Fulin Gor was a Human male from Iotra. For many years during the Galactic Civil War, he worked as a member of the Iotran Police Force. Primarily, his role was off-world, pursuing lawbreakers anywhere in the galaxy, apprehending them and returning them to Iotran Space for trial.


Once the New Republic was firmly established, Gor was sponsored by his government to be a New Republic Observer. These were agents chosen to be as incorruptible and impartial as possible, to investigate potentially improper governmental activities. Gor was assigned to the Corellian sector, from his home sector—a policy designed to prevent favoritism. There, he traveled broadly across the Sector, posing as a trader of rare woods. His investigations included the seedy underworld of Coronet City, and watching the rise of the Hunchuzuc Den on Selonia. He grew quite knowledgeable on Selonian affairs, and reported any violations in New Republic edicts directly to the Senate and the High Council.

A staunch supporter of the New Republic and during the Yuuzhan Vong War, he joined with various honorable groups to combat the alien invaders. Gor would go to great ends to ensure their defeat.

Gor was proficient in the use of various weapons, such as stun batons, blasters and blaster rifles.


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