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"What... what am I eating?"
"You don't want to know. There are fungi growing in the gut of the space slug, along with small creatures that I've never even seen pictures of.
A biology student and Luke Skywalker[src]

Gundravian hookspores, an extremely infectious fungus.

Fungi were a group of organisms which included lichen, kahel cave fungus, and marsh fungi, which grew on the planets Hoth, Mustafar and Dagobah respectively.[1] The planet Narq had entire forests of blue fungi.[2] Some fungi, like the Wirutid, were both ambulatory and sentient.[3] Some types of fungi were used to make wine as a substitute for fermented fruit or other vegetation with a rising agent such as yeast. According to the famous liquor trader Derla Pidys, she had tasted some "truly remarkable" fungal wines.[4] The small creature known as the Blismal ate fungus.[5]

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