"It's unbelievable. I think you're right about the three guys being brothers."
Major Tery, to Colonel Frost[src]

Frost was an officer of the armed forces of the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War. By the time of the Battle of Yavin, Colonel Frost and Major Tery investigated the leadership of the Meatlumps,[1] a group of of technology-hating thugs and terrorists active on Corellia.[2] Frost and Tery discovered that the three Meatlump leaders[1]Hraykken, Draykken, and Louis Bender[2] — were in fact three brothers. Analyzing the Meatlump attacks against Imperial researchers, Colonel Frost and Major Tery hypothesized that the father of the three brothers could have been himself an Imperial scientist at some point.[1] The Corellian reporter Vani Korr of Corellia Times would eventually confirm their conclusion by revealing the existence of the Meatlump King,[3] a former Imperial scientist, father of the three Bender brothers.[4]

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