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From a Certain Point of View: The Empire Strikes Back is the unabridged audio version of the canon short-story anthology book of the same name. The audiobook features narrations by staple performers like Marc Thompson and January LaVoy, as well as celebrities Jon Hamm and Sam Witwer. It was released by Random House Audio on November 10, 2020.


Title Author(s) Narrator(s)
"Eyes of the Empire" Kiersten White Emily Woo Zeller
"Hunger" Mark Oshiro Sam Witwer
"Ion Control" Emily Skrutskie January LaVoy
"A Good Kiss" C.B. Lee Sean Kenin Elias-Reyes
"She Will Keep Them Warm" Delilah S. Dawson January LaVoy
"Heroes of the Rebellion" Amy Ratcliffe Soneela Nankani
"Rogue Two" Gary Whitta Marc Thompson
"Kendal" Charles Yu Dion Graham
"Against All Odds" R.F. Kuang Sean Kenin Elias-Reyes
"Beyond Hope" Michael Moreci Dion Graham
"The Truest Duty" Christie Golden Sam Witwer
"A Naturalist on Hoth" Hank Green Marc Thompson
"The Dragonsnake Saves R2-D2" Katie Cook Sean Kenin Elias-Reyes
"For the Last Time" Beth Revis Jonathan Davis
"Rendezvous Point" Jason Fry Marc Thompson
"The Final Order" Seth Dickinson Sean Kenin Elias-Reyes
"Amara Kel's Rules for TIE Pilot Survival (Probably)" Django Wexler Emily Woo Zeller
"The First Lesson" Jim Zub Marc Thompson
"Disturbance" Mike Chen Sam Witwer
"This Is No Cave" Catherynne M. Valente Soneela Nankani
"Lord Vader Will See You Now" John Jackson Miller January LaVoy
"Vergence" Tracy Deonn Jonathan Davis
"Tooth and Claw" Michael Kogge Marc Thompson
"STET!" Daniel José Older Soneela Nankani & Sean Kenin Elias-Reyes
"Wait for It" Zoraida Córdova Jon Hamm
"Standard Imperial Procedure" Sarwat Chadda Sean Kenin Elias-Reyes
"There Is Always Another" Mackenzi Lee Jonathan Davis
"Fake It Till You Make It" Cavan Scott Sean Kenin Elias-Reyes
"But What Does He Eat?" S.A. Chakraborty Soneela Nankani
"Beyond the Clouds" Lilliam Rivera Emily Woo Zeller
"No Time for Poetry" Austin Walker Jonathan Davis
"Bespin Escape" Martha Wells Marc Thompson
"Faith in an Old Friend" Brittany N. Williams January LaVoy, Emily Woo Zeller & Soneela Nankani
"Due on Batuu" Rob Hart Dion Graham
"Into the Clouds" Karen Strong Soneela Nankani
"The Witness" Adam Christopher Emily Woo Zeller
"The Man Who Built Cloud City" Alexander Freed Jonathan Davis
"The Backup Backup Plan" Anne Toole January LaVoy
"Right-Hand Man" Lydia Kang Soneela Nankani
"The Whills Strike Back" Tom Angleberger Jonathan Davis & Marc Thompson




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