watch as Torra and Orka fly the shuttle into the abyss. Flix's cousins are impressed with Orka's courage and steel.

Meanwhile, Kaz and his friends exit the cave only to find more Karnex dragons converging around them. They realize that the dragons are part of a family. Realizing the dragons have poor eyesight, Kaz tells them not to make any sudden movements. Flix realizes that the panel controls several blast lights. He tells Kaz to run to the panel at his signal while he distracts them.

Flix and Flanx distract the dragons but reach a tight corner. Kaz and CB-23 run to the panel and manage to activate the bright blast lights, blinding the dragons. Flix thinks it is working but one of the dragons swipes one of the light stands, causing it to switch off. Just then, Torra and Orka return in the shuttle, which forces the dragons to retreat back into the cave. The two are amazed by the size of the serpentine beasts.

Flanx uses the drill to seal the cave, trapping the dragons inside. Flanx apologizes to Flix for not believing him. Flix says he wants them to be friends again when they were hatchlings. Flanx tells him they are family and hugs him. The two cousins return to the surface where they are greeted by the other Gozzos.

Reconciliation and lessons learnt[]

Flanx tells them to halt the work because the ancient dragons are real. He advises his relatives that they have to stop digging so deep or they will let out more of those beasts. He promises not to disrupt the dragons' natural home because that creature was only trying to protect its kin. Flix reminds Flanx about the fuel.

Flanx tells his cousins to give Flix and his friend all the fuel that they need because they definitely earned it. Kaz and Torra smile. The Gozzos load their shuttle with two giant tanks of fuel. Aboard the ship, Kaz asks Flix about his career as a cantina singer. Flix doesn't want to talk about it but acknowledges he did have pipes. Flanx and his cousins wave Flix and his friends goodbye as they fly back to the Colossus.


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Notes and references[]

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