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"Ready your fighters for their run, horizon approach. We wait for Roan Fel to appear…and then they all die."
Darth Talon to Darth Nihl on Vendaxa[3]

The Fury-class starfighter, also known as Sith Fury, was a starfighter first used by the Sith of Darth Krayt's order around 130 ABY. Its design was based on the Old Republic Cutlass-9 patrol fighter.[1]


Rear view of a Sith fighter.

These fighters appeared similar to the Predator-class fighters used by pilots of the Fel Empire, with two wings curving out from the main hull. These vessels were powered by three ion drives, the largest of which was located under the hull. They were armed with dual laser cannons, fitted underneath the fighter's nose on both sides[3] as well as on the wingtips. The cockpit was more spacious than most starfighters, which made the fighter comfortable for long journeys.[1]

The fighter also made use of an astromech droid.[2]


Fury-class fighters were produced in Sith metalworks and first deployed in combat towards the end of the Sith–Imperial War.[4]

A Fury-class starfighter fires on a CF9 Crossfire starfighter.

In 137 ABY, Darth Talon used one of these starfighters to journey from Coruscant to Socorro on her mission to capture Princess Marasiah Fel.[5] Darth Nihl and his ground forces later used Sith fighters to pursue two Predator fighters, one of which was thought to carry former Emperor Roan Fel. The enemy fighters were shot down, and Nihl's forces joined Talon groundside to confront Marasiah and her protectors.[3] The Sith Lords Darth Kruhl and Darth Wyyrlok also used a Fury-class fighter when on a mission.[6][7]

A number of Sith Fury pilots were stationed on the War Hammer for Operation: Thunderstroke where they went into competition with members of the Imperial Skull Squadron.


Sith Fury pilots.


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