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"Halt. What are you doing with that…thing?"
"We're surrendering. We don't care what you do, just get us off this planet. We'll cooperate, just save us…"
―Page and Frorral feign surrender to an Imperial trooper on Hettsk[src]

Frorral was a female Wookiee. During the reign of the New Republic, she was the wilderness fighting expert of the Katarn Commandos, a New Republic special forces unit lead by Lieutenant Judder Page.[1]


When New Republic forces battled Grand Admiral Thrawn's Galactic Empire on Hettsk[2] in 9 ABY,[3] two X-wing starfighter pilots were shot down over an uninhabited jungle on the Borderland Regions world. The New Republic fled, but Page and five of his commandos, including Frorral, were inserted onto the planet's surface to retrieve Wing Commander Greni and her wingmate Bross, two members of Gold Squadron. Imperial troops found the pilots in the jungle shortly before nightfall, but made camp for the night rather than take them back to base in darkness. Page watched the Imperials and their HAVr A9 Floating Fortress through a pair of macrobinoculars and decided to feign surrender in order to better commandeer the vehicle. He, Frorral, and fellow commando Idow approached the transport and announced their surrender to the two troopers standing guard outside of the vehicle, who in turn opened its hatch to fetch their backup. Frorral battered the two troopers as Page lobbed a grenade at the stormtroopers emerging from the transport. Idow retrieved the blaster rifle of one of the downed troops and began firing. Commandos Vandro and Lilla Dade, who had hidden themselves earlier, rushed into the clearing. Vandro's repeating blaster disabled the repulsorlift engines of the transport as it the vehicle turned to flee, while Frorral boarded the vehicle and neutralized the transport's two Imperial pilots. The two X-wing pilots were retrieved.[4]



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