"We are gathered here to mourn our Emperor, His Imperial Majesty Roan Fel, embodiment of the Force, noble defender of the galaxy…"
Hogrum Chalk[src]

Following his death in the final battle of the war over Coruscant, a funeral was held planetside for former Emperor Roan Fel. Hogrum Chalk, the emperor's brother-in-law, delivered Fel's eulogy while representatives of the Empire, the Alliance and the Jedi Order stood by in attendance. Despite having been working against Fel during the war, Chalk honored the late Imperial Sovereign by depicting him as a courageous hero who died in the struggle to liberate the galaxy from Darth Krayt, the One Sith and their Empire. For political reasons, Chalk left out the details about how Fel turned to the dark side of the Force. Thus, he neglected to mention Fel's willingness to sacrifice the lives of the Empire's allies, including billions of innocent civilians, that were fighting against the Sith forces on Coruscant.[1]

After commemorating Roan Fel's memory in his speech, Chalk also credited the former emperor with the results of the end of the war, specifically the formation of the Galactic Federation Triumvirate. Marasiah Fel, Roan's only child and the first Empress regnant of the Empire, joined Admiral Gar Stazi of the Galactic Alliance and Jedi Master K'Kruhk of the Jedi Order as the triumvirs of the newly-established organization.[1]


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