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The Fruited Moon was a moon that orbited the planet Hetzal Prime, within the Outer Rim Territories' Hetzal system. Along with Hetzal Prime's other inhabited moon, the Rooted Moon, the Fruited Moon had a focus on agricultural production. Appearing orange and green from space, the Fruited Moon was renowned for its bounty. During the High Republic Era, it had a population of four billion.[1]

The Great Hyperspace Disaster caused hyperspace anomalies to threaten the entire Hetzal system, including Hetzal Prime and its moons. After Minister Zeffren Ecka ordered a system-wide evacuation, the Jedi Order and Galactic Republic responded, leading a rescue effort to save the system. Three Jedi Vectors, carrying Jedi Knights Te'Ami, Mikkel Sutmani, and Nib Assek and her Padawan Burryaga Agaburry, and a Republic Longbeam cruiser piloted by volunteers Joss and Pikka Adren, gathered to try and destroy an anomaly targeting the Fruited Moon's primary landmass. With all weapons systems under Te'Ami's control, the Duros Jedi was about to fire when Burryaga interrupted, preventing the shot as he had sensed through the Force that the anomaly was part of a starship, with living people still onboard. Te'Ami subsequently relayed the information to Avar Kriss, the Jedi Master in charge of the effort, who identified every anomaly containing lifeforms and alerted the Republic Defense Coalition forces involved in the rescue mission.[1]

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The Fruited Moon appeared in the novel The High Republic: Light of the Jedi, written by Charles Soule.[1]



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