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A rhydonium canister

"The fleet's only got eighteen hours of fuel left. We gotta hurry."
Finn to Rose Tico[1]

Fuel was a type of material used to power vehicles. Starships, such as the Ghost, were powered by fuel.[2] During the Nihil conflict, fuel was very expensive for civilians.[3] The Wookiee planet Kashyyyk hosted an oil refinery, which was a critical location during the Battle of Kashyyyk.[4] Fuel prices heavily rose during[5] the galactic recession of c. 9 ABY.[6]


Starship fuel[]

Types of starship fuel in the galaxy included rhydonium, a volatile type of fuel found on the planet Abafar,[7] baradium nitrate,[8] deuterium,[9] ipsium, found exclusively on Ipsidon,[10] kessoline, mined on Kessel[11] Malastarian fuel,[12] megonite,[8] Nergon-14,[8] rippinnium,[13] sodium,[8] tibanna,[14] and Zylium 12.[15]

Some fuels were used specifically to power hyperdrive engines, such as the ultra-efficient coaxium[16] and Clouzon-36.[17]

Light fuel[]

Some types of fuel were used to create lightning, either through their ignition in lanterns or by powering lamps. Those included bloggin-oil, harvested from the bloggin of Jakku[8] and Neehwa oil.[18]

Specialized fuels[]

Some exotic types of fuel were used to power highly specialized devices. Those were accelerite[19] and Conflagrine-14, both highly flammable and used in flamethrowers,[20][19] hydro-glycolic fuel, used to power astromech droids,[21] and paralene, used to power jetpacks.[22]

In culture[]

Podracers believed that consuming engine fuel brought good luck, leading to a tradition of pilots drinking a cup of the liquid just before a race.[23]



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