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"Ready for some power?"
Luke Skywalker to R2-D2 on Dagobah[src]

The fusion furnace, or power unit, was a small, easily transported power generator used to recharge energy cells, such as those found in droids, vehicles, weapons, and powered armor. Additionally, fusion furnaces generated heat and light while active. Some domestic items were fitted with fusion furnaces, eliminating the need for energy cells.

R2-D2 recharged himself using a fusion furnace at the Lars homestead after being purchased by Owen Lars, and later Luke Skywalker brought a fusion furnace with him to Dagobah to recharge R2-D2.

Children of Tatooine sometimes told stories of dragons which lived inside fusion furnaces. Larger cousins of these creatures, known as sun-dragons, were prophesied to live inside stars.[2]



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