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"Tomorrow, then—a final night in her own home with her family around her, and then she goes to the Force, or the manda, or wherever, like the Jedi she was."
Kal Skirata[src]

The Funeral of Etain Tur-Mukan was a Jedi funeral held to mark the passing of Jedi Knight Etain Tur-Mukan. The ceremony was held in 19 BBY, two days after Etain's death on Coruscant the night Order 66 was issued.

Set atop a pyre at Clan Skirata's Mandalore estate, Kyrimorut, Etain's body was cremated in the presence of both friends and family, including her young son, Venku. During the funeral, Kal Skirata, the adopted father of Etain's husband, Darman, reached through the flames to lay his hand on her body, reciting the Mandalorian tradition known as the gai bal manda—"name and soul"—formally adopting her, posthumously, as his daughter. He also placed a lock of her son's hair onto the fire. Following her funeral, her ashes were gathered to be given to Darman, who wasn't able to be present.


"We don't need speeches in this aliit. We just need reminding. The one thing Etain wanted was for Dar and the clones she cared so much about to have a full life. We've got to grieve, or else we've not loved her enough, but there'll come a stage when the grieving would hurt her, and she'd want to see you all getting pleasure out of every day and every moment, all the little things you thought you'd never have. Relishing life is the best way any of you can make sure she didn't die for nothing. She'll never see her kid grow up. You will see it for her."
―Kal Skirata[src]


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