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"I wasn't strong enough to save you, Mom. I wasn't strong enough. But I promise I won't fail again. I miss you...so much."
―Anakin Skywalker, during his mother's funeral[1]

In 22 BBY,[2] a funeral was held for Shmi Skywalker Lars at the Lars moisture farm on Tatooine. The funeral followed her death one month after being captured and imprisoned by Tusken Raiders. She was recovered from the Tusken Raider camp by her son, Padawan Anakin Skywalker, who returned her body to the Lars farm after slaughtering the Tuskens within the camp. Shmi was buried at the farm with a gravestone marking her grave.[1] After her husband Cliegg Lars passed, he was buried next to her. Both of their headstones were later presumed to have been removed by her stepson, Owen Lars and stepdaughter Beru Lars supposedly to protect Shmi's grandson Luke from being discovered.[3]



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