This article is about the Hologram Fun World holiday. You may be looking for the Galactic Empire holiday.
"Sorry. Bureaucracy. Normally I could pull some strings and solve a little problem like this in a flash. But it's Fun World Founder's Day. Government offices here shut their doors early today. Everyone's gone home."
―Lando Calrissian explains to Leia Organa and Han Solo why they can't get married[src]

Fun World Founder's Day was a holiday on the amusement parkspace station Hologram Fun World. Government offices closed early in observance of the holiday. In 5 ABY, the Humans Leia Organa and Han Solo tried to get married on Hologram Fun World. When their host, Lando Calrissian, informed the couple that they needed their birth certificates for the marriage to be legal, Organa and Solo admitted that they did not have the documents with them. Calrissian promised to print up duplicates in the station's Document Bureau, but due to the observance of Fun World Founder's Day, the office was closed and the printing had to wait until the following day.[1]

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Fun World Founder's Day is mentioned briefly in the young adult novel Queen of the Empire, by Paul Davids and Hollace Davids. The book was first published in 1993 by Bantam Spectra.[1]


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