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"Warning: Fuel cells near depletion."
―On Cad Bane's fuel computer[src]

A fuel cell, also referred to as a fuel core or fuel rod, was a part of a blaster or starship engine that contained its fuel. They were manufactured through the use of chemical churners and impact sifters.[1] Plutonium combined with uranium was put into starfighter fuel cells.


Isotope-5 fuel rods.

Around 3638 BBY,[2] Doctor Juvard Illip Oggurobb of the Hutt Cartel developed isotope-5 fuel rods. During the Conquest of Makeb, the fuel rods were contested between the Cartel and the Galactic Republic in order to escape Makeb aboard the Ark.

Wiborg Jenssen was a company that produced fuel cells for the twin ion engines of TIE Series craft. Fuel cells like the ones in YT-1300 light freighters were powered with a liquid metal fuel.[3]

Chez O'nder once had to try to eat a blaster's fuel cell after losing a bet, and it fused his lips together.[4]


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