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Sorosuub F-187 Fusioncutter

The fusioncutter, sometimes spelled fusion cutter, was a handheld industrial cutting and welding torch found throughout the galaxy. Some of the more popular models were the SoroSuub F-187 and the Jeron fusion cutter.

The common fusioncutter consisted of a handgrip and a long emitter, producing a high-energy plasma beam. This beam could slice through dense metals, duraplast, and other reinforced materials. The cutting beam was often adjustable, allowing the user to decrease the beam for fine, precise work, or to generate a wide-dispersion laser. Some fusioncutters could also unscrew bolts.[1]

A fusioncutter's beam could be dangerous if not used correctly, though its limited range ensured the tool could not be effectively used as a weapon. However, fusioncutters were often carried into battle, notably by engineers and pilots during the Clone Wars and the subsequent Galactic Civil War. These specialized engineers and pilots used fusioncutters to repair vehicles, turrets, medical droids and supply droids on the battlefront.

R2-D2 had a fusioncutter and used it on several occasions.

The Wookiee Chewbacca was a skilled mechanic who not only commonly used a fusioncutter, but once was able to fashion one inside a Trandoshan holding cell, cutting the way to freedom for himself and his fellow Wookiees.[source?]


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