Fume was a city on the Wild Space planet Weik. Established by the planet's colonists when the planet was first settled, Fume was constructed to take advantage of the abundance of geothermal energy within the Bowl of Glass.


Established by the survivors of the colony ship which crashed into the Rimesea in ancient times, Fume was erected over two hundred kilometers away from Vossport. Reached by wind-ship or by crossing the winding canyons of the Frostfall, Fume was built along the inner wall of the Bowl of Glass, a large caldera active with geothermal energy. When the first settlers located the site, they planned to use the abundance of energy to power industry and their buildings. Using modern building techniques used in the civilized galaxy, the settlers established reinforced stone structures that were protected from the heat of the active caldera. Great incendifers were raised over the city, carrying lava flows of molten rock over and around the city and out into the lands beyond. While these techniques were lost over the centuries, the Cendiary Priests retained some of the knowledge and tended to the incendifers to ensure they remained structurally sound. While the people of Weik were a mixture of races, Fume was a haven for a large population of Lanniks. Because they made up a large percentage of the population, Fume's newer construction was often designed to Lannik proportions.[1]


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