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"Target that fuel pod now!"
"But, sir, the fuel."
"I gave you a direct order."
Governor Arihnda Pryce and an AT-AT driver[src]
Imperial Walkers and Fuel Pods

Fuel pods in Capital City

A fuel pod was a large tank designed to hold extra fuel. They could be carried on the outside of starships, such as light freighters, for refuelling of ships, such as starfighters, that had less fuel capacity.[1]

Lothal Governor Arihnda Pryce chose to blow up a fuel pod in order to stop the fleeing Spectre rebels. The sacrifice of Kanan Jarrus, however, allowed the group to escape, while also resulting in the sidelining of the TIE/D Defender program on the planet, earning Pryce the wrath of project head Grand Admiral Thrawn.[2]


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