Fuel City was a fuel-tank complex that provided fuel to the spaceport of Barons Hed on Sulon. The complex was located ten kilometers south of the spaceport. The complex was guarded by Imperial stormtroopers as well as hired Trandoshan mercenaries. The vast workings of the complex was kept maintained by Ugnaught workers.


Rebel agent Kyle Katarn visited the fuel station while attempting to sneak aboard the Sulon Star, a cargo ship belonging to the Dark Jedi Jerec that was docked at the station. Katarn landed on the roof and made his way into the station, past Imperial stormtroopers as well as hired Trandoshan mercenaries. The rebel made his way past the primary fuel station and shut down the fuel pipes in order to use them as a route to get to the refueling gantry where the Sulon Star was docked, named Station six. The fuel canisters around Station six were later destroyed.[1]


Fuel City was a massive fuel station, with huge fuel pipes to supply the large amounts needed for starships. The "City" consisted of nine fuel stations each with a refueling gantry. The primary fuel station was built as a large cylindrical building with a large fuel tank in the center. The connecting fuel pipes could be traversed if emptied. The fuel pipes connected to a refuelling gantry which where each guarded by several Imperial Stormtroopers.[1][2]

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In Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, level 9: "Fuel Station Launch" is played inside the fuel station. The player heads through it to reach the Sulon Star. In the novel Dark Forces: Rebel Agent, Kyle Katarn doesn't venture through the fuel station to get to the Sulon Star, but boards the ship via his own small ship, the Moldy Crow. The fuel station was unnamed in the game, and received the name "Fuel City" in the novel Rebel Agent as well as the refueling gantry which received the "name Station six".[3]



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