Froz was the homeworld of the Frozian species. It was on the Corellian Run. It was a pristine low-gravity planet.


During the Galactic Civil War, Froz was devastated in an orbital bombardment by the order of Naomi Dargon, the Corellian sector's Grand Moff, for supporting the Rebel Alliance.

A couple of mercenaries exploring the devastated surface of Froz

When the planet was liberated by the New Republic, restoration projects were initiated with much of the natural life on the planet restored. During the Yuuzhan Vong War, the New Republic and the Jedi used the asteroids in the Froz system as communications bases, monitoring the Yuuzhan Vong presence in the Corellian sector. However, the planet fell to the extra-galactic invaders and its inhabitants were enslaved. Though the Yuuzhan Vong left Froz alone, they took many Frozians and experimented on them, trying to "shape" them into a slave species like they had done to the Rodians. Frozians from across the galaxy returned home and fought back against the alien invaders.

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