"I'm sorry I didn't make the funeral, Han. Some of my people got trapped near Obroa-skai when the Vong took it. I couldn't leave them hanging."
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The funeral of Chewbacca took place on Kashyyyk, six months after Chewbacca died in the destruction of Sernpidal.



Chewbacca ushering citizens to safety.

In order to draw New Republic ships into an ambush, Nom Anor suggested to Prefect Da'Gara that the Yuuzhan Vong should destroy Sernpidal. Da'Gara decided to use the Yo'gand's Core tactic, and bring Sernpidal's moon, Dobido, down into the planet using a dovin basal's . Anakin Solo, Han Solo, and Chewbacca were on Sernpidal doing a favor for Lando Calrissian, and attempted to evacuate as many citizens as possible. After bringing an unconscious Anakin Solo back to the Millennium Falcon, the strong winds caused by the moon entering the atmosphere knocked Chewbacca down. While Han Solo was at the landing ramp in order to grab Chewie, Anakin was piloting the Falcon. As the moon came closer to the planet Anakin had to make a judgment call, and in order to save as many people as possible, he lifted off before Chewie was aboard. Chewie stood behind as the planet was destroyed, and defiantly roared at the moon, having sacrificed his life so that others may live.[2]

Chewbacca Dies

Chewbacca's death on Sernpidal.

Six months after the destruction of Sernpidal, Chewie's closest family members and friends gathered around a circular table on the outskirts of Rwookrrorro on Kashyyyk to honor his death. Lando Calrissian could not attend because he was involved in a battle near Obroa-skai,[3] and Mara Jade Skywalker was on Coruscant because her illness had worsened. Since Sernpidal was completely destroyed, and its debris was being used to feed a worldship, his body could not be recovered, and a proper Wookiee funeral could not be performed.[1]

Ralrracheen, however, gave a moving eulogy in Basic, which was very rare among Wookiees. He detailed Chewie's quest to the Shadow Forest with his friend, Salporin, and described how he had killed a quillarat for his bride, Malla.

Ralrra also described many of Chewie's adventures with Han, from his enslavement under the Empire and his life debt to Han for freeing him, to Chewie aiding in the Rebel Alliance, and later the New Republic.

After the eulogy, the mourners ate some of the food displayed on the table, such as barbecued trakkrrrn ribs, salads with Rillrrnnn seeds, forest-honey cakes, and various beverages. Malla gave Han Chewie's first bowcaster, and Lumpawaroo gave Han his father's carry pouch. Attichitcuk also informed Han that Lowbacca and Waroo were going to carry out Chewie's life debt.[1]



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